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Post war migration

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The white Australia policy. Immigration to Australia- Scanned textbbook. Waves of migration- Stories of Migration to Australia. The changing face of modern Australia – 1950s to 1970s. After the Second World War (1939–45) the Australian government committed to a vigorous and sustained immigration program.

The changing face of modern Australia – 1950s to 1970s

The purpose of this ambitious program was to meet labour shortages, protect Australia from external threat and create prosperity. As a result, from 1945 to 1975 Australia's population almost doubled from 7½ million to 13 million. About 3 million migrants and refugees arrived. Spanish immigrants on board on their way to Australia, courtesy of South Australian Migration Museum. Destination: Australia - Sharing our post war migrant stories.

Refugees of the Vietnam War 1955-1975

10 Pound Poms. European Jewish mirgration. Immigration from Chile during the unrest in 1973.