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Hire the best talent using Recruitment Management Software - PeopleQlik. Hire the best talent with Recruitment Management Software May 18, 2017 Organizations have shifted towards automated systems leaving hectic time consuming and inefficient manual systems behind. Employers prefer to choose Recruitment Management Software for hiring and recruitment rather than collecting hard copy resumes and going through manual screening process.

This made HR managers and recruiter’s life easy but applicants have to be careful and proactive while applying for job. Following tips can help applicants in filtering their resume from assessment Recruitment Management Software. Clearly mention skills Before applying for a certain position, read job description, roles and responsibilities twice. Avoid repetition Avoid repetition in mentioning skills. Past employment history Describe in detail, your past experience skills used in past employment, job nature, your roles and responsibilities and portfolio. Social media presence Portfolio A powerful tool to market your skills.

References. Support your Core HR with Recruitment Management Software – HR Software Payroll Software. Advancement in technology and a shift from manual system to automated system has a great impact in contemporary world. Automated systems are error prone, yield maximum productivity, helps out smartly if alteration is needed, faster in all aspects, presentable in output and most importantly gives salvation from carrying bulk of papers to keep record. Efficient searching no matter how big data is, intelligent processing and well-organized presentation are the major keys that make automated systems unique from manual systems. Every technology, product or device have their own pros and cons. Tradeoffs, cannot be ignored when talking about technology as nothing is perfect. Finding a 100% accurate and according to need product is not possible. Nowadays, technology and automated systems have made their place in almost all fields.

Business, organizations, hospitals, schools, all are using some kind of automated systems as per need. Like this: Like Loading... HR BOTS can increase returns and help to develop solid CRM. HR BOTS can increase returns and help to develop solid CRM April 14, 2017 Customer are most important factor for the progress of every organization. CRM are strategies, practices and methodology that companies use to manage customer interaction. We need CRM software to compile customer information on different channels. It can save all information about the customer like Email, website, telephone, live chat, marketing material and social media.

Proper negotiation with clients is required to satisfy the need of the customer. HR BOTS are able to do all HR activities better than human. Sometime customer need support and response form company 24/7 .They need information and guidance about the product any time .In this case HR BOTS are really helpful they can answer the quires regardless of the geographical limits, time limits and without getting bored or tired .They help us to make customer feel that how important and valuable are they for the company. Related posts: HR and Payroll Software - accurately interpret your business data with HR analytics software. Reduce duplicate applications with applicant management software - HR and Payroll Software. Raise proficient workforce with Time and Attendance Management Software – HR Software Payroll Software. Have your organization ever thought how easy it would be if Time and Attendance is not done using paper work?

Have your organization ever wondered that investing one time getting rid from paperwork, can how effectively enhances workforce? Have you thought of getting salvation from keeping record of all the leave applications, leave counts? Wonder if shift rotation and employee shift scheduling can be done on a click without having a pill of headache? And most important have your organization considered replacing a whole room full of employees your organization is paying high with a 2-3 kg device to calculate payroll according to employee’s working hours, leaves and Time and Attendance?

If answer to all the questions is “NO” or somehow NO, take a deep breath and think about the scenario mentioned above. If your organization prefers to rely on paperwork and humans, all they have to compromise is Cost Time Physical Space Like this: Like Loading... Organize applicants efficiently with Recruitment Management Software – HR Software and Payroll Software. Applicant applying for a particular position in your organization has gone through various tests and hard academic challenges to reach to the place where they have ability to secure a good position in reputable organization.

Skill based hiring is tricky as well as needs keen observation to do just with all the applicants. A skilled applicant applying in your organization shows their affection, loyalty and a good reputation of your organization in their mind. So, losing the applicant having skills and devotion for your organization is a great loss. HR managers try their level best to analyze and take assessment of applicant’s skills from different perspectives.

