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Surface Area of a Right Circular Cone - Definition & Examples. Polar Equation of a Circle - Definition, Coordinates & Examples. The polar equation of a curve is the equation of a specific curve expressed as polar coordinates.

Polar Equation of a Circle - Definition, Coordinates & Examples

In plane geometry, polar coordinates usually involve a distance from a specific reference point denoted by r and an angle from a specific reference direction denoted by . The polar equation of a curve is written terms of these two variables. In fact every point on a polar co-ordinate plane is described by its distance from a reference centre and its angle from the reference direction. In general a polar coordinate plane would look as follows: In the above figure, the blue lines represent the angle measure with respect to the zero degrees line and the red circles represent the distance from the centre of the grid. The co-ordinates of that point would be written as (2,30). Consider a circle in a Cartesian plane as shown below: Note that the centre of the circle is at the origin (0,0) and the radius of the circle is r. For our example, (x_1,y_1 )=(0,0)and (x_2,y_2 )=(x,y) Also, Thus, Back to Top and.

Central Angle Formula. Area of a Square. Triangle - Triangle area, formulas, Theorems & Problems. Geometry Calculator. Improper Rational Function - Definition, Simplifying & Slant Asymptotes. Equation of a Sphere. Calculate. Formula for a Parabola. Problems & Solutions. Area of an Ellipse Calculator. Linear Correlation Coefficient Worksheets. Standard Deviation. Standard Deviation is a measure of dispersion in statistics.

Standard Deviation

It gives an idea of how the individual data in a data set is dispersed from the mean. Standard deviation is defined as the square root of the mean of the squares of the deviations of all the values of a series taken from the arithmetic mean. It is also known as the root mean square deviation. The symbol used for standard deviation is σ. 1. Prism - Different Types of Prisms. Discount Rates - How to Calculate Discount Rate? Is Math really Important!? - TutorVista Blog. Yes.. it is!

Is Math really Important!? - TutorVista Blog

Mathematics may seem to be a scary thing to many but it is the numbers on which this world stands. In day to day life, knowing maths is of utmost importance. Whether it be getting your grocery, or playing a game one needs to do calculations. 1. Solving real life problems: Whether to find the percentage of marks obtained or counting money to get a bus ticket, maths is needed everywhere. 2. 3. 10 Effective Math Problem Solving Strategies. Have ever been stuck in a tough maths problem?

10 Effective Math Problem Solving Strategies

In giving a test, we at times stuck to a problem and then run out the allotted time to solve the rest problems. Here are 10 tips given to improve your problem-solving skills. Arithmetic Progression - Tutorvista Math Help. Parabola Worksheet. How to Overcome Math Exam Anxiety in 10 Steps - TutorVista Blog. Many students feel anxious about math.

How to Overcome Math Exam Anxiety in 10 Steps - TutorVista Blog

They feel stressed and pressurized when math exam is close. Math exam anxiety is generally developed from very small age. When children start learning maths and unable to understand the logic, they keep getting incorrect results for their questions. As a result, they get stressed and anxious. Such anxiety may increase during the math exam. 1) Find Root Cause Try to find the root cause of your anxiety. 2) Study Plan Study mathematics with planning. 3) Study According to Mark Division Talk to your teacher and ask for the exam weightage of each chapter and study accordingly. 4) Time management During the exam, it is a must that the students distribute exam time among all the questions and spend only that particular time to a certain problem. 5) Self Test Before the exam, you should check yourself by randomly solving questions.

Pythagorean Theorem - Math Help along with Calculator. Online Math Help — Mean Value Theorem Worksheet. Online Math Help. Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Section - Online math help. How To Simplify Math Expression - simple math for students. In mathematics, the students are often asked to simplify a given expression.

How To Simplify Math Expression - simple math for students

Simplification means to write an expression in shortest possible form. Here, I will discuss few tips that must be kept in mind while simplifying a math expression. Simple Expression Simple expressions may consist of numbers and algebraic operators. 1) Order of Operations You must know the order to operations before trying to simplify an expression. 2) Solve Parenthesis First of all, you must solve if there are any parentheses.For example 3^2 + 5 – 2(3 + 2) – 10 Adding the numbers inside parenthesis, we get 3^2 + 5 – 2 x 5 – 10 3) Exponentiation After parenthesis, you must check for the exponents. 4) Multiplication Next step is to multiply if you see any multiplication sign in there.

Math Formulas. Scalars and Vectors. Rational Numbers & Converting Repeating Decimals into Fractions - Online math help. Negative and Zero Exponents - Online math help. Basic Probability Worksheet. The alphabets of the word 'MISSISSIPPI' are placed in a bowl.

Basic Probability Worksheet

Which alphabet is least likely to be picked? Solution: Number of times S and I occured in the word MISSISSIPPI is 4. Number of times M occured in the word MISSISSIPPI is 1. Number of times P occured in the word MISSISSIPPI is 2. The alphabet that is least likely to be picked is the one which occurs least number of times. So, alphabet which is least likely to be picked is M. Correct answer : (4) Shane's collection has 12 nickels, 24 pennies, 35 quarts and 45 dimes. Number of nickels in Shane's collection = 12. Kevin_George (Area of a Circle) - #lsgm3h.

Area of a Circle. Remainder Theorem. Free Volume of a Cube Calculator Online. Uses of Algebra in Real Life - Online math help. Cube - Math Help. Interval of Convergence Calculator.