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SOPA Emergency IP list: So if these bastards in DC decide to ruin the internet, here’s how to access your favorite sites in the event of a DNS takedown # News # Social media # Torrent sites # Social networking

SOPA Emergency IP list:

Unifi - Golden-AP. To celebrate, our Millionth AP is 24K Gold plated.

Unifi - Golden-AP

Who has the Golden AP? Q1 2011 Ubiquiti ships first UniFi APsUniFi enters the market as an easy to use, enterprise WLAN platform with an innovative, cloud-ready software based controller. Q4 2011 UniFi 2, Outdoor AP ReleasedUniFi version 2 introduced with extensive guest access/hotspot capabilities and support for a new Outdoor AP. Over 100,000 APs shipped in the first year. Q2 2012 Ubiquiti introduces dual band UniFi Pro APUniFi Pro, a high performance, dual band 802.11n AP released. Q1 2013 Ubiquiti delivers first enterprise 802.11ac APUbiquiti first to announce and ship an enterprise 802.11ac access point. Production line at the UniFi factory UniFi Provides Wi-Fi to Outdoor Music FestivalDownload pdf This unit is celebratory in nature, and may not be suitable for actual use.

Mohawke's Best of the Best Free and Open Source Software Collection: Mac OS X and Windows software Collection. Mohawke's Best of the Best Free and Open Source Software Collection from Dark Artistry :: Windows :: Macintosh :: Internet :: Operating Systems :: Games :: Web-Sites :: OSSWIN CD :: For search features you can simply use the search feature in your browser; Ctrl+F or Apple+F - Firefox, or use table toolsIf you need these pages translated check out FoxLingo(This page contains no ads or cookies, but does require a javascript enabled browser for sorting.)

Mohawke's Best of the Best Free and Open Source Software Collection: Mac OS X and Windows software Collection

Access. Download Amanda Network Backup - Pre Packaged and Tested. Download Amanda Community Edition Amanda Community Edition is a free and stable version of the world's most popular open source backup and recovery software Amanda.

Download Amanda Network Backup - Pre Packaged and Tested

Linux, Solaris, Windows and Source packages are available. Amanda 3.3.5 is the Latest Stable Release backup_server package should be installed on the Amanda backup server. The package contains the Amanda server and client. backup_client package should be installed on the Amanda client (computer that is backed up by Amanda server). Select your version: » Help spread the word on open source backup solutions! 50 Open Source Tools to Make Your Life Easier. The open source community is vibrant, continually growing, and just loves to create applications and tools to make lives easier.

50 Open Source Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Here are 50 of our favorite open source apps that help us do everything from managing pictures on our computer to learning about Jupiter and Mars. Chandler – An information management application for personal use or small group collaboration. Includes integrated calendaring, data organization tools, and allows backup and data sharing via web access. Tomboy – A cross-platform note-taking application packed with features text highlighting, font styling, inline spellchecking, and more. BasKet Note Pads – More than just a note-taking app, BasKet lets you organize in track data in several different ways, import information from other apps, and easily share your notes with others. Freemind – This free mind mapping app can easily handle maps with as many as 22,000 nodes.

Task Coach – A robust todo list tracker. Xchat – An IRC chat client for Linux and WIndow. Open Source Social Networking Engine. Support PCs Tutorial. Make a note of your existing hard drive's make and model number - you can get this from Device Manager under Disk Drives, or through HDD Health.

Support PCs Tutorial

Once done, browse to a suitable search engine such as Google or Windows Live and type the make and model into it. If any results are returned, make a note of the following details: drive size (2.5-inch or 3.5-inch), capacity (in GB), interface (SATA or IDE/PATA), speed (in revolutions per minute, or rpm), and cache (in MB).

If you can't find any information online, open your desktop PC and compare the cable that connects the drive to your motherboard with the photo above. If it's connected by a flat ribbon (right), then the drive is IDE/PATA; if it's connected via a narrow cable with a small L-shaped connector (left) then it's a SATA drive. You'll need to examine the laptop drive itself to see whether it's IDE or SATA. Launch EASUS Partition Manager 3.0. The Disk Copy Wizard will launch - wait while it performs some analysis on your old drive. #3038363.

Computer-hardware-poster-972.jpg (972×1377) DIY Data Recovery: Undelete, Unformat and Repair. RAID0 and RAID5 recovery. Schedule file transfers (or synchronization) to FTP/SFTP server. Scheduling on Windows 7 and Windows 8 To add new scheduled task: Go to Control Panel:Windows 8: While on desktop, go to the charms (press Win+C or move mouse cursor to either right screen corner) and select Settings > Control Panel. Windows 7: Go to Windows Start Menu > Control Panel.

Advertisements: In Control Panel, go to System and Security > Administrative Tools > Schedule Tasks. In the Task Scheduler menu go to Action > Create Basic Task.Give your task a name and click Next.Choose when the task should be run and click Next.For task action, select Start a program and click Next.Browse for WinSCP.exe executable.In Add arguments add appropriate WinSCP command-line parameters to execute the scripting commands you need (typically you will use /script or /command parameters). Scheduling on Windows XP and Earlier Go to Windows Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks > Add Scheduled Task. Further Reading. Scanning Photos and Slides. DPI does count Although this website is about digital photos - this section will briefly deal with the topic of scanning.

Scanning Photos and Slides

DPI, which is a paper dots per inch, does count when scanning. When an image is scanned, one scanning "dot" equals one digital image pixel. You are converting an object with physical dimensions to digital pixel dimensions. Scanning Paper (photos, documents, etc Before you do your first scan, you'll want to know what DPI the paper object (a printed photo for example) should be scanned at.

