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Promoted tweet used to complain about British Airways 3 September 2013Last updated at 07:18 ET By Jane Wakefield Technology reporter Lost luggage is a common problem for airline customers In a modern spin on the tale of David and Goliath, a disgruntled customer has found a new way to use social media to take on a big corporation. Fed up with the way British Airways was handling the issue of his father's lost luggage, businessman Hasan Syed decided to complain about it.

Twitter for Beginners: 5 Steps for Better Tweeting Twitter is immensely useful as a utility for joining in the global conversation and sharing thoughts, opinions, information, and media. But for new users, there's also a fairly steep learning curve. For many people new to Twitter, the site doesn't immediately "make sense" and it can be a bit daunting. But there are things those users can do to make the service more useful from the get go.

What the Heck is Twitter? There is a bazillion articles and videos, trying to explain what Twitter is all about. There is also a ton of surveys, most noticeable a recent one telling you that only 10% of all Twitter users actually post tweets on their own. But here is the thing... They are all giving people the wrong ideas! Twitter has changed tremendously since it was first invented.

The Internet Is a Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online Short, sweet, and to the point! The Internet Is a Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online infographic from a partnership between SumAll and Buffer explains the fine line between when extra words are helpful, and when they become too much information. Whether you are posting a facebook post to your friends, or a blog post to your avid followers. This infographic will help make sure your posts reach the most readers! Have you ever woken up in cold sweat in the middle of the night wondering exactly how many characters long a tweet should be to get the most engagement, or how many words long a blog post should be so that it actually gets read? Great design that tells one story really well, totally focused on the length of posts on different social media platforms.

Hashtags considered #harmful The noble hashtag is cursed by a problem Yogi Berra could appreciate: Too many people use it, so no one goes there. Presumably, most Twitter users use hashtags intending to add their tweet to a river of similar information and to expose their own thoughts to a wider, interested audience. Twitter itself markets the hashtag to those ends. But does that actually happen? It’s unlikely, especially for the most popular hashtags. Build a Robust Profile - LinkedIn Career Services Overview Your LinkedIn profile represents your definitive professional image on Web and is discoverable through millions of searches on LinkedIn or from search engines like Google. You are in complete control over what others see on your profile, so leverage this to showcase your skills and talents so the right people and opportunities find you.

Twitter for Teachers Workshop - Additional Links Last wednesday WiZiQ organized a mini workshop about Twitter for Teachers. They invited Enza Antenos-Conforti (@iVenus), Alexandre Enklerli (@enkerli) and myself to give some presentations about how teachers can use microblogging. It was a great event and I learned a lot from my co-presenters there. Below you can watch our presentations as well as some links to teacher related events on Twitter, some useful ebooks and blogs or watch some more videos about Twitter.

Using Twitter for Teachers' Professional Development I am actually engaged in an extensive review of the literature written on the use of Twitter as a Personal Learning Network ( PLN ).Twitter is the core topic of my MAEd thesis and I am trying to approach it from different perspectives : academic, social, and even personal ( for professional development ). Academically speaking, papers investigating the use of Twitter in the world of academia are still scarce and the empirical research done in this field is still very limited. From time to time I feature some of the resources I am actually reading and which I know will be of great interest to my readers here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.For instance, today I am sharing with you a treasure trove ( I really mean it ) of Twitter lists to subscribe with and follow to stay updated about the latest news, resources, links, researches, and many more according to your area of interest.

The Beginner's Guide to Twitter Update: This post was updated November 2013 to reflect current statistics and tools. Do you have a parent, friend or colleague ready to ditch his or her digital training wheels and head into Twitter's open wilderness? These pointers should get them started. And even Twitter experts might benefit from a quick refresher on the platform's valuable tools.

