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Kathy DeMeo

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Using the Site to Teach English for Speakers of Other Languages. Account Summary.


Recipes. ESL. Hunter TESOL - HOME. NYC Ed. ESL - SIFE. Cmstferrell. Conversation partner/Tutoring. Adults. One thing I've observed time and time again working with professionals in France is very often they are lacking the tone of voice communicating emotion and passion when giving presentations or speeches.


I have sat through more presentations than I can count that droned on and on, with no accentuation or punctuation. Often these are sales presentations, presenting a bid for tender, pre-sales or answering a RFP, and putting myself in the potential client's shoes makes me want to take a long walk off of a short cliff! Alas, it is my job to push on through these presentations, fix the mistakes, and push them out the door -- in the short term, there isn't very much that I can do. Long-term though, we've got a plan of attack that has been in place since just before December that is very nicely progressing, and that plan is "perfecting the pitch". The first step: we talked about the "bones" of a pitch -- what is is? The second step: We brainstorm our jobs and our teams. -- Who are we? Adult ESL Training Videos » New American Horizons.

Teaching ESL to Adults: Classroom Approaches in Action is a series of twelve videos, which can be viewed online on this page or purchased as four DVD volumes.

Adult ESL Training Videos » New American Horizons

For a list and description of the titles, click here. To view the twelve videos online, select a thumbnail below the player. An arrow to the right of the four thumbnails leads to four more thumbnails, then four more. To see a brief description of a video, after selecting it, click on “Menu” in the lower right corner of the player. Michaeltaverna.

Professional Development

Buy/Sell. Crafts. Crafts-Decor. CurrentEvents. Aiken. Designer Builders Portfolio of Custom Homes, Let Us Build Your Dream. GARDENING. FutureCareer. 14 Ways to Say "I Love You" without Words. By Tracey Farmer at Your rating: None Average: 2 (2 votes) With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I wanted to give my husband a gift this year that was a little different from the usual "I love you" accompanied by a card.

14 Ways to Say "I Love You" without Words

I decided that for the two weeks leading up to the big day, I would do special things to show him how I feel. Inspired Note: If you are looking for just one good idea for February 14th, I hope that you find something here that will let your significant other know just how much you care, too. Taking into account that my actions would need to be out of the ordinary for him to even notice, these are some of the ideas that I came up with to say, "I love you," without using words. * Day One - Friday - A Night In With a late night arrival home planned, I will have fresh sheets on the bed, his favorite homemade cookies and drink on the nightstand, the newest must-see movie on pause, and his pajamas laying across the bed, with his slippers on the floor.


Conversions. Top 10 Shocking Documentaries. Movies and TV As a visual medium, documentaries frequently succeed in portraying the unimaginable far better then any book alone could do.

Top 10 Shocking Documentaries

Beaming everything from the consequences of child abuse to the horrors of nuclear warfare into the homes of millions, the following infamous documentaries shock the viewer and challenge perceptions. Please note: Almost all the videos featured contain graphic and disturbing content, relevant to the topic at hand. Warning: some of these documentaries contain disturbing footage. High on Crack Street Following the struggle of three crack addicts, ‘High on Crack Street’ digs deep into the complex daily lives of individuals striving to obtain their next fix. Aokigahara / Suicide Forest Lying at the base of Mount Fuji, Aokigahara Forest has a rather unsettling reputation as a suicide hotspot . Nuit et Brouillard The Killing of America Interview with a Cannibal What drives a man to kill and cannibalize an innocent woman?

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