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Found in the Trash: A Box of Otherworldly Notes. You know why the internet is awesome?

Found in the Trash: A Box of Otherworldly Notes

Because you can share the experience of someone discovering a mysterious treasure. Reddit user TramStopDan documented and shared his recent experience of unlocking and discovering the contents of a box which his friend found discarded on the street next to the trash. When he managed to open it, Dan found a mind-boggling collection of posters, illustrations, text, maps, technical drawings and personal belongings. Speculating on the original owner of the case, Dan writes: “Clearly something happened to this guy that was very memorable. It measures roughly 29″ by 38″ and almost all the drawings are very large… It appears that he was making a diorama/tabletop display.

So let’s take a peek at what he found… Pretty normal so far… Text on a poster with corrections and a few eyebrow-raisers to quote, such as, “…but after 12 years it developed that this picture of an obvious other-world invasion…” Hmmm… Getting weirder… (or cooler) … 27 Mind Blowing Facts They Didn’t Teach You At School. Growing up I never really “enjoyed” school. It wasn’t that I was too dumb, it’s just that I couldn’t be bothered. It was too boring. I would daze out in the middle of class and not really listen to what was being said.

However, if the class was interesting (very rarely) I couldn’t be more eager to learn. So welcome to class , everyone. Source: Mozilla’s Lightbeam add-on lets you see who is tracking you. SOFTWARE FIRM Mozilla has released an add-on for its Firefox web browser that lets users keep an eye on who is tracking them and from where.

Mozilla’s Lightbeam add-on lets you see who is tracking you

Lightbeam, otherwise known as Collusion, maps information about visited websites and their third party hangers-on. "Collusion is an experimental add-on for Firefox and allows you to see all the third parties that are tracking your movements across the web," said Mozilla in its accompanying information. "It will show, in real time, how that data creates a spider-web of interaction between companies and other trackers. " Once installed you access the feature through an icon at the bottom right of your Firefox web browser screen. Clicking that takes you to a graph that showed us, with six different tabs open, that tracking or associated websites outnumbered the ones we knew about by a good four to one. Unsurprisingly they are mostly ad networks and errata. "Many services rely on user data to provide relevant content and enhance your online experience.

5 greatest unsolved enigmas of humanity. The following article unfolds some mysteries of the world, containing five of the most puzzling and unexplained findings in the history of mankind… 1.

5 greatest unsolved enigmas of humanity

The Bimini Road In 1968 under the seabed, close to the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas islands, dozens of huge flat stones of limestone were discovered. At first glance, there was nothing surprising. However, scientists were troubled because these stones formed a perfectly straight boulevard one km long that appeared unlikely to be created by nature.

Many said that those were the ruins of an ancient world civilization, others were convinced that that was a unique natural phenomenon. A famous prophet and healer of that time, Edgar Cayce, made the following prediction in 1938: “A part of the ruins of the Lost Atlantis will be discovered in the sea around the islands of Bimini… It will happen in 1968 or 1968“. 2. The Voynich Manuscript was named after it was discovered in 1912 in an Italian monastery. 3. 4. 5. Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola Revealed as Big Money Behind GMO Labeling Fight. (Cornucopia Institute)Following ongoing legal pressure from campaign groups and the Washington State Attorney General's office, pro-GMO trade group the Grocery Manufacturers Association released a list of high rolling donors to their campaign aimed at blocking GMO labeling in the state.

Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola Revealed as Big Money Behind GMO Labeling Fight

As was expected, major food corporations and GMO users such as PepsiCo, Nestle USA, The Coca-Cola Co. and General Mills, among many others, had secretly donated millions of dollars to the GMA campaign to stop Washington Initiative 522, which would require the labeling of all products containing GMOs if passed in November. Additionally, as Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute stated, “Consumers might be surprised to find out that some of their favorite organic and natural brands, hiding behind their lobbyist, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, are contributing bushel baskets of cash towards thwarting their right to make informed choices in the supermarket. . ” • PepsiCo: $1,620,899 • The J.M. World’s first bio-robot runs on Russian artificial intelligence technology.

I-Free, a Russian mobile applications and games developer and publisher, provided the artificial intelligence (AI) technology used in the world’s first bionic man, a bio-robot named Frank, created by UK-based Shadow Robot Co.

World’s first bio-robot runs on Russian artificial intelligence technology

The Bionic Man showcases the latest achievements in bionics and prosthetics. Frank was assembled with bionic parts replacing those parts and systems of the human body that are already in use in humans: limbs, skin, bones and some, but not all, internal organs. This AI technology allows Frank to recognize human speech, easily converse with people and even have a sense of humor, according to i-Free. All verbal commands and requests that Frank receives are processed remotely on i-Free’s platform; the robot’s responses are formed in the same way, and each incoming request takes only a split second to process. i-Free has supported AI research and development for many years and hosts AINL, a conference on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language.

