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Startup Marketing Challenges (and How to Solve Them) - An Interview with Rafi Chowdhury. Startups...

Startup Marketing Challenges (and How to Solve Them) - An Interview with Rafi Chowdhury

It seems like everyone’s trying to break into the market on their own these days. The growing desire of millennials to “work for themselves” is causing the global emergence of over 305 million startups each year. This entrepreneurial trend doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon as most millennials are reaching their 30s, which happens to be the age when most entrepreneurs emerge. For the economy and product innovation, this trend is just awesome. The continual influx of new business means that us consumers are benefiting from various new technologies and the practical nature of competitive markets (better prices). Over 50% of startups fail within the first four years. Surprised? I’ll let you in on something - if you look it up right now, you’ll probably get a bunch of contradicting statistics about what percentage of startups end up failing.

So in reality, the numbers vary (by a significant amount), reason being that the terms “startup” and “fail” are hard to define. 1. Father's Day Gift Guide 2017. 5 Signs Your Startup Company Needs a Recruitment Firm. You’ll probably agree that the infancy stage of a startup is like a rollercoaster ride.

5 Signs Your Startup Company Needs a Recruitment Firm

Your energy could be at an all-time high upon seeing all the nitty-gritty of putting the business together move forward as days go by. Then again, just like anything that’s being built from the ground up, you’re also confronted with one challenge after another including finding people to fill key positions for your newly established company. 5 Reasons Why You Need to Outsource Your Data Processing.

Data processing – at its simplest definition – is any process done through a computer system that converts data into information.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Outsource Your Data Processing

Data is an integral part of any type of operation but without organization, any amount can be rendered useless. This is why the goal of data processing is to convert raw data into meaningful and accessible information that will provide solutions, improvements, and ensure an uninterrupted workflow. Moreover, this information is used to increase revenue and decrease cost.

While in broad terms, data processing can mean something as simple as data entry work, it can also be a more complex process that requires a more intricate skill set applying in-depth analysis, conversion, and/or data manipulation. The work, safe to say, cannot be underestimated and requires complete oversight. The Comeback of GIFs. Back in December 2016, NASA created official social media accounts on Pinterest and GIPHY.

The Comeback of GIFs

While there’s nothing new with brands, personalities, and public entities reaching out to their market via social media, it seems like the latest marketing trend is through GIFs. via GIPHY GIFs have existed in the World Wide Web since time immemorial – well, since 1987, when CompuServe launched it. It was mainly used as part of design, especially by those who like to customize their blogs and MySpace pages. They’re also used on informative or instructional web content, as an alternative to infographics. via GIPHY.

What are the Traits to Look for When Outsourcing a Designer? Brand awareness on a web-based environment can be tough.

What are the Traits to Look for When Outsourcing a Designer?

Content should have something interesting to make a statement. Many websites have now opted to include animation on their landing pages while others are fusing videos to their web design. Trends on making a brand known have been so much more than making a simple print ad. Boosting Your Business Sales Growth Through Call Center Outsourcing. One of the core principles of running your own business is to generate and sustain value.

Boosting Your Business Sales Growth Through Call Center Outsourcing

This is inarguably no easy feat, but as we live in a technology-driven world, companies come up with innovative methods on how to achieve profitable growth. In the last decade or so, the industry boom of call centers around the world, particularly in the Philippines – the top hub of business process outsourcing services – presented businesses with the option to hire specialized service providers at a lower cost. The financial benefits of outsourcing have been proven to exceed the costs of hiring an in-house staff that will operate multiple communication channels to handle customer service.

Outsourcing a call center cuts through the laborious process and saves from making hefty investments – simply put, lower overhead expenses. 4 Fast Facts on Millennials and How They're Reshaping B2B Marketing. Digital natives, echo boomers, Gen Y—call them whatever you like, but no one can deny that millennials are changing the way the world works.

4 Fast Facts on Millennials and How They're Reshaping B2B Marketing

Marketing is one of the industries where the millennial has become a buzzword. Most marketing efforts and ads you see and hear nowadays seem to be targeting millennials. 5 Grocery Store Items You Should Always Buy. Phrases in your Resume that makes Hiring Managers Cringe. Should You Consider Outsourcing Copywriting? Do you think you should consider outsourcing copywriting tasks, such as writing blog articles, promotional copies, and web content?

