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8 Creative Ways to Manage Your Tasks & Projects Effectively Using Trello Boards. Often times, the greatest challenge marketers face when creating content isn't the actual writing, publishing, or promoting.

8 Creative Ways to Manage Your Tasks & Projects Effectively Using Trello Boards

Instead, it's the other related tasks -- brainstorming, scheduling, and coordinating moving parts -- that wind up causing us stress. This is where tools like Trello come in. We've talked about Trello before, like in this post on tools to help you organize, develop, and share your ideas (see #3). And why shouldn't we? Here at HubSpot, all different teams have used it for years for everything from project management to our blog's editorial calendar. Trello is my new knowledge base. Oscar Updates Your Grocery List From the Trash. [Dan] has come up with a novel solution to the age old problem of keeping your grocery list up to date.

Oscar Updates Your Grocery List From the Trash

He’s added a bar code scanner and a Raspberry Pi under a kitchen cabinet. He calls the system “Oscar”, though we don’t see any grouchiness in his trash can. When [Dan] runs out of a product, he simply throws it away. Just above his garbage and recycling bin is a low cost barcode scanner. [Dan] holds the item until the scanner reads, then sends it on it’s way to recycling or the landfill. Whip Your Blog Into Shape With Trello. One of the first things I learned as a mommy entrepreneur, was a loud and insistent lesson from my infant son.

Whip Your Blog Into Shape With Trello

That lesson in productivity has literally been my founding principle, the thing I work on, think about, optimize, and contrive, since the day I brought him home from the hospital. 10 Creative Ways to Manage Your Life with a Trello Calendar. Leaving tasks for “someday” is a surefire way to leave them undone.

10 Creative Ways to Manage Your Life with a Trello Calendar

The Search for the Perfect To-do List. Beware the to-do list rabbit hole.

The Search for the Perfect To-do List

It starts off with one or two innocent reminders and ends up with you tumbling down a long hole of procrastination in search of the perfect system. After many years of trying different software I’m glad to say that I’m finally climbing back out of the hole wearing a rather dashing Cheshire Cat pelt. The great thing about to-do and check lists is that, not only can you pretend you’re working for NASA (I recommend a spiral bound notebook and walking around as if under low gravity), but they also keep your Procrastination Monkey occupied (they help you focus).

It was David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) book which sent me tumbling and, from that point on, no to-do list would be complete without an inbox, projects, subtasks and checklists. Oh, and it needed to be cross platform so I could use it on OSX, Windows and Android. Todoist was perfect - it embraced GTD, felt well built and was cross platform. How I Organize My Books and Music with Trello - The Geeky Burrow. I love Trello, because it helps me managing so many different aspects of my life and keep things separated at the same time.

How I Organize My Books and Music with Trello - The Geeky Burrow

I use it to manage my secondary blog, Travelling Geek Show, with my two friends Lily and Maria, it helped me to plan my trip to London last Fall, and I'm currently using it to organize my music and my readings. Let's talk about books first. I totally have to thank my friend Maria for this idea, she sent me a screenshot of her Trello reading journal and I immediately created one for myself, because I already knew it was genious. How I use Trello to organise my blog (and my life!) - This Little Space of Mine. I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, probably a good year in fact.

How I use Trello to organise my blog (and my life!) - This Little Space of Mine

It’s a concept I’ve been mulling over; while I talk a lot about crafts on here, my day to day job isn’t something I really share online too much. In fact, I don’t think many blogs I read talk about their day to day lives, so I’m kind of curious. How You Can Use Trello to Organize Your Hiring Funnel — 42Hire .com. Three tips on using Trello in agile SW project management - Ohjelmistotalo Vincit Oy. A good project management tool should fill at least these requirements: Help visualise the work – how much are we working on, how much work is not started and how much is done?

Three tips on using Trello in agile SW project management - Ohjelmistotalo Vincit Oy

Adapt to your process, not the other way around.Make information transfer as easy as possible.Provide an easy way to measure flow of work to allow predictions about completion of certain batch of work. Trello is the most popular tool at Vincit for the job. Scrum with Trello. Trello recently passed the 10M user mark and is fast becoming a popular tool for Agile teams of all flavours.

Scrum with Trello

Its simplicity and the great web and mobile experience seem to win some teams over versus other more complex solutions out there. It is also pretty un-opinionated on how you use it, which can lead to some confusion as to how best to implement a Scrum process in Trello. I've been talking to a lot of people over the last year about how they're using Trello for their Scrum and Kanban processes, as well as reading everything I could on the internet relating to running Agile processes in Trello.

So, today I present to you with the fruits of that labour: Everything I know about running a Scrum process in Trello. Let's get started... The basics. Trello: tips & tricks. Over the past 12 months, Trello has become a crucial part in how I run my business.

Trello: tips & tricks

Using trello for agile developments – Rex Adrivan. Backlog Holds all scheduled tasks. It’s a space to hold ideas and a place to develop ideas into actionable items until they’re ready to be started. Next Contains tasks ready to be completed listed in order with most important tasks at the top, as determined by the project manager. Tasks may be assigned to individual developers at this stage.

