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Tigerdirect Coupon Codes 10% Off. Pacsun coupons. Hillary elites are freaking out. This memo tells them to STOP. Hillary Clinton's campaign circulated a memo to top allies in Washington this week with an unmistakably Obama-esque theme: Don't worry, we've got this.

Hillary elites are freaking out. This memo tells them to STOP.

It comes at a time when Clinton's elite Acela-corridor allies have watched her battle flagging approval and honesty ratings, an investigation into the handling of her State Department emails, a surprisingly robust challenge from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and the possible entrance of Vice President Joe Biden into the race. And they've watched it all play out in the newspapers they read and on the television shows they watch. Some of them have started to freak out a little bit. The six-page memo, written by campaign manager Robby Mook and distributed in DC Monday by communications director Jennifer Palmieri, argues that there's no reason for Clinton's backers to panic. Pacsun coupons 30% off mens sneakers. Four Reasons Why Blue Ocean Thinking Is Crucial. The rising needs of consumers and their increasing voice means organisations need to move in new, creative directions.

Four Reasons Why Blue Ocean Thinking Is Crucial

Smartphones, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia. Can’t imagine your life without these. Right? Yet, none of these existed just a stone’s throw ago. In the past decade, the world has changed in significant ways, with dramatic shifts in almost everything we do. Whether organisations operate in the private sector, the public sector, or the non-profit sector and whether they are based in America, Europe or Asia, there is a growing challenge to rethink the strategies driving our organisations.

Here are four trends that make creating blue oceans that much more relevant and important to you. Trend 1: A rising call for creative new solutions. Pacsun coupons buy one get one 50% off on womens denim. 10 Tips for Creating Better Customer Surveys – Online Employee Schedule Software. 10 Tips for Creating Better Customer Surveys You’re probably being bombarded with surveys on a weekly basis from a variety of business and services on a regular basis, right?

10 Tips for Creating Better Customer Surveys – Online Employee Schedule Software

How many of them do you actually sit down and answer? The answer is probably, “not many.” That’s because a vast majority of customer surveys are put together hastily and sloppily. It’s as simple as that. If you want a high response rate to the surveys that you send out and to get the answers you are looking to get, you are going to have to optimize them. Sure, you can get a high response rate by making it a simple multiple choice survey, but will these responses help you in any way? Here are ten tips that can help get you on the path to creating better and more successful customer surveys. Brand It. Pacsun coupons 40% off womens markdown footwear. Remember the Small Things? Your Students Do. For many educators, “back” might not be the right word.

Remember the Small Things? Your Students Do

After all, we know how much energy you’ve already put into making sure your students feel welcome on their first day of school—and how you’re looking forward to the year with a combination of anxiety and anticipation. But we also know that everything you do makes a difference in your students’ lives, including all the things that feel like second nature by now: your open-door policy at lunch, the notes you send to parents about victories in class, and the way you always know when someone needs an extra word of encouragement. Pacsun coupons buy one get one 50% off on select mens denim and joggers. President Obama’s Letter to the Editor. For the cover story of our Aug. 2 issue, Jim Rutenberg wrote about efforts over the last 50 years to dismantle the protections in the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the landmark piece of legislation that cleared barriers between black voters and the ballot.

President Obama’s Letter to the Editor

The story surveyed a broad sweep of history and characters, from United States Chief Justice John Roberts to ordinary citizens like 94-year-old Rosanell Eaton, a plaintiff in the current North Carolina case arguing to repeal voting restrictions enacted in 2013. The magazine received an unusual volume of responses to this article, most notably from President Barack Obama.

Pacsun coupons 50% off womens pants. Twitter finally drops the 140-character limit from direct messages. Twitter's 140-character limit is going away, at least for the private messages you send on the service.

Twitter finally drops the 140-character limit from direct messages

As promised, the company said today that it will now allow messages of up to 10,000 characters in its mobile apps, desktop apps, and the web. It will also work in third-party apps, such as Tweetbot, the company says. "It's the No. 1 request we get from folks," said Sachin Agarwal, product manager for DMs, in an interview. "They want to be able to say what's on their mind and be themselves. " After neglecting the feature for years, Twitter began rolling out improvements to direct messages when Kevin Weil took over the product organization last fall. "We want to make sure you can really fluidly move between public and private. " Over the years, Twitter has explored releasing a stand-alone messaging app built on DMs, a la Facebook Messenger.