But when confronted with a situation of mass upload of resume and managing requests to handle queries in house and others, HR managers, capabilities to think innovatively seized. Moreover, it can also be an alert to HR Manager’s performance report and can danger their job too. Like this: Like Loading... Why HR Software are not giving 100% result? Why HR Software are not giving 100% result? April 12, 2017 All of us surely realized that many people can do many task but their productivity can vary from bad to good and eventually to the best. If you learnt something then you need to practice it and to improve errors. If we not pay attention to the improvements then the results will never meets our expectations. That’s why there is a big difference among people who capable do thing but people who are experienced and with improved skills.

Same is the case with software. There are many software in the market that are designed to simplify difficult task but in actual they are not simple like their user interface is no user friendly, require proper and extensive training to become familiar with software. HR is the name of many different activities need to handle altogether with efficiency and caution, because it has direct effects on the business output. That’s why be careful while making your business manual activities to automate one.

Enrich your HR Processes with HR Software – HR Software and Payroll Software. HR data has pretty much always been used to capture and report earlier data. With manually entered data this was mostly the case, with results and reporting enchanting time and effort to calculate and present. However, as HR Software has been presented to organizations on a broader spectrum in recent years, the use of HR Software to figure predictive analytics has become more widespread. This has helped companies use HR Software for future planning. Now, as systems are better and up-to-the-minute results can be obtained, HR Software is bringing companies into a new and more efficient era in which present operations can be enhanced based on real-time data.

Taking HR into the Present: The transition to using Alrasmyat’s HR Software for daily operations is a fantastic chance that can be used to gain an edge on the competition and increase business performance at a much more rapid pace. Transitioning Efforts: Unfortunately, most companies are not currently equipped to do business in this way. Acquire Best Talent with Recruitment Management Software - PeopleQlik. Acquire Best Talent with Recruitment Management Software May 9, 2017 Talent Management and Recruitment requires skilled and keen recruiters and HR Managers to select capable applicants to offer employment in your organization. Sometimes, poor management, huge response from applicants and time limitations becomes reason of missing good opportunities for talented people. Moreover, recruiting itself is a process that requires a handsome budget to recruit and hire resources. So, proper planning with smart ideas is needed to avoid time and cost wastage in every case.

There are three main types of hiring in organization, your organization give opportunity to In-house employees Employees working in your organization establish a friendly work environment and feel comfortable in their organization. New talent or outsiders of your organization Then comes new talent or expertise of other organization who want to have a good opportunity. Existing employees by upgrading their rank Related posts: HR Software & Payroll Software: Would you like to choose Social HR Software? Social media is now to stay, with greater numbers of operators trying different social platforms each single day. Social media has saturated every age group and persons from all walks of life use social media, however people may settle towards one specific platform or another depending on their favorites. Comfort with Which the Technology Can Be Adopted: HR Software programs now originate with social HR options that can be set up and used either as part of the base package or as an add-on.

Choosing this type of social media platform may assist you to ensure that office social use is actually work focused on and may permit you to select structures that will be relevant for the type of teamwork that is needed in your office. Whether Staffs Already Use Social: If a vast mainstream of workers already connect regularly and have professional profiles posted on a site such as LinkedIn, it may make sense for your business to simply go where the workers already are. Manage Applicants with PeopleQlik's Recruitment Management Software. Manage Applicants with PeopleQlik’s Recruitment Management Software May 8, 2017 Social media and internet has changed world’s scenario on massive scale. From sale purchase to food ordering, shopping, matrimonial, event organizations to even recruitment and hiring, all is done with help of internet and technology. With advancement and technology growth, platforms for each domain have widely spread.

Old trends of posting every important announcement in newspaper and finding every information on newspaper becomes extinct. Contemporary world believes in fast and two way communication, where response to every query will be handled and responded within 24-hours or less. Like all the fields, HR management, Hiring and Recruitment Management has also taken a twist by learning to change with world needs. Now-a-days, jobs are posted on different job portals, mailed to all local or even international campuses, published on social and print media. Related posts: Talent Management Trends that will Shape the Future – HR Software and Payroll Software. Tremendous forces are radically reshaping work.

