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6 Ways To Build Links By Helping Others - Hit Reach. 500+ (now 1,235+) Ways to Build Backlinks. Link Building, Content Marketing and Content Strategy: What's Right... Link Site Building Strategies Eric Ward News. Where Link Building is Heading in 2013. Another year has come and gone.

Where Link Building is Heading in 2013

For link builders, 2012 may well be remembered as the year that link building truly changed forever. There have been hints over the years that the engines were getting wise to certain questionable linking tactics, but nothing quite as dramatic as what took place in 2012. Several techniques that had worked for years stopped working. Link networks discovered and devalued, site after site vanishing from rankings. Warnings from the engines themselves about "unnatural" links.

Indeed, 2012 was the year link building changed. We can argue about the details. Maybe the larger truth is that for some, link building changed forever while for others (who never ventured down darker alleys) not much changed at all. The techniques and tactics I've used since 1994 are absolutely as effective today as they were then, with the added advantage that we now have even more methods to help URLs migrate and be pushed along and throughout the web.

So let's be candid. The tactic: Link Building for Local Search. I never really thought of local link building as its own unique specialty until a comment on the 2012 Link Building With The Experts really made that sink in.

Link Building for Local Search

With the recent mass confusion over unnatural link warnings in Google's Webmaster Tools, I noticed that loads of small business owners were frantically asking questions about what they should do. Let's say that the worst case scenario happens and you lose your search visibility in Google. Google Penalized One Article On BBC's Web Site. Prospecting for Links Like a Pro - Matt Polsky. Guest blogging, while becoming overplayed, is still a great way to build relevant links from authority websites within a niche.

Prospecting for Links Like a Pro - Matt Polsky

Every site, from the one-man show to the enterprise level news blog, is in need of content, and many will jump on the opportunity to add content to their site, as long as it is unique, thought-provoking or relevant to their readers. Although finding and identifying link opportunities – while matching unique, thoughtful topics to go with each guest post prospect – isn’t the most difficult part of link building, it is one of the most time-consuming. In this post, I’ll be going over the surprisingly simple to the mind-blowing gems of discovering new link opportunities.

How to Get Backlinks With Guestographics. What’s the secret to getting authority links?

How to Get Backlinks With Guestographics

It’s not an easy question to answer. But you probably know other people that are able to generate backlinks to just about everything that they publish. How do they do it? Do they know some link building secret that you don’t? Actually, yes, they do! It may happen behind the scenes, but some people know how to get backlinks with ease. Businesses, here’s a great sponsor link opportunity to help your SEO. This sponsorship offer has passed.

Businesses, here’s a great sponsor link opportunity to help your SEO

But local businesses, look for opportunities like this to get inbound links. Your business benefits, but so do those you support. It’s a win/win. Link Building & SEO Tools. Local Business Online Photo Gallery. Linkbuilding. Google Penguin Update: 5 Types of Link Issues Harming Some Affected Websites. Are you angry and looking for answers about why your rankings vanished after Google released its Penguin update?

Google Penguin Update: 5 Types of Link Issues Harming Some Affected Websites

One common factor thus far appears to be the signals of links that are pointing to your website, early analysis indicates. The main purpose of the Penguin update is to put a deep freeze on web spam in Google's search results. By extension, a big piece of that web spam appears to be links from low-quality networks. Natural Links Before we get into the new findings, first it’s important to understand a bit about Google and links. 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies. Links matter.

131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies

There's no debate links are a big signal of quality to search engines, so you need to know your ABCs. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to further enhance your link profile, links remain a critical method of marketing. 5 Ways to Get Your Infographic to Go Viral. Link Building Means Earning "Hard Links" Not "Easy Links" For ages, Google has encouraged people to build links in order to rank well.

Link Building Means Earning "Hard Links" Not "Easy Links"

But in the wake of the Google Penguin Update, it’s become painfully clear to me how many people have failed to understand the inherent quality links part of that link building message. Consider this a wake-up call. Yes, you want links, but links that are hard to get, that take effort to obtain, that you’ve somehow earned, not “easy links.” Yesterday, at our SMX Advanced show, I went on a rant about this. All my frustration recently that so many seem so confused just bubbled out. Consider this article the tamer, more coherent version of my rant. How Garbage Ranks in the SERPs: a Case Study. You've built a fantastic site full of excellent, link-worthy content.

How Garbage Ranks in the SERPs: a Case Study

You're actively building relationships in the social space that send quality traffic to your site and establish your authority within your industry. You've focused on creating a great user experience and deliver value to your site's visitors... and yet you're still getting outranked by garbage websites that objectively don't deserve to show up ahead of you. In short, you're following the advice that all the top SEO experts are giving out, but you simply can't pull the same quantity of links that some of your less ethical competition is nabbing.

Maybe we can learn a thing or two from that trash that's pushing you down in the SERPs and start copying their links. A Prime Example of Garbage in the SERPs Take a look at these search results and I'm sure you can spot the outlier (hint... Link Building Strategies - The Complete List.

Remember how people say, "it's not about what you know, it's about who you know"?

Link Building Strategies - The Complete List

The same goes for the Web. Those relationships will turn into links, both in the short-term & the long-term. Just like with getting people to see you content, I realized a lot of the tactical ways to build relationships aren’t direct ways to get links, I decided to delete that section in this guide, and list all of them here instead. So here they are. Random acts of kindness - Whenever you can, be nice to people. Give a crap - Actually care about people. 7 Link Building Mistakes You Ought to Avoid. Get an inbound link here. This sponsorship offer has passed. But local businesses, look for opportunities like this to get inbound links. Your business benefits, but so do those you support. It’s a win/win. Here are some search queries to perform to find your own sponsor opportunities: “become a sponsor” “donate” “our supporters” Get an inbound link here. When Everyone Gets The Vote: Social Shares As The New Link Building. To understand how Google became the world’s most popular search engine, think of it as a giant vote counting machine.

