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- StumbleUpon. How commercial airplanes SHOULD be laid out. Psychology Today - StumbleUpon. It's a dreary day, so I thought I'd indulge myself and come up with a list of my favorite comedies.

Psychology Today - StumbleUpon

A caveat, however: this is not a fancy English-professor-y list of the finest, most exquisitely crafted, most erudite or intellectually sophisticated works on paper in the language. This is a list of the books that make me laugh until my mascara starts to run. These are books to read over your first cup of coffee or just before you go to sleep . Remember: a day you've laughed is day you haven't wasted--even if you didn't get out of bed. Some days you need a jump-start to get to the funny parts of life. You've probably heard of most of these titles, and maybe you've already read several of them.

You ready? 1. 2. 3. 4. Humor pages. Humor from the net... To: Subject: Trivia Who collects this stuff??

Humor pages. Humor from the net...

----- Begin Included Message ----- Bank robber John Dillinger played professional baseball. If you toss a penny 10000 times, it will not be heads 5000 times, but more like 4950. How A U.S. Marine Deals With A Cheating Girlfriend - StumbleUpon. Humor, humor en nog eens humor! - Thy Kings. Jup, ik heb weer een lading grappige plaatjes voor je.

Humor, humor en nog eens humor! - Thy Kings

Het is wel mijn humor, maar hopelijk zit er wat leuks tussen.. Ik hoop dat u weer hebt kunnen genieten! Ok, nog 1 grap dan: The gynecologist who became a mechanic A gynecologist had become fed up with malpractice insurance and HMO paperwork, and was burned out. Hoping to try another career where skillful hands would be beneficial, he decided to become a mechanic. Ingenieurs humor. Afzeikreacties zonder gedegen onderbouwing worden gratis en voor niks verwijderd! Reacties. Jesus-vs-batman.jpg from - StumbleUpon. &Seven Blunders of the World& by Mahatma Gandhi - StumbleUpon. Death Buy Lemonade Video. Na (Make It Better) &puke skywalker& - StumbleUpon. Cookies by Douglas Adams - StumbleUpon. Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes & Hard Drugs And... Did You Know Archive & 10 fun, weird and interesting facts - StumbleUpon.

World of Class Warfare - The Poors Free Ride Is Over - The Daily Show with... History’s 10 Most Famous Criminal Duos. Premium Funny: Math Jokes. Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer? - StumbleUpon. Is hell exothermic? - StumbleUpon. I do not know who originally wrote this but it is a classic.

Is hell exothermic? - StumbleUpon

A thermodynamics professor had written a take home exam for his graduate students. It had one question: "Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Support your answer with a proof. " Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: "First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. 1. So which is it? This student got the only A. Back.