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WILHELM REICH - ORGONE ENERGY. TheRealVerbz. Visions in Motions Productions. Free energy generator - raw video footage - uncut version. Teleportation. S, propulsion électromagnétique... HOW TO BUILD an ELECTROGRAVITIC FLYING SAUCER 1. HOW TO BUILD an ELECTROGRAVITIC Luke Fortune (who is not a debunker) has released over 3500 pages of proof that humankind has had the ability to build UFO craft, in replicable form over the last 100 years.


Author’s Disclaimer In consideration of the author’s sale, and of the reader’s purchase or reading of this book, the purchaser or reader is hereby deemed to understand and agree to the following: - That she or he assumes all physical risks of any harm to anyone, attendant to the constructing, testing, flying, or attempting to fly, a flying saucer constructed as herein suggested that the author assumes no liability whatsoever, either civil or criminal, as to these suggested plans or the theories contained herein, and is hereby released from any and all liability or claim, or allegation of liability First, it is recommended that a flying model be built and tested before proceeding further, as it would be very disappointing to build an elaborate saucer which doesn’t work. Continues… And see. S, propulsion électromagnétique... Viktor Grebennikov - Anti-Gravity & Levitation. Twin Vortexes - VBM - Winged Sun - Free Masons - Leedskalnin - Louvre Pyramids (MAGNETS)

Orgonite construction

Chemtrails. The Truth About Orgone EXPOSED.... The Orgone Device with Cable Part 1 of 3. 60_couv. Orgonite Chi Generators to boost personal energy. In fact, the most important method of effective self-improvement prior to the invention of the Chi Generator® (in 1992) resulted from new knowledge of the working of the human brain.

Orgonite Chi Generators to boost personal energy

It has been well established that every thought, feeling, sensation, and level of awareness has a corresponding brain wave pattern, or frequency. Consequently, you can determine the level of awareness that you want to harness for your success by controlling your brain waves. We know of Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brain waves, all in the low frequency range from approximately 1 Hz to 30 Hz (cycles per second). Gamma frequencies are above 30 Hz. This method of controlling brain waves with low frequency input certainly is not a new technology at all! You can find a variety of fairly good Light-Sound (LS) devices on the market today. It is obvious that you cannot wear these LS-devices whenever you really need them! That’s exactly where a Chi Generator® makes a difference – a big one!!! A breakthrough that has already happened - GLOBAL BEM conference Nov 2012. Making a Cell Phone Button. Orgonite converts the negative energy from electronic devices into positive orgone.

Making a Cell Phone Button.

These days the most hazardous electronic device in common usage is the Cell Phone. It produces high levels of microwave radiation whenever it sends or receives a signal; making it dangerous to carry and hold against your head. However hard the cell phone industry strives to hide the facts; many independent studies have shown a direct link between cell phone use and brain tumors, birth defects, testicular and ovarian cancer.

Orgonite offers the only way of forestalling these problems in the form of a ‘cell phone button’ that can be easily made and attached to the back of a mobile telephone; rendering it both safe and comfortable to use. You will need an ice cube tray: Mix a little resin and catalyst and pour a few drops into each section of the tray: Before the resin cures; tilt the tray left and right so the resin forms a thin surface on the bottom of the mould. Spirit Science XIII ~ The Crystal Movie. Orgonite Austin. Orgonite and Cloudbuster 2012.

Orgone. L' ORGONE DÉRANGE LE NOUVEL ORDRE MONDIAL. Chi Life Force Energy - Wilhelm Reich ****** MUST SEE ****** Fighting for Global Liberty through Gifting Orgonite! Magnet Machine which produces endless mechanical and electrical energy! Growing Nonsense About Reich and Orgone on Global Internet. [Morphéus] Orgonitehsc. CEG 1000 Chi Generator. CRAZY ORGONITE DISCOVERY part 1. Index - Forum for Orgonite and Tactical Orgone Gifting, How to make Cloud Busters (CBs), HHGs, and Succor Punches. Orgonite gifters, HAARP, Tesla, and Radionics discussion. Warrior Matrix. Comunitatea artizanilor handmade din Romania - cumperi si vinzi orice produs handmade, vintage sau materiale pentru mestesugarit.

Accueil kerkali l'Esprit Voyageur. What Is Orgone Explained V2. Projet orgonite sous forme pyramidale. Undefined Projet orgonite de forme pyramidale Après avoir lu sur le sujet de l'orgonite, tower buster (TB), holy hand grenade (hhg), succor punch (sp), powerwand (pw), harmonic protector (hp) et autres, j'ai eu l'idée d'essayer de construire un amalgame de tout ces trucs dans un moule de forme pyramidale.

Projet orgonite sous forme pyramidale

J'ai eu comme idée d'utiliser une orgonite de forme puissante, j'ai utilisé la forme pyramidale pour ce faire. Ensuite, je voulais faire un power wand et intégré le circuit 15 Hertz dans la matrice d'orgonite. Plan du projet Voici mon plan J'ai donc acheté des chocolats "Ferrero Rocher" dont l'emballage était une pyramide en plastique. Je sort les chocolats pour ne conserver que le moule pyramidale en plastique.

Je pose le moule à l'envers, de sorte que la pointe de la pyramide soit dirigée vers le bas et la maintient ainsi. Orgonite & Illuminati Mind Control.