That’s why there’s so much attention these days on Google’s competition with Twitter and Facebook. They’re the new, popular ways that people are voting for things they like, casting ballots that Google can’t easily count. Search 1.0: Counting Words On The Page Let’s go back to the beginning of web-based search engines. When names like AltaVista and Lycos were ruled, search engines figured out what pages from across the web should rank well largely by looking at the words on the pages themselves. I’ve referred to this as Search 1.0, and it was a system that was easy to game. Search 2.0: Counting Links & Other Off-The-Page Factors Google ushered in what I’ve called Search 2.0, a system of ranking pages by looking at factors about the quality and content of those pages that weren’t on the pages themselves.

In particular, Google looked at how people linked to a page.

Linkbuilding in offsite social sites

Advanced parameters for link building search queries. Natural Link Building 101. Link building is one of the most important things you can do in terms of off-site search engine optimization. As you probably know by now, search engines like Google tend to rank pages higher in search results based on the number and quality of links to those pages.

Link Building - The Essentials. LInk building services. SEO Tips For Link Building - Hands on Link Building Strategy Tips for Ecommerce Websites, Client Sites and More. Using Email Lists, Link Bait and Content to Build Links. The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. One issue we seem to come across quite a lot as a search consultancy is helping clients do their own link building. As we all know, link building can be a difficult task even when you're a full time SEO, let alone if it's not even your main role within a company. To overcome this, we try and provide processes and examples which are easily followed and provide the best return on time spent.

The point of this post is to provide you with easy to follow tips for finding blogs and websites to get links from. I'll provide specific examples to help with this too. As you might have noticed from my previous posts, I like to display processes in a graphic where possible. What are you USPs & Resources A USP is your unique selling point, what makes you different from your competitors. Therefore the first step should always be to list your USPs. Influential Staff 1.

Link Networks (blogs, articles)

Link building how-to. Link building blogs. Link Wheels. Black hat, gray hat or white. Successful SEO Tactics: Off-Site Optimization. The large majority of external factors that influence organic rankings fall within the classification of link building. There have been great debates in recent months that the ranking impact that can be derived through social media signals falls outside of “traditional” link building. That is valid, and will continue to be debated. It seems there are few topics within SEO or digital marketing that are as highly contested and controversial as link building. As the SEO Tactics chart was developed, it became obvious that off-site influences would be a core pillar.

Link Directories

Rockin’ The Not So Sexy Links. A while back I attended a meeting of a business group I belong to, we meet three times a year to talk about on and offline marketing trends. Three of us in the group own SEO firms, the other members are marketing directors, public relations officers and sales managers from large and small companies scattered throughout Virginia.

Everyone has a specific expertise they bring to table, we use our get-togethers to share that expertise as well as other marketing ideas and insights. While the group “gets” SEO and understands the importance of a strong online presence, not all are “experts” or even well versed. When we have meetings devoted to online marketing they are well attended and get lively since the three SEO companies leading the discussion don’t all share a similar colored hat. This particular meeting was devoted to discussing what’s new in SEO/SEM as well as recent events (Panda updates, G+1, etc) so almost all of our 35 members were there.

Linkbuilding Tools

What are some effective techniques for building links? The Emotions that Make Us Link. The blogosphere and the world of social media is, by and large, ruled by human emotion. As web developers, marketers and entrepreneurs seeking exposure, we can choose to embrace the passions that dominate the creation of links, or we can ignore them and give our competition a potential edge. The Easiest Links You'll Ever Get for Your Link Building Campaign. 4 Link Building Strategies for “Too Busy for Link Building” Local Businesses. More and more small businesses working in a “local” market are waking up to the realities and need for Search Engine Optimization.

However, in talking with many of these owners, they are concerned with the importance and on-going nature of link building, and the lack of financial and human resources needed to carry out link building activities. Categorizing Your Inbound Links. How to Create Less Backlinks. In this post I’m going to explain how to create less backlinks but still rank very well in the search engines.

Most people don’t enjoy building backlinks, I on the otherhand have a mild addiction to it, and enjoy the strategy of backlinking and working out new and better ways to be effective in my backlinking plan for my affiliate marketing sites. One of he most common mistakes I see people make when it comes to backlinking, is ignoring their indexing.

When I say indexing, I mean whether or not Google (and other search engines) have found AND indexed the page that the links are on. SEO Guide to Creating Viral Linkbait and Infographics - Distilled. Link Building Tool Review: SEOmoz PRO. Second in our review series are the link building tools from SEOmoz Pro; I was excited to review this tool set since it’s not one I use. Let’s start with a quick overview of what’s in the program and then focus on the link building tools. SEOmoz PRO SEOmoz PRO is a set of ”software, tools and resources to maximize your search engine optimization.” 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Links Better. Blog links can be amazing. Links from real, powerful blogs that have a strong subscriber base and an active community are worth their weight in gold.

Not just in the usual way links are useful, but they are great for increasing brand awareness and industry authority. Yes, You Really Can Build Links With Twitter - Whiteboard Friday. Why No One Links to Your Best Posts (And What to Do About It) Link Building Tool Review: Link Research Tool Set By CEMPER. Get Over Yourself And Give Me A Link (please) Getting a topically relevant link is preferable to one from an off topic webpage but it’s not always so easy, competitors seldom link to competitors, authority sites seldom link to newbies. I had some luck getting these hard/competitive/authority type links awhile back, the campaign brought in a large number of on-topic, quality links from competitors in a specific industry.

What’s more interesting is the fact the campaign did not use: Social media. (No Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reddit etc.)