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Smart Cities

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Using smart city technology to power local economic development. As mayors and city managers work to capture revenue from non-tax sources, strategic use of technology will become increasingly important.

Using smart city technology to power local economic development

The mainstreaming of SmartCity technology is creating unprecedented opportunities for civic leaders to improve quality of life through cost effective initiatives in the areas of economic development, civic engagement and digital inclusion. How do you define a ‘smart city’? Fundamentally, smart cities use technology and process innovation to improve the quality of life for all stakeholders within a community. One could make the case that thanks to broad adoption of SmartPhone technology and broadband wireless, most cities are already ‘smart.’ However, so far, it is the private sector that is leading.

What are some of the problems cities can solve by using digital technology? The New Way to Build Brilliant Product Roadmaps. Public Wi-Fi. In our increasingly digital age, people use...and media and the internet on the go.

Public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi coverage in a town centre can really help residents and tourists connect with each other and stay in touch with local events, while local businesses can benefit from the added attraction of free Wi-Fi and the potential advertising derived from it. Many businesses in your town centre, particularly cafes, pubs and hotels, probably offer free Wi-Fi already to attract customers, but also because their customers expect it. Untitled. Public Wi-Fi. Untitled. UK Mobile Media discuss the Mansfield public Wi-Fi installation - UK Mobile MediaUK Mobile Media. Mansfield Free Wi-Fi Project. Kendal Town Centre Wifi. Kendal’s free town centre WiFi is brought to you by our Economic Development team.

Kendal Town Centre Wifi

The pilot WiFi scheme is the first of its type in the South Lakes area and may be introduced into more towns and villages if successful. Other WiFi schemes have been launched in various towns and cities across the UK and have proved very popular. The WiFi is now live and we continue to work with appointed contractors WiFi Sparks Ltd on its upkeep and maintenance. Please revisit this page to find out the latest updates. How does it work? You can access the WiFi along the main shopping routes in the town centre.

What are the benefits? Improved speed and accessibility of internet in Kendal town centre, avoiding any data charges a new welcome screen, allowing users to easily find shops, restaurants, attractions, events, offers and services in the town. How Remote Places Can Get Cellular Coverage by Doing It Themselves. With Swedish telephone numbers and a tree-bound base station, a remote Indonesian village runs its own telecommunications company.

How Remote Places Can Get Cellular Coverage by Doing It Themselves

A four-hour drive from the nearest cellular coverage in the remote highlands of Papua, Indonesia, a new kind of guerilla telecom network is operating, albeit outside the law, using a cheap base station roped into a treetop. What Founders Need to Know: You Were Funded for a Liquidity Event – Start Looking. There are many reasons to found a startup.

What Founders Need to Know: You Were Funded for a Liquidity Event – Start Looking

There are many reasons to work at a startup. Open Garden — Here's how to show VCs what your competition looks like. Steve Blank is a retired serial entrepreneur and has been a founder or participant in eight Silicon Valley startups since 1978.

Here's how to show VCs what your competition looks like

This article originally appeared on his blog. The New Way to Build Brilliant Product Roadmaps. Amazon Books: 4 months later, the retail giant's bricks-and-mortar experiment feels like a winner. Amazon has almost perfected a shopping experience for browsers — and I mean human, not web.

Amazon Books: 4 months later, the retail giant's bricks-and-mortar experiment feels like a winner

Four months after the first Amazon Books physical store opened in Seattle’s University Village, Amazon appears to be satisfied enough with the results to move forward with a second location in San Diego. The Data Explosion Makes Storage Tech Exciting. Photo Data storage has never exactly been a topic that lights up a conversation, unlike, say Twitter flame wars or even the business application programming interfaces for enterprise manufacturing management software written by the German software giant SAP.

The Data Explosion Makes Storage Tech Exciting - A spatio-temporal open data platform. Netgear Nighthawk X4S Review. Lots of people complain about Wi-Fi, but very few do anything about it.

Netgear Nighthawk X4S Review

If you’re serious about taking action, there are more and more high-end routers on the market that make powerful coverage and high speeds possible. Netgear’s Nighthawk X4S gaming router is for exactly that sort of person. At $260, it’s not cheap, but that money gives you an 802.11ac router with combined bandwidth of up to 2.53Gbps. In-Memory Data Fabric - GridGain. Adobe Experience Designer (XD) aims to make life easier for UI and UX designers. Adobe has been teasing a state-of-the-art User Experience (UX) design and prototyping tool under the name Project Comet, seemingly forever.

Adobe Experience Designer (XD) aims to make life easier for UI and UX designers

It is finally ready to take the covers off and release a public preview of the tool, which has been christened Adobe Experience Designer CC (XD for short). Rather than positioning it to completely replace any of its existing tools for developers, Adobe is carving out a new niche, with XD providing an easy-to-use, lightweight, application for UI and UX designers to create and wire together interfaces for the Web, desktop, and mobile platforms. KC installs first of 25 Smart City kiosks downtown. Two new 7-foot-tall kiosks, looking something like giant iPhones, were installed Monday morning in downtown Kansas City, just in time for the Big 12 tournament. The two kiosks, in the 1300 block of Grand Boulevard, are the first of what will be 25 kiosks along and near the downtown streetcar route. Array of Things. KCMO Innovate (@KCMOInnovation) The New Way to Build Brilliant Product Roadmaps. Stream-processing with Mantis. Back in January of 2014 we wrote about the need for better visibility into our complex operational environments.

The core of the message in that post was about the need for fine-grained, contextual and scalable insights into the experiences of our customers and behaviors of our services. While our execution has evolved somewhat differently from our original vision, the underlying principles behind that vision are as relevant today as they were then. In this post, we’ll share what we’ve learned building Mantis, a stream-processing service platform that’s processing event streams of up to 8 million events per second, and running hundreds of stream-processing jobs around the clock. Team - Code First: Girls. The event for digital marketing.

How to succeed as a technology start-up. Urban.Us Event. Lamppost shines a light on smart cities. Bosch and their take on the Internet of Things. The Bosch Connected World event in Berlin is an industry invitation-only gathering. London leads the way in the global growth of 'smart cities' There are manifold directions that smart cities will evolve and Singapore certainly looks promising, but London has not been slow to rise to the challenge and a recently launched Smart City Challenge competition is expected to accelerate its influence as a world-leader in this area. Singapore is a hotbed for smart city technologies like driverless cars and drain sensors Photo: Alamy Backed by the London Mayor’s Office, a Smart City Challenge is being run by companies like Transport for London and IBM, who are offering a total prize of £750,000 for developers and entrepreneurs to use the Internet of Things, the cloud and other technologies to address the biggest challenges faced by Londoners.