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Game-Based Learning

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8 Principles of Productive Gamification - Vander Ark on Innovation. Engaging Students with Game-Based Learning. Aiming to make learning more fun and engaging for students, a growing number of educators are turning to digital games and simulations to help teach core curriculum. This practice raises a number of key questions, such as: What does research say about gaming’s potential as an educational strategy? What best practices exist to help educators incorporate gaming into their classrooms successfully?

How can schools ensure that games have real educational value, and are not just entertainment? With the generous support of VINCI, we’ve assembled this collection of eSchool News stories and other resources to help you answer these questions as you consider the use of game-based learning in your own schools. eSchool News Articles Research-based games help make learning fun again Young children are naturally curious, and one of the main ways they learn is through play. VINCI offers blended learning for pre-K Technology entrepreneur Dr. ISTE keynote: Gaming has huge educational potential. Can Playing Video Games Help With Dyslexia?

By Linda Poon, NPR Most parents prefer that their children pick up a book rather than a game controller. But for kids with dyslexia, action video games may be just what the doctor ordered. Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities, affecting an estimated 5 to 10 percent of the world’s population. Many approaches to help struggling readers focus on words and phonetics, but researchers at Oxford University say dyslexia is more of an attention issue. So programs should emphasize training the brain’s attention system, they say, something that video games do. When people with dyslexia had to shift their attention between sight and sound, their reaction was delayed. “It’s not just shifting attention from one location to another, but we should also be training shifting attention from sound to visual stimuli and vice versa.” The results showed that the dyslexic group took longer than typical readers to respond when they had to alternate their attention between a sound and a flash.

Games | Center for Game Science. Video games that teach science. ‹ Previous Next › Game: Cell Command In Cell Command, students embark on a series of exciting missions aboard a microscopic "cell ship. " At the outset, students operate a single station (e.g., the "ribosome station"), but eventually command all the ship's functions (e.g., duplication, membrane, mitochondria, golgi complex) simul...

Transforming the Way We Learn: Four New Ways Kids Can Learn with Minecraft | K12 Parenting & Educational Resource Center. Have your kids been swept up by the Minecraft craze? Do they spend their days battling Endermen and Creepers, smelting ingots, crafting items, and munching on pork chops? Well, not to worry, because it turns out this hugely popular game actually offers some pretty amazing learning opportunities! We’ve previously written about the educational potential of Minecraft, and the response from our readers was huge! Parents told us how their kids play and learn with Minecraft, kids let us know that they think it’s educational too, and teachers shared the ways they’ve used the game with their students.

But we wondered if there were even more ways to engage kids in game-based learning with Minecraft, and it turns out, we had just scratched the surface. Creative parents and educators have found so many fun opportunities for learning in this virtual world. Here are a few of our favorite ways that kids can learn with Minecraft. Learning Java Programming with Minecraft. Virtual Worlds/Digital Media and its Impact on Education | The English Spot. The following discussion is based on the video and research of Dr. Bailenson which can be seen here: Affects on the Mind or Psychology: Dr. Bailenson discusses Avatars and the affect of digital media on people, the mind, and psychologically. 1. 2. Affects on Students: According to Dr. Dr. Helping those with developmental delaysEngaging students in “fun” learningHelping students become active learners Overall, the future of education seems uncertain to me based on Dr.

<a href=" Our Poll</a> Like this: Like Loading... Games | Center for Game Science. Can a Video Game Teach Compassion and Grit? | Ask Good on GOOD. While studying at Harvard, an academic once told Trip Hawkins to "stop wasting his time monkeying around with games. " This wasn't the first time a person of authority told the video game creator to quit doing what he cared about.

