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China - Jewelry industry and wedding

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Jewellery Industry in Hong Kong. Research and Markets: Global and China Jewelry Industry Report 2015. Jewellery in China. Executive Summary Jewellery in China grew in current retail value terms by 5% in 2015, rising to CNY593.4 billion.

Jewellery in China

With rising disposable income, together with the pursuit of improved personal appearance, jewellery is increasingly seen as a crucial fashion item which is essential to match with their outfits and various occasions among Chinese consumers. In addition, more consumers started to trade up to premium jewellery, due to their growing brand consciousness generally. Furthermore, Chinese consumers considered real jewellery as an investment tool to maintain their wealth under the more challenging conditions of economic downturn.

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd remained the top player within jewellery in China in 2014, with a retail value share of 6%. Jewellery in China is expected to post a value CAGR of 7% at constant 2015 prices over the forecast period. Please contact a web site agent using the chat box or complete the form here to receive your free strategic briefing. Overview. Global and China Jewelry Industry Report, 2014-2018. NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Jewelry belongs to the luxury goods, and the industry development is mainly affected by per capita income growth.

Global and China Jewelry Industry Report, 2014-2018

In 2014, the global jewelry sales reported USD157 billion, of which, China (Mainland and Hong Kong) contributed retail sales of USD80.7 billion (according to the exchange rate of 1:6.3997), sweeping a global share of 51.4%. Gold jewelry accounts for the largest amount of jewelry consumption in Mainland China, more than 50%. In 2013, the slump in gold price provoked consumers' lust for purchase, which made the gold jewelry consumption jump by 42.5% that very year, to 716.5 tons. Jewelry contest celebrates Chinese design[1]- Google. The Chinese Soul in Contemporary Jewelry Design. When the same gems and precious metals are used in jewelry, design is the element that ultimately distinguishes one piece from another.

The Chinese Soul in Contemporary Jewelry Design

Real success is measured not only by the value of its materials but also by the character and quality of the design and craftsmanship. Once considered a weak point of China’s gem and jewelry industry, design has seen tremendous progress over the last decade. Benefiting from the availability of more gem materials and the power of a rapidly growing consumer market, Chinese designers now have the freedom to develop their design concepts and craftsmanship skills. Designers from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan share the bond of cultural identity and have found ways to create jewelry that expresses the Chinese soul. From dangling hair ornaments to exquisite jade pendants and splendid crowns, jewelry has always served as personal adornment for the Chinese people, from ordinary citizens to royal families.

11 Fine Jewellery Designers, China & Taiwan - Luxury Society - Markets. Luxury Society presents a round up of fine jewellery designers of Chinese and Taiwanese heritage, featuring Wallace Chan, Anna Hu and Michelle Ong Debate seems to be positively raging lately as to when China will develop its own luxury brands and if they will be launched from the hands of truly Chinese entrepreneurs or, as Jing Daily describes Hermès’ Shang Xia, a foreign controlled brand that employs a team of Chinese designers and craftsmen to imbue its products with a “Chinese soul”.

11 Fine Jewellery Designers, China & Taiwan - Luxury Society - Markets

Whatever the model, the domestic launches of the past decade and the conversations being had by the media and executives, Chinese luxury brands will arrive in the not so distant future. 2011 was the year that China surpassed Japan as the world’s second biggest luxury economy. Unsurprisingly, the government, entrepreneurs and some pioneering consumers, are beginning to wonder why Chinese brands are not reaping more of the benefits. Michelle Ong, Carnet The designer, Ms. Website: Qeelin. Original and #1 website about Chinese Women and Chinese Girls.

Every year in China millions of couples walk down the aisle.

Original and #1 website about Chinese Women and Chinese Girls

Weddings are a multi-billion-dollar business and expenses for the big day can quickly rise through the roof. It is not uncommon for young men to start saving all their earnings after graduation in order to finance the most special day of their lives. China is already the world´s largest wedding market and it is not giving any signs of fatigue. Le Mariage en Chine. Le mariage, un thème abordé très souvent par la communauté expat en Chine, car c’est un fait grand nombre de français en Chine rencontrent l’amour en Chine. .

Le Mariage en Chine

En effet, tout français qui reste un minimum de temps en Chine a forcément eu une aventure avec une chinoise et tous connaissent ou ont connu le même problème la même question si la relation dure, le mariage. . Sous la pression de la famille, une chinoise après 25ans doit être mariée et casée. Et forcément c’est un peu le clash des cultures, entre nous qui avons tendance à ne pas vouloir faire d’erreur et les chinoises qui n’ont qu’une peur, c’est d’être trop vieille pour trouver un mari. Une chinoise est programmée dès sa naissance à trouver le bon mari, le meilleur qui soit. . Le mariage traditionnel Le mariage traditionnel lui a complètement disparu dans la Chine moderne, mais existe toujours dans la Chine rurale et auprès de certaine minorité. . Mais maintenant le mariage pour les chinois se fait en 3h montre en main. . Introduction. Hong Kong, the world’s premier trading hub for jewellery, is a free port where there are no duties or restrictions imposed on precious jewellery products or related materials.


It is also the ideal springboard from which traders worldwide can venture out to the booming markets of mainland China and the rest of Asia.