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Helping Borderline Students

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Edutopia. Useful Classroom Resources for Math Teachers. Developing Fluent Readers. With an understanding of what fluency is and how to assess it, let's turn to the questions that teachers are always most interested in: What should fluency instruction look like?

Developing Fluent Readers

And, what can I do to help students whose fluency is far behind their peers'? Research over the past two decades has identified repeated reading as the key strategy for improving students' fluency skills (NICHD, 2000). Teaching Persistence: How to Build Student Stamina. One of our main goals as educators should be teaching students persistence in the classroom, since it's an important part of setting up learners to succeed.

Teaching Persistence: How to Build Student Stamina

Students who have mastered persistence are able to work through challenges, deal constructively with failures and adversity, and achieve the goals they have set for themselves. It’s a lot like running a marathon. How One Teacher Achieved Insane Reading Growth Last Year. 17 Ways to Meet Individual Learning Needs in the Math Classroom. Resources >> Browse Articles >> Utilizing Technology Featured Author: Mrs.

17 Ways to Meet Individual Learning Needs in the Math Classroom

Teaching for all levels — in one class. In Elise Carter’s second-grade class, some students still write their numbers backward or look at their fingers to add.

Teaching for all levels — in one class

Others race through multiplication tables or search the Web to teach themselves about negative numbers. She does her best to challenge all of them, dividing her class at Galway Elementary School in Silver Spring into thirds and customizing a series of rotating lessons for the students. Each group takes a turn at the teacher’s table at the sound of a little brass bell. Experts call it differentiated instruction — in essence, adapting lessons for kids of different abilities within a classroom. Teachers have always had to juggle disparate student needs. Edutopia. Reading Plus Teacher Guide. 5 Steps to Significantly Increase Your Child’s Reading Level. As a teacher, I constantly had parents approaching me asking how they could help increase their child’s reading level.

5 Steps to Significantly Increase Your Child’s Reading Level

Below I have 5 great steps you can take toward that goal. These are techniques I, and other good teachers who follow the latest research in children’s literacy, have incorporated into the classroom and found incredible results. I have adjusted the implementation so you can incorporate these techniques into your home seamlessly.