Should You Consider Outsourcing Copywriting?

The answer is yes! 8 Realistic Financial Goals and Ways to Achieve Them. Prepare for Success: Outsource Back Office Processes. 5 Reasons Why You Should Earn A College Degree. Retargeting vs. Remarketing: Their Key Differences Explained. Retargeting and Remarketing are two buzzwords that marketers often hear and use interchangeably.

Retargeting vs. Remarketing: Their Key Differences Explained

While they may have some similarities, they are different concepts and are applied in a variety of ways, too. 17 Sure Signs Your Employee is Management Material [Infographic] Managers are born from humble beginnings.

17 Sure Signs Your Employee is Management Material [Infographic]

It usually starts with a committed and motivated employee who continuously gather success and gain appreciation from the whole company. All goes well until they climb the managerial ladder and promote new changes within. With the changing work landscape, a new set of millennial employees is shaping the workforce in a new way. In fact, 41% of millennials said that they enjoy managing other people, while 32% of Generation X claims to be so.

Identify and Avoid Loan Scams: Here’s How. "Why Is It So Hard for Me to Save?" Credit Card vs Debit Card vs Prepaid Card: When to Use? The Secret to a Healthy Client-Agency Relationship. When it comes to maximizing the ROI from your marketing agency, it pays to have a good client-agency relationship. It makes everything easier: your agency is inspired to do above and beyond for your brand, you’re more willing to share crucial information to help in your agency’s campaigns, and everyone is happy. Win-win. Unfortunately, that’s not how it often works in the real world. Today, most companies and agencies are plagued with issues that can make either party pull their hair out in frustration. So Why Do Client-Agency Relationships Fail? 360 Fitness: Putting the Fun Back into Exercise.

5 Designer Bags that Are Worth Investing. Home Loans 101: Crucial Questions to Ask Your Loan Officer. 5 Easy Tricks to Improve Your Home's Value. A Quick Guide to Evaluating An Effective Executive. Top-level positions are the key people working to improve the overall company. These individuals man some of your company’s highest posts, and when they’re effective, you can see their influence to every staff and employee. However, once an executive lacks a trait to make things work, the whole company is witness to the ineffectiveness. An Altimeter Group report found out that only 43% of respondents has a company culture with a high level of trust and empowerment, and also highly supportive of employee engagement and advocacy. Unfortunately, according to a Gallup study, 82% of companies fail to find the right talents for the executive job.

Good top talents are rare, which is why it’s more important to find the right individual for the high job, which in return, helps your employees stay focused on their goals and motivated. House vs Condo: What Property Should You Get? How to Travel Japan on a Budget. A Millennial Guide to Getting Personal Loan. What Your Luxury Watch Says About Your Personality [For Men] How to Start and Build Up an Emergency Fund. Common Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. Common Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. 6 Damaging Habits of Unsuccessful People You Don’t Want to Copy.

What to Get for Mother’s Day in 2017. How to Build Your Offshore Dream Team. Having multiple teams across the world may be considered as an achieved objective for your business. This is what offshoring is all about—to grow your business operations to far regions, inviting top talents and innovative ideas to contribute to your business’ further successes. In 2016, India, China, and Malaysia are the top three countries who lead in the offshoring business services.

When offshoring your business, you have to consider a country’s financial attractiveness, people talent and availability, and overall business environment. How to Convince Your Boss to Say “Yes” to Content Marketing. First off, congratulations for believing in the power of content marketing! Now, you’re a step closer to joining 94% of B2B marketers, 86% of B2C marketers, and 94% of small businesses doing content marketing to meet their goals. 5 Signs You're in Dire Need of a Marketing Partner. Customers keep a business alive, and marketing reels in leads that eventually turn into customers. Even the most established companies continually up their marketing ante because if you’re not keeping up with the trends, your competition will simply leave you behind. Nike, for instance, has been a leading name in athletic apparel and gear for decades. But do you see Nike’s marketing slowing down? Not in the slightest. As their company expands, so does their marketing.

