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123inkjets coupon 30% off. How Credit Cards Tax America. Photo by Frankieleon How much money did you send your bank this year when you used your credit card?

How Credit Cards Tax America

Did you notice that you paid a $400 fee—one of the highest in the world? Paying with a credit card seems simple. You swipe your card, wait a moment, and then grab your groceries and go. Yet behind the scenes, your trip to the grocery store initiates a complicated transaction—a vestige of a time when banks had to communicate by phone. Over the next several days, two banks, Visa or Mastercard, and multiple intermediaries will communicate back and forth until money is moved from your bank to your grocer’s bank. You won’t notice this fee. But there’s a reason companies reward you for using credit cards. Yet even if you pay your bill on time, Visa, Mastercard, and the banks still make lots of money off you. Those fees infuriate store owners and merchants. But collectively, the existence of credit cards—from the transaction fees alone—costs Americans serious money.

So why won’t they die? Sierra trading post coupons 40% on Men's Branded Clothing. Google's Quantum Computer Just Got a Big Upgrade. Google is upgrading its quantum computer.

Google's Quantum Computer Just Got a Big Upgrade

Known as the D-Wave, Google’s machine is making the leap from 512 qubits—the fundamental building block of a quantum computer—to more than a 1000 qubits. And according to the company that built the system, this leap doesn’t require a significant increase in power, something that could augur well for the progress of quantum machines. Together with NASA and the Universities Space Research Association, or USRA, Google operates its quantum machine at the NASA Ames Research center not far from its Mountain View, California headquarters. Today, D-Wave Systems, the Canadian company that built the machine, said it has agreed to provide regular upgrades to the system—keeping it “state-of-the-art”—for the next seven years. Colin Williams, director of business development and strategic partnerships for D-Wave, calls this “the biggest deal in the company’s history.” The Qubit Two qubits, then, can hold four values at any given time (00, 01, 10, and 11). Sierra trading post coupons 40% on towels & washcloths.

How much is our weight really in our control? Earlier this month a video titled “Dear Fat People” went viral for all the wrong reasons.

How much is our weight really in our control?

The video starred a kind-of-famous-on-YouTube comedian named Nicole Arbour, who decided to use her platform to address the millions of people who are not as skinny as she is. She wanted to let overweight people know just how disgusting she thinks they are. In the video, Arbour scolds obese individuals that “Crisco is coming out of their pores.”

She also tells them, “you are killing yourself.” The overarching message: Being obese is entirely in a person’s control, and the fact that they are overweight is a clear sign of weakness. In 'Dear Fat People,' Nicole Arbour shouts at people for being overweight. The backlash against the video was swift—for a time, YouTube even disabled Arbour’s account—and the response highlighted just how far we’ve come in tolerating (or not tolerating) fat shaming, at least in such a cruel and obvious way. Well, some people do. “Who needs to tell them this? Sierra trading post coupons 40% on hiking socks. Why Some Left-Handed People Are Having Big Problems With the iPhone. On Friday, thirsty shoppers around the world finally escaped the endless lines outside Apple stores to get their clutches on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Why Some Left-Handed People Are Having Big Problems With the iPhone

As usual, the throngs were rapturous, the first customers in line were giddy and the employees were ecstatic. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook got in on the action. Despite the ritualistic hubbub that surrounds every iPhone launch, for some iPhone users the latest model's excitement is outweighed by something else: the difficulties they experience as people for whom the left hand is dominant. "The iPhone has never really been designed for lefties," said 23-year-old Jakola, a Mic copy editor. (Many lefties in the Mic office noted issues .) Except it all fell apart as soon as she downloaded iOS 9. Among Jakola's biggest complaints are the new card-style app switcher, which "keeps tripping me up as I try to quickly get rid of apps I don't need anymore," she said.

"The problem is biggest with the things I do most often," Jakola said. Sierra trading post coupons 40% on men's dress shoes.