In Progress. Fostering Transparency And Community With A Public Roadmap. Effective communication between a product and its users is tricky. Gaining insights and feedback is important, but how do you then convey your plan back to the users? Public roadmapping for a product can be a transparent way to respond to users and communicate realistic plans for your product. Last year at Front we decided to make our product roadmap public.

Everyone can see which features we’ve been working on, where they are in development, as well as future ideas. Everyone can vote for the features they want to see implemented in Front. Five ways to use Trello if you're a writer or an editor — Hedera Editing & Publishing. If you’re a writer or an editor, you’re probably having a lot of thoughts and ideas. You probably, like me, lie in bed until two in the morning, tossing and turning, with a bundle of ideas or thoughts keeping you awake. Since we now all have our phones permanently attached to our right hands, storing these ideas and thoughts in Trello is not only convenient, but also safe—because Trello is online, you’re not going to lose your ideas if you drop your notebook in the toilet, or fling it out of a bus in frustration.

When you have an idea or a thought you want to keep for later, simply open up the Trello app. Behind on Publishing Your Blog Posts? Trello To the Rescue. We’ve already established that Trello has a variety of unconventional business uses, including planning your webinars and keeping track of your metrics, and now I want to show you how you can manage your blogging system using it as well. If you’re not already familiar with Trello, it is based on a Japanese concept called “kanban” boards, which help you focus on status in projects as opposed to due dates. This approach gives you a clear indication of where tasks are stopping, or becoming bottlenecks, and it’s visual, which can be appealing to all you right-brained entrepreneurs. :]

Time Management: Trello + The Eisenhower Method - “Everyone dies. You’re born, you die. That bit in the middle is called Life, and that’s still to come!” -Dave Lister, Red Dwarf Life is inherently about accomplishments. Getting things done. Life is also unavoidably subject to constraints. I Tried to Hate the Pomodoro Technique and Instead It's Changing My Life.

I’m not a life-hacking guy. I’m not a making any kind of changes guy, honestly. I’ve done 30 years pretty effectively. Or if not effectively, at least I’m familiar with my slog. So every year or so, I give some newfangled technique a shot, and when it falls on its face, I can point and laugh. How to Stop Procrastinating and Actually Get Stuff Done. I can be a pretty bad procrastinator.

In school, I put off writing essays until the day before they were due. At home, the dishes pile up and out of the sink more often than I'd like. How to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello. The Arizona Prepster: How You Can Use Trello for Your Classes. Happy Wednesday! Performance Goal Tracking Using Trello.

This is your life on Trello. How to Create a Multi-Client Content Calendar with Trello. Managing content for multiple clients comes with a lot of challenges. It calls on content specialists to become experts in multiple fields; it requires research into a wide range of audiences and personas; it often takes several individuals, or departments, to complete a single piece; and it means keeping multiple lines of action in play at all times. Do you trello left or right? Like any amazing Trello user, I am constantly trying to be flexibly organized. Ignoring the fact that I am, by nature, not a spontaneous person. Regardless, life happens, boards adjust, and labels fly. It's how the world works. I was introduced to Trello several years ago, however, the company that I was with at the time embraced Asana (another amazing organizational system). How to use Trello for project management with your clients - Dara Skolnick.

Wow, that title is super exciting and captivating, isn’t it? Managing Effective Design and Development Collaboration in Trello* — Philosophie is Thinking. Using Trello to organize sewing projects: keeping track of the fabric stash. This January, I’ve noticed a lot of people on the sewing blogosphere talking about trying to get better at organizing their fabric stash / pattern stash / sewing projects. How to manage your entire life, and then some. — The Blog of Macleod Sawyer.

How We Use Trello to Manage 40+ Blog Posts a Month - Sweet Fish Media. How to Organize Blog Ideas with Trello - The Shop Files. The difficulties and advantages of running an agile household. A Trello template for your Product Backlog - Folding Burritos. Stay focused in business with a themed work week and Trello. Mehdi Sakout - Trello for Mobile developers. Goal Setting Template To Help Your Business Succeed.

A Step by Step Guide to Using Trello for Team Retrospectives. Stay focused in business with a themed work week and Trello. Trello: A Productivity Tool for Entrepreneurs. The Friends Game: A System For Thriving As An Introvert. How I use Trello to Stop Forgetting Things. Meal planning using Trello — Cinnamon Wolfe Photography. How to create a blog calendar with Trello — Cinnamon Wolfe Photography. Trello CEO Michael Pryor Has 5 Secrets for Productivity. Trying to avoid the job hunt black hole. Using Trello As An Editorial Calendar — Parte The Second — Release Notes.

Making The Move To Trello For An Editorial Calendar — Release Notes. Using Trello to manage your sales pipeline · by @gregoiregilbert. This is life… in Trello.