Luckily, "I had grit and I didn’t let them discourage me," said Hawkins. From Harvard, Hawkins went on to work alongside Steve Jobs at Apple in 1978 as the director of strategy and marketing. After four years there, he started Electronic Arts, the company behind the insanely successful game series, Madden NFL. Because of his innovative work as the leader of Electronic Arts and the mobile game company Digital Chocolate, Hawkins is now known as one of the industry's most influential entrepreneurs—and he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Currently, he is knee-deep in a new project that merges the worlds of gaming and education. The game does so in the fictional world of Greenberry, an abandoned town where dogs and cats don’t get along. Kahoot! | Game-based blended learning & classroom response system. What’s the Difference Between Games and Gamification? Perhaps the best way to think about games in education is not to automatically call everything that looks like fun a “learning game.” Lumping all digital game approaches together makes no more sense than a toddler’s inclination to call every four-legged animal a “doggie.” Game interest is definitely on the upswing in K-12 and higher education. It seems almost cyclical: every several years, almost in sync with the acceptance of new technologies (such as multimedia CD-ROM, then online, then mobile), there’s a surge of activity with games in education.

But everything game-like is not a game. And while game purists may wince at this simplification, it helps to consider games in education in terms of gamification, simulation and (simply) games. The three approaches aren’t always exclusive – they’re more of a continuum, or a Venn diagram’s overlapping circles – but they are notably different. Outside of education, some call these “reward, recognition and motivation programs.” Take Minecraft. What is eLearning Gamification? You know you have become an eLearning nerd when watching a movie all you think about is gamification and instructional design.

Elearning Gamification in Ender’s Game I recently went and saw Ender’s Game, and love it. It’s about a kid named Ender who is a possible candidate to save the world from an impending alien invasion. They train him for a special mission at a school in space. Here are some of the eLearning technologies I saw in Ender’s Game: Ender carries some kind of mobile learning game device that simulates game scenarios and interacts with other students through a flight simulator.Instead of having a chalkboard, they have an interactive board in which the teacher is showing animations and graphics to show what happens during certain cosmic events.They have a simulation room. The take away I see is the game technology used in Ender’s game can be used in eLearning today and gamification has a great future.

What is eLearning Gamification? Remember, Gamification Does Not Equal Games. Scott Nicholson: Meaningful Gamification: Motivating through Play instead of Manipulating through Re. Game-Based Learning: Resource Roundup. How Virtual Games Can Help Struggling Students Learn. It seems like kids do everything online these days - and school is no exception. More and more, educators are taking advantage of digital advances to supplement their teaching in the classroom, and are seeing encouraging results. This is especially the case for certain subgroups of students that typically struggle academically, such as English language learners and special education students. "The classroom you went to school in is almost the exact same classroom you'd walk into today, but the level of engagement our kids get outside of the classroom has changed dramatically," says Jessica Lindl, general manager of the digital gaming company GlassLab and a spokesperson for the game SimCityEDU.

"Teachers are almost the entertainers trying to find whatever tool they can to try to engage their kids. " Lindl says the SimCityEDU game helps engage kids by helping them improve basic cognitive functions and critical thinking. [READ: Video Games the Latest Tool for Teaching STEM] Made With Play: Game-Based Learning Resources. Resources by Topic: Intrigued by game-based learning, but not sure where to begin?

Edutopia's series takes a look at game-like learning principles in action and commercial games in real classrooms -- and offers tips and tools for bringing them into your own practice. The Made With Play series is a co-production with Institute of Play; visit their website for many more resources around game-based learning for both educators and parents, including a comprehensive games and learning reading list (PDF).

These videos were made possible through generous support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the John D. and Catherine T. Implementing Game-Like Learning Principles Q Curriculum Design Pack: A curriculum planning resource Q School Design Pack: A school design resource Q Games and Learning Design Pack: A game design resource Q Systems Thinking Design Pack: A systems thinking integration resource Videos of Game-Based Learning in Action. Can People Learn Empathy From Playing Video Games? Facebook Highlights 5 Growing Gaming Genres in its Ecosystem.