Eric, cwolosin at gmail. You have a great Saint Sylvestre too, and we'll talk next year! (Off of this thing!) by claudia.wolosin Dec 31

Hi Claudia, I am back in Cannes, I hope that Jon is going better, you have to tell him to take care ok ? ;-) I found some tools that can be interesting for us for instance "affinitiz" to create a project and share arround it, 2/ do you know Eben Pagan, Frank Kern ? I am viewing some of their videos on internert marketing, seems really efficient... 3/Maybe we can create a repository/folder with materials that matter on subjects we follow.,4/ I also think that keep in touch is important to "mastermind" between us ( ref : Napoleon Hill) Maybe we can use email or a create wiki for the next messages so not every connected peoples can see what we type ?I finish with best wishes for the new year coming Eric by phaleon Dec 30

Hi Eric, happy holidays to you too! Jon asked me to get in touch with you to let you know that he is 1/on vacation with no online access (whoa!), 2/he's sick, and 3/he won't be coming to your area at this time, but will be coming within the next few weeks and hopes to meet with you then. Hope you had a great time in Italy! by claudia.wolosin Dec 29

Hello Jon I am in italy sud tyroll typing with a german keyboard in internet point i will be back in cannes for the 27 december thought anyway i send you and claudia a merry christmas and happy new year Eric by phaleon Dec 23

Hehehe... don't worry, you english isn't bad at all! You dont look like a noob!! Hope to see you soon! Jon by kidsonkreative Dec 19

Dommage pour mon anglais, cela dit faut que je pratique j'ai pas souvent l'ocasion de parler avec un americain ;-) 10 ans en france !! tu carbure en francais maintenant ;-) I don' t want to look as a noob in english ;-) Ciao Eric by phaleon Dec 17

Ne t'inquiète pas pour l'anglais. Je m'en sort pas trop mal en français. I will definately check out the pearl you put up! I will also definately contact you when and if I get to Nice. Yes, Avignon is a very nice city. The Luberon/Vaucluse is my home away from home as I spent 10 years there when i first came to France. Thank you... and talk to you soon. You have a nice time in Italy as well. Another place I love!! by kidsonkreative Dec 17

Hello Claudia and Jon, thanks for the link on (social media bible) I will have a look on it, by the way I had just post new cool pearl in my "social-media" pearltree, I find a report on real time web and social media by David Spark who seems clear, concise, and has great infos in it tell me if you agree with me. Jon here is my email, so you can send me email when you are in Nice , I am sure it will be very engaging talk to you in Nice, hope my english will be ok to talk to you ;-) Avignon is known as a very "artistic city" whish you a nice trip there Eric by phaleon Dec 17

Phaleon, Hello... Jon here. I will be in Avignon for two weeks on vacation and will try to get to Nice during that time. If I do get down there I would be pleased to meet up with you. I will contact you before coming to see if you are available. All the best by kidsonkreative Dec 16

Nice to meet you, Eric! Jon and I are both American (actually, I am French too). I am sure that the two of you will have a lot to discuss. Getting back to the social media stuff, I bought a book (Kindle) called The Social Media Bible, etc. So far I find it very informative. They have a site, by claudia.wolosin Dec 16

I am french , my name is Italian, Eric Benvenuti by phaleon Dec 16

I will be ok to talk to Jon, I will sed him a message, maybe we can meet in cannes ;-) by phaleon Dec 16

I work as an IT/Adminsys, for an organisation who depends on the city of Le Cannet. by phaleon Dec 16

Next week I will be in Italy , then I will be back In cannes by phaleon Dec 16

I will be in hollydays the next 2 weeks. by phaleon Dec 16

You're a lot farther ahead on this than I am! Near Cannes? I'm in Grenoble, and Kidson (Jon) is in Bastia. We're meeting up in Avignon next week, and Jon will be in Cannes visiting friends/partners who have a dvpmt company (can't remember where they are, exactly). I won't be down there myself (unfortunately), but if you'd like to talk with Jon, he'd be very happy to meet you. Currently I run a small communications agency, and Jon is the art director for a comm agency that does a lot of web sites, and we often work together on various projects, and are about to start our own agency. At this point, that's about all I can tell you! Let me know, ok? And pls feel free to get in touch with Jon if you'd like to trade ideas and see if there may be something we could all do together. By the way, do you have a real name? :) Best, Claudia by claudia.wolosin Dec 16

By the way, I am also learning internet social media, I already use it as a tool to figure out how does "real time web" works !! ;-) by phaleon Dec 15

I am in the south of france, the french riviera, close to Cannes. by phaleon Dec 15

Phaleon, thanks for the reply! (Am zooming up the learning curve here, and the curve is getting higher by the minute!) I see you're in France -- KidsonKreative and I are too! (Even tho we are not together geographically.) We should get together some day and discuss! by claudia.wolosin Dec 15

Mashable is mandatory when you are to social media like I am ;-) by phaleon Dec 10