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Old people react to dubstep No, Skrillex isn’t exactly Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin but he’s what the hip kids are listening to these days. TheFineBros invited a bunch of “elders” to listen to three Skrillex songs (“First Of The Year (Equinox),” “Bangarang,” and “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites”). Their reactions are priceless, calling it psychotic, dark and unidentifiable. Old people react to dubstep
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Be Careful Who You Honk At In Russia
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Cassetteboy - The Web for Beginners
At the gym: who is looking at whom
15 Oxymorons" An oxymoron is a combination of words that contradict each other. Here are some of our favorites. 1. virtual reality 2. original copy 15 Oxymorons"
Troy Polamalu at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
Airline Story
"Clone" by Cyanide & Happiness - CollegeHumor Article
Prop 8 Overturned! The Funniest Signs Supporting Gay Marriage from You're Doing It Right
Application for a night out - his'n'hers
I Don't Feel Stupid Anymore
Top rated Popular Commented Tags Random Latest memes: dogs, animals Posted about 1 hour ago lolz Bert Kreischer is a comedian and whenever he is in a hotel room he uses the stuff in the room to make hilarious stuff for the maid to see after he has left. Check them out Bert Kreischer is a comedian and whenever he is in a hotel room he uses the stuff in the room to make hilarious stuff for the maid to see after he has left. Check them out
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Shakespeare Insult Kit Combine one word from each of the three columns below, prefaced with "Thou": Shakespeare Insult Kit Shakespeare Insult Kit
"Drunk-O-Vision LEGACY" by Streeter Seidell - CollegeHumor Article
Oh, So That’s What That Really Means (13 Pics)
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A New Candidate for Greatest Resume Ever from Look What I Found
Spring delights by Tamas Wachsler
Anything fun?
Tesco Value Cards - Valentines Day Tesco Value Card - Special Occasion Tesco Value Card Tesco Value Greeting Cards Here you will find a range of free to use Tesco Value Cards for you to print out a Tesco value card for you to use as needed. All of these Tesco Value Cards may be recycled by using pencil so the recipient may send them on and rub out and rewrite the special occasion Tesco Value card. Thankyou for coming here to look and or download these Tesco Value Cards. Please feel free to link to this page so many other people can make great use of these free Tesco Value Cards. Tesco Value Cards - Valentines Day
Navy seals training
Why I Should Touch Your Butt: A Powerpoint Presentation
Who's Your Favourite?
Mother-in-law Mother-in-law I was happy. My girlfriend and me were dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married.
What Your Toilet Paper Says About You
Call off the search, I have found The Greatest TV Clip of All Time. In Animal Planet's "My Extreme Animal Phobia," badass muscular Marvin, adorned with tattooed sleeves and ink on his face and neck, breaks down into tears at the sight of puppies (video below via Buzzfeed). In order to face his fear, Marvin has to pet a pit bull puppy that's about 4 months old. This Man Is Terrified of Puppies This Man Is Terrified of Puppies
Funny Photos - Funny McDonald's Job Application
A Well-Planned Retirement - And no one even knows his name. A Well-Planned Retirement - And no one even knows his name. Outside England's Bristol Zoo there is a parking lot for 150 cars and 8 buses. For 25 years, its parking fees were managed by a very pleasant attendant. The fees were £1 for cars ($1.40), £5 for busses (about $7). Then, one day, after 25 solid years of never missing a day of work, he just didn't show up; so the Zoo Management called the City Council and asked it to send them another parking agent.
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Charlie Sheen Roast Best Of
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Motivational Monday: Afro Duck | Obscure Internet
Humor-bation: Philosoraptor... Humor-bation: Philosoraptor... This Blog Linked From Here The Web Philosoraptor...
Angular Momentum
LOL Comp 2 Funny Pictures Add Funny
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353486_460s_v2.jpg (funny,sites,humor,internet,web) picture on VisualizeUs
Probably the funniest site on the net...
Target Practice
Deep, Hipsterish “Words on Pictures” Parody |
Golden Loves Guitar !! - Video Fantastica!
New Friend
Funny LOLs: Fishy Puns
And This Is Why I Don’t Live In Australia
Humor-bation: Its all about contrast
25 Epic Fail GIFs 25 Epic Fail GIFs Thanks to CompuServe and their animated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), watching fails has never been more satisfying, or educational. So, as you skim through these fail GIFS you may want to take some mental notes, like always check the wall for a door before kicking it down, don’t punch grinning street signs, and whatever you do, stay in school! About David Pegg After helping found the United Nations, the United States, and United Airlines, David consigned himself to a transient life of writing lists and sleeping on park benches.
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Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy
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Critical Miss: Die Nyankatze
Harry Potter: Abridged (1 - 7 part I)
Funniest commercial ever
Bernard's Letter.avi
I LIKE TRAINS (asdfmovie song)
Redneck College Exam -four questions, one minute - how do you do on tests? Think you can pass this one?
How to Hunt Elephants
Introducing Your Worst Nightmare: Karate Kyle
“John” from Nebraska
The Chicken Hammer Blog: Idiot Sightings
Pickup Line Scientist | quickmeme
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Dear Dad
Linux Commands Heard Out Of Context |
Like a BUS!
Awesome Wi-Fi Network Names [Humorous Image] - How-To Geek ETC