Gaming on Facebook is continuing to evolve as the platform attracts new creators and players. The social network now has more genres than ever making up its most-played and biggest-earning games, according to information from Facebook. While Facebook, which has 260 million people playing games each month, used to be known primarily for such games as FarmVille, Dan Morris, the head of the North American Games Division at Facebook, said the top 20 grossing games are more diverse than ever. Facebook highlighted the diversity in its 2013 Games of the Year review. "Seeing the maturation of the Facebook as a platform is really exciting," Morris said.

"These new games and genres really shake up what people imagine Facebook games to be. " Morris said along with seeing more genres, he's seeing people playing games for longer periods, describing what he sees as "usage resembling core PC gameplay. " He also said the biggest upticks for Facebook's gaming are in the evening during "prime time hours. " 1. Reframing Failure as Iteration Allows Students to Thrive. Boy: A Rube Goldberg machine is complicated for a simple task.

Girl: Boss Level is a week where we work with our home base to complete a project by the end of the week. And we also don't have homework or any other of our usual classes. Teacher: You walk into a Boss Level classroom, you're not seeing really a classroom. All of the desks and tables are pushed aside. You're seeing a lot of materials of all different sorts that are kind of strewn around. Boy: We could do something like this, if we had a hole. Boy: How about this one? Girl: They're tiny. Boy: No, we already have a marble. Girl: I know. Boy: Yeah, I fixed them here. Boy: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Teacher: My favorite part about Boss Level is the actual building phase. Girl: Failure is really bad, but I guess if you have a good attitude, then you can always make it what you wanted it to be and not to get frustrated. Boy: Failure reframed as iteration means when you fail, just try again. Kids: Yeeeahhh!!! What?! Girl: Home base is... 3D GameLab | Heroic learning, come play! Engaging Students with Game-Based Learning. SimCity. Build the city of your dreams and watch as the choices you make shape your city and change the lives of the Sims within it. Every decision, big or small, right or wrong, has real consequences for your Sims. Invest in heavy industry and your economy will soar—but at the expense of your Sims’ health as pollution spreads.

Implement green technology and improve your Sims’ lives but risk higher taxes and unemployment. In SimCity, you’re the Mayor and how you run your city is entirely up to you! For the first time, SimCity will feature Multi-city play where you can go solo, invite friends or join with neighbors to build multiple cities in your region! Collaborate or compete with friends to grow the fastest population, create the most jobs, educate the most Sims and much more! Access SimCity World to connect to global markets and participate in regional challenges! SimCity for Mac is coming to Origin on August 29! Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World | Civ V Expansion. Game-Based Learning in Practice. In early September, my sixth grade social studies students began playing the SimCityEDU beta. Around the same time, my seventh graders began playing a non-digital debate game -- complete with teams, a point system and a leaderboard. All of my students are rewarded for their growth and accomplishments with a digital badge system.

After one month, I find that my students remain highly engaged in their learning. Gamifying my classroom has truly been transformative! Non-Digital Games I recently had the opportunity to visit the Institute of Play in New York City. Most of the games designed by the Institute of Play's Mission Lab are non-digital -- these games often involve cards, dice and/or gameboards. In Socratic Smackdown, students discuss content as gameplay. Socratic Smackdown and Absolute Blast, a card-based math game, are due for release later this fall.

SimCityEDU My students took part in the SimCityEDU pilot, from the Institute of Play's GlassLab. Badges, Feedback and Iteration. Mari Games. Student Game Showcase Website from Mari Games Launched. MARI GAMES announces the launch of their competition game center to showcase student game submissions from the Thinking Challenge. MARI GAMES, the innovative gaming competition series, is pleased to announce the launch of the MARI game center located at All of the game submissions from the competition are fraction based and hosted in the center. The simple layout of the site enables users to move seamlessly from game to game while presenting original games to teach players of all ages about fractions. Bright, vibrant colors and graphics were incorporated to create the feel of a digital arcade. “We are excited at the launch of the MARI game center,” said Steve Koczara, Vice President of Strategic Development at Carney Labs.

