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Homegrown. [Note to readers: This article was originally published on March 4th, 2015]


Sustainable Farming Community - Govardhan Eco village. Weekend Getaway destination near Mumbai, Pune. Built around a wild fig free towering above the forest floor, the Heritage Machan is a tree house that hangs over the edge of a precipice.

Weekend Getaway destination near Mumbai, Pune

Our guests love its unique architectural design, elegant interiors and the breathtaking views. The Heritage Machan is designed as a family unit with an open plan. It has three distinctive sleeping areas on different levels, with two private full bathrooms. Its interiors are elegant and cosy, with each detail personally addressed to. This Machan can comfortably accommodate four to six adults, and is perfect for families, couples or a group of friends. The main deck (18 ft. x 45 ft.) is entirely encapsulated in glass and provides unimpeded spectacular views. 11 secret beaches in Goa. Untravel: Make the great escape to Karuna Farms, Palani Hills. Eco-tourism and sustainable travel today are one of the most exciting areas in an otherwise unoriginal tourism industry.

Untravel: Make the great escape to Karuna Farms, Palani Hills

The sustainable travel industry gives you the opportunity to experience something completely different on a journey, leaving behind the stereotypical hotel rooms, crowded, dirty, tourist spots, questionable food and the need for a vacation to recover from your so-called vacation. DIY: Make a Homemade Pizza Stone for $5 Dollars. I love pizza and all kinds of artisan breads.

DIY: Make a Homemade Pizza Stone for $5 Dollars

As a matter of fact, at some point I plan on building my own wood burning, brick bread oven. 7 Tree Houses In India That Are So Cool You'll Want To Stay Forever by Gunjan. When the centre of your universe is traveling & exploring the world, the place where you stay automatically becomes all the more important.

7 Tree Houses In India That Are So Cool You'll Want To Stay Forever by Gunjan

To have a trip of a lifetime, I have listed down few Tree House Resorts in India, which are perfectly located amidst a stretch of lush greenery and wilderness. 1. Vythiri Resort Vythirir Resort is one the largest Tree House Resorts in India, offering most luxurious facilities atop live trees set in the untouched and amazing natural ambiance. Ambe mohar. Home. Accommodation - Kakslauttanen. How to store vegetables in fridge? Untitled. Contact New Life Dairy for pure desi cow milk and other cow products. Best Restaurants In Goa. Perfect Brownie in Mug - 5-Ingredient Microwave Recipe - Eugenie Kitchen. Search no more!

Perfect Brownie in Mug - 5-Ingredient Microwave Recipe - Eugenie Kitchen

Make this perfect chocolate brownie in mug with 5 ingredients in 5 minutes. Super quick and easy chocolate fix for any time. It’s great instant gratification with 5 ingredients in 5 minutes. Believe me this is really really good. I also love soft chocolate chips on top. So let’s get started! I will start with all-purpose flour. Then add in light brown sugar and unsweetened cocoa powder. And whisk until homogeneous. Add melted unsalted butter and milk. And stir until homogeneously mixed. Clean the rim a little and microwave with intervals. And always remember premium chocolate makes best brownie.

Perfect Brownie in Mug – 5-Ingredient Microwave Recipe Ingredients 1/4 cup all-purpose flour (30g) 1/4 cup light brown sugar (50g) 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 1/4 cup milk (60ml) Chocolate chips, to serve. Instructions. A Visit to Udvada. Udvada is to the Parsis what Mecca is for Muslims, Kashi for Hindus and the Vatican for Christians.

A Visit to Udvada

This quiet little village in Gujarat houses the holiest of holy fires, the Iranshah. When the Parsis first landed in India, at Sanjan on the western coast, they established the first fire temple on Indian soil in memory of Iran and in thanksgiving of their safe journey to India. Mostly about food and cooking, but also the stories about the Bread and the Butterflies! Making bread in india. Well, things have certainly been a bit quiet around here – I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

making bread in india

Not much blogging but a whole lot of kitchen and garden envy It seems like every summer I head off to Scotland with the very best of blogging intentions and every summer Eat and Dust lapses into near-silence. We had a wonderful time at home catching up with family and friends though. At my sister’s house I even contracted a severe case of garden and kitchen envy: my brother-in-law has built an amazing outdoor kitchen in the woods behind their house, along with barbeque area and bunk house – how cool is that? I want this kitchen. Basic Brown Bread Recipe. Brown bread.

Basic Brown Bread Recipe

Most times, that means bread made from unrefined, wholemeal wheat flour. In India, that usually means bread made from regular flour with a little caramel added for the color. If the baker’s conscience is slightly cleaner, he’ll add a bit of atta or wholewheat flour as well, but that generally makes the bread dense. Artisan bakeries are still a rarity in Mumbai as are bread flours. For the past many years, I have been trying to work with local ingredients (as I usually do) and produce a light, fluffy, real brown bread loaf. The Vanilla Bean Blog. The Best Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I grew up in a ‘because I said so’ household.

The Best Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

“Why can’t I have an Easy Bake Oven?” Best Food Blog Awards 2014: Winners. Each year we've hosted the Best Food Blog Awards, we're astounded at the depth, variety, creativity, and ingenuity of the food blogs nominated, and this year was no exception. MasterChef Search Results. Gennaro's Perfect Pizza Recipe.