Altering employee expectations, new technologies, growing globalization and a need for agility in the face of a confused business environment mean that tomorrow’s workplace will be barely recognizable from today. HR will need to respond accordingly. Research has identified business trends that will radically reshape HR in the next years: The rise of the extensive workforce: Companies will be progressively composed of an ever-shifting, global network of contractors, business partners and outsourcing suppliers. As talent stretches beyond the confines of the company, HR teams may have to pay as much attention to people outside of the organization as to those inside. Managing individuals: Instead of managing a workforce with a one-size-fits-all approach, HR will treat each employee as a “workforce of one” with exclusive needs and preferences, and will customize employee incentives accordingly.

Technology advances radically disrupt HR: Like this: Why you should adopt Performance Management Software? – HR Software Payroll Software. HR Software is a leading provider of strategic performance management software that improves manager effectiveness and business results. It manages all the tasks of employee compensation, employee bonus, working hour of employee and employee taxes. This software helps you to understand the life cycle of employee’s performance in a better way. Plenty of research shows that victorious employee performance management processes help people bring their best to work. PeopleQlik Performance Management Software provides you capability of handling your businesses’ insights on one platform to line up employee’s performance. To further understand why our Performance management software is critical in today’s business landscape and how it’s helpful to explore employee performance and improve employee morale let’s take a closer look: Increase Employee’s Engagement Levels If your employees aren’t engaged, the organization suffers from top to bottom.

Turns Compensation Into A Rewarding Experience. Why we use Recruitment Management Software? – HR Software and Payroll Software. Successful organizations choose competent employees, who are diligent, hardworking and honest. Half of success of your organization depends on capable employees, half depends on planning, management and resource handling. Once done with the team by picking exceptional and talented people then running business is not a burden. Picking a right person for right job is not a child’s play. HR managers and other recruiters involved in applicant management try their best to pick best. But it takes a lot of TimeEffortCostHuman resources Recruitment Management is one of the difficult task out of all the HR responsibilities. Computer software application are programmed and tested in such a manner that there is rarely a chance of error.

Reducing cost Hiring an applicant cost around 1.5 month’s salary of employee. Reducing HR managers burden Managing massive resume upload Sorting applicant’s resume and applications keeping in view required skills is a hectic task. Maintain queue for applicants. HR Software & Payroll Software: Trends of Applicant Management and Hiring in 2017. HR management and hiring trends have taken a paradigm shift, in contemporary world. Technology brings revolution and advancement in every field each passing year. Internet has made the world a global village, hence changing trends of HR management, Applicant management, and recruitment and hiring process.

Old trends of applying within a city have diminished from ages. But fear of applying outside the country’s concept is now changed. So, Recruitment Management Software is necessary for your organization to have talented and dedicated people. Skills are the most demanded entities in the world. . · Gig economy · Freelancing · Employee boomerang When skilled employees are not recognized in their local industries and surroundings, they dare to move towards regions where their skill was admired and they get paid for what they deserve.

Gig economy and freelancing facilitates skilled people to showcase their talent globally and earn handsome payroll. Success Boosters of your organization Time and Attendance Software. Success Boosters of your organization Time and Attendance Software May 3, 2017 Successfully running business or your organization is not a child’s play. It need effort, dedication and concern on employee, HR manager, high management and owner’s part. Having a light and fun environment at workplace is a positive attitude but letting employees do whatever they want and not keeping an eye can sometimes result in loss. This kind of work environment promotes unhealthy work ethics activities in work environment such as LyingGroupies system among colleagues; hence increasing hatred and envy in other colleagues heartWasting organization’s time; an employee killing own time and engaging other employees too is collectively going to harm your organizationNot maintaining quality work; doing work in hurry and showing less interest in workPromoting negative effect on your organization repute Merely warning employees by sending notice or verbal warning don’t serve the purpose.

Payroll calculation. HR and Payroll Software - Blog. Significance of Time and Attendance Software in calculating Payroll. HR Software & Payroll Software: Emerging Performance Management Trends in 2017. What does the HR Technology Look in the Coming Time? – HR Software Payroll Software. Zarialexx.kinja. Blog | zarialexx. HR Software And Payroll Software: HR Software is useful in Empowering the Employees. HR Appraisal & Performance Management Software|PeopleQlik. Payroll Software | Cloud Payroll Software Solutions | PeopleQlik.

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