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Pacsun coupons 20% off. Facebook Profile Pics Get a Video Upgrade. Facebook profile pictures are so 2014. The social network is redesigning user profiles beginning Wednesday, and perhaps the biggest change — or the one that promises to be the most entertaining or obnoxious depending on the friend — is that users can now upload a profile video instead of a static photo.

The videos loop, and now appear smack-dab in the middle of the profile page (so do profile photos, if you want to stick with something a little more old school). In either instance, the size of the photo or video is now bigger, and there’s a new place to add a short, public bio right below your profile photo. You can also now set your profile picture temporarily, meaning you can set a timer on your photo so it only displays for a set period of time, like while you are on vacation, for example. There are a few reasons Facebook may be tweaking profiles. You may not have access to the new profile features just yet.

Pacsun coupons 20% off on nixon watches. Is busking on the NYC subway more lucrative than streaming on Spotify? — Hopes&Fears — flow "Economics" Life for a busker is not, however, dependent on crowds or a chain of giving, and in many respects, this isn’t even what they hope to gain. “The first key about busking is forgetting about making money and just connecting with people,” Joseph believes. “I don’t think the regular person will support bullshit. You have to be positive.” Whether it is conceived as spiritual fulfillment or making an offering, positivity, in one iteration or another, is the driving force behind the work of those I met. Hack, a self-identified hippie, firmly believes that “if you’re doing it for the money, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.”

It’s quite simple, she says: “If you’re connecting to what you are playing, people will connect with you.” Dennis Ho, a bass guitar player, shares her belief. “A huge element of busking is giving,” he told me over the phone. Alyson Clare, a violinist, cherishes similar moments. Pacsun coupons 20% off on HUF clothing for men. Paul Allen’s quest to build an artificial brain is one of the hardest software-engineering endeavors ever attempted | The Washington Post. The most exciting — and disconcerting — developments in the field may be in predictive analytics, which aims to make an informed guess about the future. Although it’s currently mostly being used in retail to figure out who is more likely to buy, say, a certain sweater, there are also test programs that attempt to figure out who might be more likely to get a certain disease or even commit a crime.

Google, which acquired AI company DeepMind in 2014 for an estimated $400 million, has been secretive about its plans in the field, but the company has said its goal is to “solve intelligence.” One of its first real-world applications could be to help self-driving cars become better aware of their environments. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says his social network, which has opened three different AI labs, plans to build machines “that are better than humans at our primary senses: vision, listening, etc.” All of this may one day be possible. But is it a good idea? Koch is more hesitant.

Pacsun coupons 20% off on mens sweatshirts and hoodies. N.F.L. Announcers Are Bad at Math, Too. Gregg Easterbrook Football aficionados, and advanced life forms like The Upshot’s 4th Down Bot, endlessly marvel at N.F.L. coaches who order punts on fourth-and-short. Possession of the ball is far more important to victory than field position. Fourth-and-short tries are about 60 percent likely to succeed in maintaining possession. Yet coaches order punts, essentially awarding the opponent a turnover. Photo It’s not that coaches don’t know the math — rather, it seems they don’t want to be criticized. If a coach does the expected and sends out the punt unit on fourth down, and then his team goes on to lose, players are blamed for the defeat.

What surer barometer of this psychology than network announcers? Trailing, 20-0, late in the third quarter at Seattle, the Bears reached fourth-and-inches at midfield. Later, when the Bears were down, 23-0, in the fourth quarter and punted on fourth-and-2, announcers said nothing about the decision. Sweet Play of the Week. Sour Play of the Week.

J.J. Pacsun coupons 20% off on men's socks. GoPro Boot Camp Teaches You to Shoot Video While Jumping Out of a Plane. Tilted 45 degrees in bubbly rapids, Ben Brown poses for the ultimate selfie. Brown, a professional kayaker who goes by the nickname Brownie, delivers a look of steely-eyed intensity at the GoPro camera strapped to his oar. Another camera affixed to his helmet captures the waves swirling around him. It’s the third GoPro, situated on the tip of his kayak, that makes the shot. Later, in an unadorned conference room at a Canadian resort, Brown reviews the footage. Fueled by adrenaline and beer, he crafts a polished action video ready for sharing on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The whitewater excursion in Banff, Alta., and the scheduled video editing session were part of a weeklong event in September organized by Brown’s sponsor, GoPro.