You can simply pick a number that will provide a good quality scan with a reasonable filesize. The main problem is that you're going to end up with extremely large digital files - a 4" x 6" photo scanned at 3000 dpi (in 24-bit RGB) is going to result in a digital image that is 12,000 x 18,000 pixels in digital image size. So, scanning at about 600 dpi is a good compromise between getting a good sized digital image and storage filesize.

Scanning Slides and Negatives: Other Stuff. DPI and PPI Explained – Andrew Dacey Photography. There seems to be a great deal of confusion among many people regarding the use of some terms in digital imaging.

DPI and PPI Explained – Andrew Dacey Photography

One of the more common sources of confusion is the difference between DPI and PPI. The main problem with this is that DPI (dots per inch) is an old term that has been applied to everything relating to resolution and the size of a digital image. This is very confusing because different situations work with resolution in very different ways, and having a single term for all of them just makes things more confusing. More recently, the term PPI (pixels per inch) has appeared in common usage and is far more specific for what the term entails. DPI is still used in some documents and software when PPI is really what they mean, but this is changing.

Let's start with PPI, it's easy to understand. All that PPI does is affect the print size of the image. An Example Suppose you have a 100 x 100 pixel image, it could be printed at many different sizes. Now let's talk about DPI. Block computers in the same network open PPS. If there are 2 or more computers are sharing a modem or wireless router, if 1 of them open PPS, all other computer will suffer for internet slow speed.

Block computers in the same network open PPS

You can block pps by your wireless router, so none of computers can use pps, so your internet speed won't be slowed down. First, you need to have the router's login password. Just block the following ports for both of TCP & UDP. 64430 17788 1900 * 8400 3478 * 8800 * 7201 * 7202 * You can choose not block this ports above which have the sign of * because PPStream is more depends on port 17788, 8400 & 64430 only. My router is Dlink Di-524, with an original firmware PPS is buffering... Block the PPS Servers' ports Now try to watch another movie, makes it reconnects to the server Now, PPS failed on connecting to its server! Tested on 2 pcs, which installed of the latest of PPS and they failed to stream the movie now. Note that new version of ppstream is using different ports, you need to check what ports are it using.

Reference : - Take typing lessons, test your typing speed and practice typing for free! Default Router Passwords - The internets most comprehensive router password database. Moo0 - 36 free programs and 2 shareware. 100 Websites You Should Know and Use.

Entertainment Meet David Peterson, who developed Dothraki for Game of Thrones There are seven different words in Dothraki for striking another person with a sword.

100 Websites You Should Know and Use

Among them: “hlizifikh,” a wild but powerful strike; “hrakkarikh,”a quick and accurate strike; and “gezrikh,” a fake-out or decoy strike. But you won’t find these words in George R. R. Culture My Year of TED: How 54 talks changed a life By Kylie Dunn What do you get when you cross a 39-year-old perfectionist with 54 TED Talks and far more honesty than any person probably needs to experience?

Apple imac

How to Crack the Account Password on Any Operating System – Joe Tech. This guest post was written by Blair Mathis from – your premier source for the latest laptop software news and best laptop accessories. Computer passwords are like locks on doors – they keep honest people honest. If someone wishes to gain access to your laptop or computer, a simple login password will not stop them. Most computer users do not realize how simple it is to access the login password for a computer, and end up leaving vulnerable data on their computer, unencrypted and easy to access. Are you curious how easy it is for someone to gain access to your computer? If so, read on to see the technique one might use to figure out your computer password.

Windows Windows is still the most popular operating system, and the method used to discover the login password is the easiest. Simply download the Ophcrack ISO and burn it to a CD (or load it onto a USB drive via UNetbootin). The computer will restart and Ophcrack will be loaded. Fsck -fy mount -uw / dscl . That’s it. Dell Information Resources - All Resources. 70 Things Every Computer Geek Should Know. The term ‘geek’, once used to label a circus freak, has morphed in meaning over the years. What was once an unusual profession transferred into a word indicating social awkwardness. As time has gone on, the word has yet again morphed to indicate a new type of individual: someone who is obsessive over one (or more) particular subjects, whether it be science, photography, electronics, computers, media, or any other field.

A geek is one who isn’t satisfied knowing only the surface facts, but instead has a visceral desire to learn everything possible about a particular subject. A techie geek is usually one who knows a little about everything, and is thus the person family and friends turn to whenever they have a question. If you’re that type of person and are looking for a few extra skills to pick up, or if you’re a newbie aiming to get a handhold on the honor that is geekhood, read on to find out what skills you need to know. How to become a real computer Geek? You may get the answer here: How Scanners Work" Scanners vary in resolution and sharpness. Most flatbed scanners have a true hardware resolution of at least 300x300 dots per inch (dpi). The scanner's dpi is determined by the number of sensors in a single row (x-direction sampling rate) of the CCD or CIS array by the precision of the stepper motor (y-direction sampling rate).

For example, if the resolution is 300x300 dpi and the scanner is capable of scanning a letter-sized document, then the CCD has 2,550 sensors arranged in each horizontal row. A single-pass scanner would have three of these rows for a total of 7,650 sensors. The stepper motor in our example is able to move in increments equal to 1/300ths of an inch. Sharpness depends mainly on the quality of the optics used to make the lens and the brightness of the light source.

Of course, many scanners proclaim resolutions of 4,800x4,800 or even 9,600x9,600. Interpolation is a process that the scanning software uses to increase the perceived resolution of an image.