Headquartered in St. Voynich manuscript. The Voynich manuscript is an illustrated codex hand-written in an unknown writing system.

Voynich manuscript

The book has been carbon-dated to the early 15th century (1404–1438), and may have been composed in Northern Italy during the Italian Renaissance.[1][2] The manuscript is named after Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish book dealer who purchased it in 1912.[3] The pages of the codex are vellum. Some of the pages are missing, but about 240 remain. The text is written from left to right, and most of the pages have illustrations or diagrams. The Voynich manuscript has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including American and British codebreakers from both World War I and World War II.[4] No one has yet succeeded in deciphering the text, and it has become a famous case in the history of cryptography.

The Voynich manuscript was donated by Hans P. Content[edit] Text[edit] A page showing characteristics of the text Wider gaps divide the text into about 35,000 "words" of varying length. Herbal. Robot Skin Can Feel Touch, Sense Chemicals, and Soak Up Solar Power. When you meet your robot overlord, it may be wearing super-intelligent skin designed by a Stanford researcher--a solar-powered, super-sensitive, chemical-sampling covering that makes your meatbag covering look pathetic.

Robot Skin Can Feel Touch, Sense Chemicals, and Soak Up Solar Power

Zhenan Bao is behind the advances, and the recent development centers on a stretchable solar cell system that can expand and shrink along two different axes, making it perfect for incorporation into artificial skin for robots, human prosthetic limbs, or even clothing. Bao's earlier successes with artificial skin have resulted in a highly flexible and durable material, which is part of a flexible organic-chemistry transistor, built on a thin polymer layer. When the skin is subjected to pressure, the current flowing through the transistors is modified as tiny pyramid shapes molded into the polymer layer compress, resulting in a super-sensitive transducer that can apparently detect the pressure from a house-fly's feet.

Google X labs confirms augmented reality glasses project, releases video demo. Google's Project Glass hopes to deliver an augmented reality heads-up display Google X (Google's futuristic technology development lab) has pulled back the curtain on Project Glass, its program to develop truly useful augmented reality "Google glasses.

Google X labs confirms augmented reality glasses project, releases video demo

" Project Glass aims to design and refine augmented reality technology to help a user explore and share their world armed with a wealth of relevant information - not at their fingertips, but rather at the end of their nose. Augmented reality describes a view of the real world that includes superimposed graphics. Instead of interrupting your activities to use a smartphone to search for information - get directions, remain in touch, find out if an item is on sale, translate a tourist's note evaluating a restaurant, and the like - Google's Project Glass intends to provide glasses with real-time heads-up displays and intelligent personal assistant software to enable a seamless user experience. Source: Google X About the Author. Raspberry Pi SBC. The 5 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes Nobody Can Explain. The Glico Morinaga Case aka the Monster With 21 Faces In the 1980s, the Japanese food giant Ezaki Glico was blackmailed by a mysterious group of apparent super villains, calling itself the Monster with 21 faces.

The 5 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes Nobody Can Explain

It started with two armed men who broke into the home of the president of Glico, kidnapping him in front of his family. The men held the executive in a warehouse, calling the company and demanding 100 million Yen and 100 kilos of gold bullion. The victim escaped the warehouse before he could find out whether or not his company was willing to pay to ransom his ass. None of the bad guys were caught and that's too bad, because the "Monster" wasn't through. Artist's rendition. A couple of weeks later, several cars in the company parking lot were set on fire. "Dear Glico, How have you been? In the first letter (sent in a plastic container along with hydrochloric acid because why the hell not?) "We forgive you! " It Gets Weirder: Warning: Contains Bomb.

We are bad guys. P.S. Treasure hunter claims to have found $3 billion wreck - US news - Life. PORTLAND, Maine — A treasure hunter said Wednesday he has located the wreck of a British merchant ship that was torpedoed by a German U-boat off Cape Cod during World War II while carrying what he claims was a load of platinum bars now worth more than $3 billion.

Treasure hunter claims to have found $3 billion wreck - US news - Life

If the claim proves true, it could be one of the richest sunken treasures ever discovered. But an attorney for the British government expressed doubt the vessel was carrying platinum. And if it was, in fact, laden with precious metals, who owns the hoard could become a matter of international dispute. Treasure hunter Greg Brooks of Sub Sea Research in Gorham, Maine, announced that a wreck found sitting in 700 feet of water 50 miles offshore is that of the S.S. Port Nicholson, sunk in 1942. He said he and his crew identified it via the hull number using an underwater camera, and he hopes to begin raising the treasure later this month or in early March with the help of a remotely operated underwater vessel. Deep-sea booty!