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Kodable: Programming Curriculum for Elementary. Join the largest learning event in history, Dec 8-14, 2014. Learn to code. Learning to code opens up magical new worlds. Every child knows computers are fun.

Learning to code opens up magical new worlds

When I was a child, I played with a Commodore 64. Unlike the click, swipe, touch of today’s computers, this one just sat there with a blank screen waiting for you to make it do something. I used to like entering programmes that made coloured squares move around the screen. It felt like the height of sophistication. Computing technology has grown to occupy a place of social and commercial importance unimaginable 20 years ago. Its application has spread into every field: scientists are analysing masses of data; film-makers and animators are creating ever-more realistic effects; fortunes are made and lost in milliseconds in stock-market trading; digital art is increasingly important; and a good website has become essential to almost any business, whether or not it sells online.

These days some toddlers are more adept at handling an iPad than their parents. There’s a special kind of fun in getting creative with computers and inventing your own rules. QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator from Anybody can learn. Grade 2, 4 and 7 Coding Collaboration » Virtually School. Whilst no grade in our elementary school has fully embraced the idea of passion projects, genius hour, itime etc there has certainly been an interest in the idea of putting aside time during the week for students to explore and develop their own interests outside of the curriculum.

Grade 2, 4 and 7 Coding Collaboration » Virtually School

Following a grade 2 visit to grade 7 to play and rate their games created using Scratch, a number of grade 2 students expressed an interest in learning how to create the games themselves. (My grade 4 class, who have spent 6 months developing their coding skills, also visited the grade 7s but with a focus on the coding aspect of the game. They came back inspired and ready to set about designing their own increasingly complex games.) And so began a great collaboration, with grade 4 students acting as mentors for the grade 2s. We’ll see how it goes! Introducing Coding in the Elementary School » Virtually School. After an introduction to basic coding with my grade 4 class through a maths activity looking at patterns in the times tables I was keen to explore the potential of coding as part of our curriculum.

Introducing Coding in the Elementary School » Virtually School

The timing was perfect. October 2014′s Hour of Code initiative prompted a flurry of on-line educational resources ideal for the novice teacher and student. An Hour of Code became a buzzing week of coding as the students worked independently through on-line tutorials using familiar games such as Angry Birds and Plants vs Aliens. The students successfully completed all levels and now had a good grasp of how repeat-loops, conditionals and basic algorithms work. So what next? We spent a couple of weeks exploring Turtleart and Scratch by looking at existing games, animations and designs then deconstructing the code.

Next, I felt it was time to start moving beyond coding with blocks and look at the coding languages. What I observe: Questions I am left asking: Share this with your fans:) 8 iOS Apps That Teach You How to Code. Posted 08/08/2013 at 6:11pm | by Richard Moss We’re rapidly heading into a world where those who can’t understand code are left behind. Everyone should try learning at least one programming language, even if it’s just so that they can communicate their needs to tech people. Knowing some code-fu does wonders for your problem-solving and logic, too. Whether you're aiming for eventual App Store success, dipping your toes into a new hobby, or just trying to learn a new skill, these eight iOS apps will help you distinguish loops from conditionals and provide all the groundwork you need to become a 1337 coder — no matter your age or technical know-how. 1 of 8 Apps for Learning to Code View the full image It may be targeted at kids, but Hopscotch (Free, iPad) is a great tool for people of all ages eager to learn the fundamentals of programming before facing the headaches of more complex syntax and code.

Anybody can learn.