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Creattica - Flock. Design / déco. The FWA. Fubiz™ - Flock. QBN. 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business. We really can’t deny the fact that businesses are testing out Twitter as part of their steps into the social media landscape.

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

You can say it’s a stupid application, that no business gets done there, but there are too many of us (including me) that can disagree and point out business value. I’m not going to address the naysayers much with this. Instead, I’m going to offer 50 thoughts for people looking to use Twitter for business. And by “business,” I mean anything from a solo act to a huge enterprise customer. Your mileage may vary, and that’s okay. Oh, and please feel free to reblog this wherever. 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business First Steps Build an account and immediate start using Twitter Search to listen for your name, your competitor’s names, words that relate to your space.

Ideas About WHAT to Tweet Instead of answering the question, “What are you doing?” Some Sanity For You You don’t have to read every tweet. The Negatives People Will Throw At You Twitter takes up time. 25 Twitter Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts. It may seem like an impossible task to keep up with all the Twitter apps that have come to market as of late.

25 Twitter Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts

Even though you have plenty of directories to help with the process, we noticed that it's still difficult to ascertain which apps support multiple accounts. As more and more people are using Twitter for personal and professional reasons, the demand for a Twitter client to match those multifaceted needs is rising. Here are several options to help you tweet now or later from different accounts on your desktop, via the Web, and while on the run. We've also included a few browser add-ons and business-specific clients to help you find the right application to suit your Twittering needs. Desktop Nambu: A great single or mutli-column app for multiple Twitter,, and account management.

Seesmic Desktop: A viable threat to TweetDeck, Seesmic Desktop has no limitations on the number of accounts you can manage. Web Semi-Professional Browser Add-Ons iPhone. Design - Modern contemporary design & architecture. Smashing Magazine. Advertisement By now, all good designers and developers realize the importance of usability for their work.

Smashing Magazine

Usable websites offer great user experiences, and great user experiences lead to happy customers. Delight and satisfy your visitors, rather than frustrate and annoy them, with smart design decisions. Here are 9 usability problems that websites commonly face, and some recommended solutions for each of them. 1. Hyperlinks are designed to be clicked, so to make them usable, it makes sense to ensure that they’re easy to click. Here’s an example of the same interface element, the comments link, but this time with a much larger clickable area: Newspond comments link. Why would we want a larger clickable area? <a href=" style="padding: 5px;">Example Site<a> The CSS has been placed inline together with the markup to make the example simpler, but in real life you’ll likely want to add this styling to your CSS file by giving the link a class or id and targeting it with that. 2.

Reform &amp; Revolution / R² The Roxor. 1.

The Roxor

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Description:This plugin gives you a list of posts and/or pages that are related to the current post/page. Using a customizable algorithm considering post titles, content, tags, and categories, YARPP calculates a “match score” for each pair of posts on your blog. Why it’s useful: This plugin basically keeps your visitors longer on your website. It allows them to discover new articles on your blog that are related to the one they are reading at that moment. 2.