Just last year, they produced an eight-episode web-series on YouTube called “Margot vs. Edgers in the Workplace: Here’s What You Need to Know. Meet the team Edgers/Plurals/Gen Z/Post-Millennials comprised of people born after 1997, and are set to introduce a new shape to the current workforce. How They Did It: 6 Simple but Effective Habits of Self-Made Millionaires. How to Write the Perfect Customer Support Email. Where to Eat Series: The Best Restaurants in Makati. 14 Books To Make You a More Effective Leader. Job-hunting Tips for Fresh Grads. Why Millennials Want to Quit Your Company. The Generation Y – Millennials are currently dominating the workforce and market. Considered as tech-savvy and hyper-connected employees, millennials are contributing and introducing new business strategies to adapt with the present time.

Why Millennials Want to Quit Your Company. Customer Anger Triggers and Ways to Defuse Them [Infographic] 10 Tips to Manage Business Continuity During Crisis. In today’s digital world, businesses and companies are highly dependent on their in-house IT systems or IT service companies. The Last Guide You Need to Building a Great Startup Team. The Philippines has the fastest growing economy in Asia. It is the social media capital of the world, has a large local market, has a large base of English-speaking communities, and an improving investment grade.

All of these significant developments in the country have become an appealing business opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs. 7 Philippine Presidents, Different Leadership Styles. 7 Customer Service Lessons from the United Airlines Debacle. 8 Features to Look for in a Help Desk Ticketing System. For the unfamiliar, a help desk ticketing system is a tool that companies use to track if things are being done as they should. For each task or concerned customers, there’s a ticket issued with details about what was done, who did what and when, and what else needs to be resolved, among other information. 16 Important Things Recruiters Should Look for in a Resume [Infographic] In 2000, 22% of resumes were sent through email and posted on various job boards. In 2014, a notable increase of over 90% of resumes was posted online or through email. How to Recover from a Bad Working Day.

Six Must-Visit Beautiful Churches This Holy Week. Next Generation Service Desk - Infographic. Service desks are a necessity for any organization that harnesses the advantages of IT and the same time, wants to operate efficiently and effectively. As technology develops at a rapid pace, the IT service desk provided by companies will need to keep up. Moreover, because service desks of today have become the primary point of contact between the service provider and its customers, businesses must also provide customers a useful interface that meets their most current support needs. Here’s an infographic on what the next generation of service desk support looks like. The Pitfalls of Dated Service Desk. Missed the Coldplay Concert? We’re here to make you feel better. How to Find a Lead Developer for Your Startup Company. 10 SEM Rookie Mistakes that You Might Be Doing Right Now.

Why We Think Multilingual Support Is Worth It. How You Can Encourage Millennial Talents to be Top Employees [Infographic] 8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Luxury Watch. Why You‘re Safer Getting A Loan From An Online Pawnshop. 15 Investment Milestones to Accomplish Before Your 30s. Pawnina Tips: How To Save Yourself from Credit Card Debt. 10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees [Infographic] What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook Reactions. Evolution of IT Outsourcing [Visual Timeline] Statistics that Prove the Value of Employee Training. Digital Marketing for the Gaming Industry. 10 Digital Marketing Tactics that Will Dominate in 2017. Filipino Millennials Are Changing The Workplace. Here’s How. Why Buying Designer Bags Are Financially Rewarding. A Visual Guide to Filipino Office Etiquette and Culture [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Employee Turnover Hurts Your Business. Auto Tax Reform: What It Means for Car Buyers. 5 Ways AI Will Enhance Call Centre Industry. 10 Cameras for Every Type of Traveler. Beyond Content Marketing: 5 Ways to Get into the Content Promotion Habit. 11 Cyber Security Risks Every Business Should Prepare For [Visual Guide] What to Look For When Hiring a Recruitment Firm in the Philippines.

Fast Cash: How to Get Away With Money Problems. 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Entering a Freelance Career. Top 5 Elements of Enterprise IT Infrastructure. Customer Service Satisfaction across the Globe. 5 Trends and Predictions Shaping the Next-Gen Customer Support. 18 Best Websites to Learn Computer Troubleshooting and Tech Support. How to Conduct an Effective Video Interview.

5 Investments You Need to Have by Your 30s. The Mobile-First Marketing Guide for Your Business. 10 Smart Ways to Boost Your Company's E-Commerce Conversion Rate. The Power of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing. How to Make Your Content Go Viral Without Looking Desperate. Onsite VS Remote IT Support: Which Is Best For Your Business?