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Pixelated popup card. Handmade Paper… 1.

Handmade Paper…

Select the pieces of paper to be recycled. You can even mix different types to create your own unique paper. 2. Rip the paper into small bits, and place into the blender. (about half full). 3. 4. 5. Place the mold into the pulp and then level it out while it is submerged. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Guest blogger - Sasha from The Guilded Bee:

Here's another DIY project from our sweet friend, Sasha - from the The Gilded Bee.

guest blogger - Sasha from The Guilded Bee:

Make This - Stab Bound Notebooks - Luxe DIY - How Did You Make This? I find myself writing things down for people all the time – web addresses, directions, the name of a glue, the name of a bar, etc.

Make This - Stab Bound Notebooks - Luxe DIY - How Did You Make This?

I always carry my Moleskine with me but there’s no way I’m going to tear pages out of that! These notebooks are a great alternative – they sew up fast, they’re the same size as a business/calling card, and the pages stay in place better than in a spiral notebook but they tear out easily when you need them to. Supplies and Equipment: - paper – one sheet of paper is enough pages for one notebook - cardstock/heavy paper – one sheet is enough to cover 6 notebooks - ruler – clear is easier to work with - very sharp blade - string – this is 2 ply nylon cord - needle - drill/dremel with small bit OR sharp needle OR tiny hole punch Cut the paper into 2 inch strips the long way.

Cut each strip into 3.5 inch long pieces. Pro Tip: I discovered through an unplanned experiment that the scraps from this make great confetti! Now make some holes to sew through. What do you think it is? Think of it only a paper cup old ... _ I empty picture sharing. Craft DIY Projects, Patterns, How-tos, Fashion, Recipes @ - Felting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Home & More.

Quilling, the coiling and shaping of narrow paper strips to create a design, has been around for years — hundreds, in fact.

Craft DIY Projects, Patterns, How-tos, Fashion, Recipes @ - Felting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Home & More

During the Renaissance, nuns and monks would roll gold-gilded paper remnants trimmed during the bookmaking process, and use them to decorate religious objects as an alternative to costly gold filigree. Quilling later became a pastime of 18th and 19th century young ladies in England, who would decorate tea caddies and pieces of furniture with paper filigree.

The practice crossed the Atlantic with colonists, who added quilling to candle sconces and trays as home decorations. In all of that time, the process has remained very much the same, but quilling designs and specialty supplies have definitely caught up to the 21st century. Today some aficionados focus on making incredibly detailed 3-D figures, while others favor wall-sized museum installations. Many arts and crafts stores sell basic tools and packages of multicolor paper strips. Materials Directions Ann Martin. How to Make a 3d Paper Star. I was in need of a star to top a rolled paper Christmas tree I am working on, so to be all matchy matchy, I made it out of paper.

How to Make a 3d Paper Star

Book pages to be specific! Are you excited to see it? Well, it should be finished soon - just working on a few little details. You Give Me A Book & I'll Give You a Flower. Map love. DIY: Paper-bead bookmark. Christmas 2005 was the holiday of the "book stuff".

DIY: Paper-bead bookmark

Modern Wall Art with Paint Swatches! Geometric Photo Art Project. Amanda, of Indie Jane, and I have been dreaming up extra pretty projects for you this coming season.

Geometric Photo Art Project

When the idea of a geometic photo collage was tossed around we both got really excited about it! What we love about this project is how personal it can become. I'm thinking of making one with wedding photos for my bedroom... how sweet would that be? Supplies Needed: Poster board (cut slightly larger than the frame you wish to use), glue or double-sided tape, scissors, triangle template to trace (mine was 2.5 inches on each side of the triangle using a ruler), paint swatches in colors you love, vintage book pages, and a few of your favorite photos.

DIY Magazine Envelopes. As promised, here is a tutorial on making your own envelopes for stationery sets.

DIY Magazine Envelopes

Gift Ideas for poor creative souls (6) You know how it goes, a friend calls you and invites you to dinner at the last minute. OMG! What gift can you take?! You scrabble around the cupboards trying to find a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine but find that most of the chocolates have been eaten and the wine has gone. D.I.Y. Instagram Calendar. As you know, I've made it my New Year's goal to complete 52 crafts projects in 2012.

D.I.Y. Instagram Calendar

Just simple and fun projects to use for my home, get organized, to wear and sometimes to give as gifts. Even though it's not quite yet the new year, I decided to go ahead and get rolling! As part of my mother's Christmas present I decided to make her a calendar for 2012 that featured a different picture of my dog for each month (she's just about as crazy for my dog as I am!). I used instagram photos c/o Postal Pix. Supplies needed: 12 subject images (I used instagram pictures of my dog), plain poster board, a mini calendar (or you can create your own calendar pages), scissors, glue, yarn and decorative paper for the cover (I used silver glitter craft paper). 1. Easy, huh?