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2.0 is out! Pearltrees Radically Redesigns Its Online Curation Service To Reach A Wider Audience. Pearltrees, the Paris-based online curation service that launched in late 2009, was always known for its rather quirky Flash-based interface that allowed you to organize web bookmarks, photos, text snippets and documents into a mindmap-like structure.

Pearltrees Radically Redesigns Its Online Curation Service To Reach A Wider Audience

For users who got that metaphor, it was a very powerful service, but its interface also presented a barrier to entry for new users. Today, the company is launching a radical redesign that does away with most of the old baggage of Pearltrees 1.0. Gone are the Flash dependency, the tree diagrams, the little round pearls that represented your content and most everything else from the old interface. Forbes Welcome. Pearltrees as an Educational Technology. Pearltrees Develops its New Interface Further with 'Meaning' Pearltrees Evolves into a Highly Visual File Manager. Pearltrees, the content curation service that is evolving into a file manager, has taken a logical step forward today with the introduction of the ability upload and organize any kind of file.

Pearltrees Evolves into a Highly Visual File Manager

These can then be added to a user’s ‘pearltrees’ of online content, such as Web pages and images. Files can be shared with other users, making this a useful collaborative research tool as well as a flexible alternative to the likes of both Dropbox and Pinterest. To tie in with the new feature, user storage limits have been increased. Pearltrees Can Now Automatically Import And Organize Your Twitter And Facebook Posts. In 2009, Pearltrees started out as a bookmarking service with a quirky interface.

Pearltrees Can Now Automatically Import And Organize Your Twitter And Facebook Posts

Since then, the service has added a number of new curation features like support for uploading files, taking notes and managing your photos. Today the company is announcing a major new feature with the launch of its Smartcloud service. The idea here is to allow Pearltrees to automatically import and organize your tweets and Facebook posts (as well as files stored in Dropbox and Google Drive). Having a backup service for your social media posts isn’t all that exciting and novel, but Smartcloud takes this data and then automatically organizes it by topic. To power the algorithms behind this service, Pearltrees relies on the data it can extract from the tens of millions of bookmarks and files its users have already organized (and in addition, Pearltrees can extract semantic data from most sites). As the Pearltrees team told me, it developed all the technology behind this feature in-house.

App of the month - Pearltrees. We have an increasing responsibility as teachers to direct students to high quality sources of information on the Internet, acting as curators for content.

App of the month - Pearltrees

PearlTrees is a collaborative website to store thoughts, links, videos, and notes. Teachers can easily post an idea or "pearl" on a specific topic or a post a series of topics in a unit of study on their "tree" to share with students. Visual Bookmarking I am sure you have come across resources on the web that you thought would be excellent to share with students.

Or perhaps you have asked students to conduct some web research but have wondered where the outcomes of this research could be easily stored or shared. Here is a video that explains more about the concept: An example is from our colleagues at Beaumont School in their Music department : Curating online content: pearltrees and! by Tanja Ivacic-Ramljak on Prezi.

9 lessons about the web and business from Pearltrees, the or. Pearltrees is a French startup that wants to change the way we organise the web.

9 lessons about the web and business from Pearltrees, the or

Describing how it works would lead you to believe that it’s another social bookmarking site, which would do them injustice. Most of the social bookmarks are organized either alphabetically or chronologically, which doesn’t do much good when you try to retrieve stuff later. Also, due to how most social bookmarking sites were designed, they’ve become more like a curated list of the hottest headlines out there right now, and about what Mashable calls “velocity” – the question: how fast is this thing spreading? This idea of velocity is not what Pearltrees is about – on the contrary, it’s a tool that helps you keep an eye on context and history in the endless stream of blogs, tweets and Facebook posts.

It’s a mental map of noteworthy things you’ve read online, organized by subjects and sub-subjects that are endlessly divisible. 1. “If you look at the next phase, the web 2.0, it’s all about content creation. 2. Pearltrees releases a new version, without any pearls nor trees. The Paris-based startup founded in 2009 once declared: “We focus on the visual potential of Pearltrees to let people dive deeply into their interests and nearly feel them”. Their product, offering a digital curation tool, was unique because of the visual interface voluntareely original: links and folders symbolized by rounded pearls attached together like the branches of a tree. Pearltrees Brings New Editing Features To Its Curation Service.

Pearltrees, the Paris-based curation and bookmarking service, is launching a major update to its service today that brings a number of new editing tools to the site.

Pearltrees Brings New Editing Features To Its Curation Service

Pearltrees users were already able to write and save notes, as well as store images and other content on the service. Now, they will also be able to annotate the texts they saved from around the web, caption images and use the service’s new WYSIWYG text editor to write more complex notes. Social Bookmarking with Pearltrees.