The Silicon Valley camera company aspires to make money not just by selling gadgets to extreme-sports enthusiasts, but also from the content they create. GoPro customers post thousands of hours of footage a day online. Investors may be losing patience. Wetsuits for Swimming for kids- For Greater Comfort and Protection. Swimming, scuba diving or surfing, everything requires a great amount of comfort. Swimming, scuba diving or surfing, everything requires a great amount of comfort. So, if you want to provide maximum protection and comfort to your kid check out the following details. The details here provide you the correct and exact required information for wetsuits for swimming for kids.

Thickness- The most important element is thickness of the wetsuits that you shall be purchasing for your kids. You need to minutely consider the thickness scale which measures the thickness of body arms and legs underwater. By: KYRSTEN C Article Directory: Source: The global economy’s bizarre problem: Too much money. If you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, you know having too much money can be a problem. And too much money is part of the predicament that the world economy finds itself in right now. In the aftermath of the Great Recession, the world’s most important central banks embarked on a program of pumping out billions in freshly created money.

Though the US Federal Reserve has turned off the spigot, the deluge continues. The Bank of Japan is in the midst of a giant push to churn out yen. This was, of course, the right thing to do. But the aggressive action hasn’t been good enough. In some cases, they’re lower than low. Remember, interest rates are one price for money. Demand? The US is the best banana in the bunch. There are any number of ways to describe the current status quo.

Former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke casts the situation as a “global savings glut,” an idea he first posited in the 1990s. Who’s right? Governments around the world would do well to follow China’s lead. The button: the fascinating social experiment driving Reddit crazy. The button began its life as an April Fools' joke, but 10 days later the community surrounding the Reddit social experiment is still going strong. On Friday morning, the community reached a new milestone, as users started earning coveted yellow flair. The previous sentence probably didn't make much sense to you. To explain it, we have to start at the beginning. I promise it'll be interesting. What is the button? The button is a feature that the popular social media site Reddit introduced on April 1, 2015. The button looks like this: The actual button is on the left.

Only people who had Reddit accounts before April 1 are allowed to push the button. What happens when the timer reaches zero? No one (outside of Reddit staff) knows, because it's never happened. What's so interesting about this button nearly 700,000 people have wanted to press it? The button is powered by two of the most powerful forces in human societies: status competition and boredom. How rare are the lowest numbers? Sierra Trading for Leather Boots against Coupon Code and Discount. Earlier, fashion along with the comfort was difficult to find. To be precise, it was beyond imagination!

But today if you have become bored by wearing sophisticated and heel footwear to hold a fashionable appearance, then there is a big solution. Also, if you have concluded with a hurt and painful feet at the end of the day, then cheer up! Flat leather boots have come to add color to your shoe wrack and keep away the hassles of uncomfortable wears. History of Boots Boots are known to all of you since ages as they are very much helpful in covering the ankles of the feet. Benefits associated with Leather Boots Not only in winter, they can also be used throughout the year as they have been proved to be comfortable enough. Signifying sophistication A class material Durable Flexible Easy to wash Prevents sweating and occurrence of blisters Provides coolness to feet Boots are second skin to our feet.

Easy Purchasing of Leather Boots. The case for an Internet ratings system. As an intellectual worker, the citizen of a free republic, and an all-around sentient human who prefers incisive, useful information to vulgar, senseless tripe, I would like to make a modest proposal. After a prolonged assault by the nonsensical, the vicious, and the trivial in my online interactions of late, I long for the construction of a two-tiered Internet ratings system, one which could solve many of the most corrosive online problems as well as enhance the enjoyment and possibilities of a technology that should really feel more miraculous than it currently does. I submit that with light-weight code, a central database, and limited legislation, we might increase the value of the Internet immeasurably by bifurcating the network into two groups: one that agrees to assume responsibility for its content, and another allowed to be as free and feral as it wishes.

It could save us from abandoning this whole project in favor of parchment after an overdose of one troll too many. How Preschool Can Make You Smarter and Healthier — NOVA Next. There was a sense of idealism in the air in 1971 when Craig Ramey, a psychologist in his late 20s with a newly minted Ph.D., took a job in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to launch what would become one of the longest-running educational experiments in history. He became a lead researcher at the University of North Carolina’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center, named for a former U.S.

Senator, university president, and famous advocate for civil rights and the working poor. He and Joseph Sparling, the center’s senior investigator and associate director and a former school principal, wanted to study a sample of Chapel Hill children and test whether it was possible to change the course of a life by stepping in early, from infancy. They named their experiment the Abecedarian Project, from an obscure Latinate word for an alphabetical sequence.

An Abecedarian teacher guides a student through a task. Ramey and Sparling wanted to start earlier in children’s lives, with babies.