“Our goal from the beginning of MARI GAMES was to create a fun and inviting gaming environment while giving users the opportunity to experience new ways to think about online learning. How To Gamify Your Classroom In 6 Easy Steps. What To Know About Google Play For Education. How Games Help Students Embrace Failure | Learn... Using Game Design to Further Your Education and Career. I Give Up! I’m Finally Going to Gamify My FYC Class | Remixing College English. Transforming Education with #Gamification: The Past, Present and Future (#GBL) Gamifying Student Engagement. Ten reasons why game based learning works in education | connectED.

6 Video Games You Can Teach With Tomorrow. Exploiting two computer-based RPGs. How I Turned My Classroom into a ‘Living Video Game’—and Saw Achievement Soar. New Kickstarter 'World of Classcraft' Lets Students Unlock Real-World Powers. The EdGamer Channel. Game Playing in the Classroom: Common Concerns. Octalysis: Complete Gamification Framework. 5 Brilliant 'Design Your Own Game' Websites for Students. Game Playing in the Classroom: The Value of Games in my Class. Gamestar Mechanic: Gamification Made Easy. The Gamification of Education? Should Computer Games Be Used for Classroom Instruction? How I turned my classroom into a ‘living video game’—and saw achievement soar. About PLAYMAKERSInstitute of Play | Playmakers | Institute of Play. Free Tools to Incorporate Game-Based Learning. How mainstream video games are being used as teaching tools. Gaming as School Assessment?

5B become iPad game developers! › Davyhulme Primary SchoolDavyhulme Primary School. Apps to turn your class into iPad game developers! 5 Excellent Resources for Sploder Game CreatorElectronic Brains. Effects of Video Games on our Brains ? Wiki. (99+) Minecraft Teachers. An Augmented-Reality iPhone App Brings Minecraft Objects to the Real World.

Middle School Minecraft | Imagine the possibilities… Game-Based Learning Stories Based on Minecraft. Three Ways Game-Based Learning can be a Helpful Tool. 10 Video Games To Get Started With Game-Based Learning. Educational gaming gaining steam. Outlook - kpete46. Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Gamification. Mining Minecraft, Part 1: Little gamers' digital play through a teacher's eyes.

Beyond Strategy and Winning, How Games Teach Kids Empathy. What teachers really think about game based learning. ClassBadges Is A Free Way To Gamify Your Classroom. The Gamification of Education Infographic #gamification #edtech. Gamification | Educational Gaming Commons. The 'Gamification' Of Education - Gamification Classroom. The 100-Second Guide To Gamification In Education. 3 Reasons NOT to Gamify Education | Gradebook.

LEGO Brings Fun to Classroom With BuildToExpress. Learn to Play: Minecraft in the classroom • Articles • PC. The 5 Decisive Components of Outstanding Learning Games. Gamifying | Home. PlayMaker School Brings Gamification to the Classroom. Education Levels Up! – A noObs guide to Gamifying your Classroom » | Sign In. Gamifying Classroom Learning. How Gamification Kills Classroom Training. Gamification in The Classroom « The DigiTeacher. The Gamification of Education and Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Learning Benefits.

Gamification In The Classroom: How (And Why) One Teacher Did It. 'Gamification' School Opens in LA | 360 Education Solutions. Lee-Hammer-AEQ-2011.pdf. The Gamification of Education: What School Can Learn from Video Games. Daniel Donahoo: Gamification in Education: Should We Play? The Dangers Of “Gamification” In Education.

“This Game Sucks”: How to Improve the Gamification of Education (EDUCAUSE Review. Understanding and Addressing Parental Concerns over Education Gamification. Extra Credits – Gamifying Education. Gamification Co | The Leading Source for Gamification News & Info. » Gamification in Education: Epic Win, or Epic Fail?