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Jimmy Trims Barbershop Story. 5 fun ways to use a Dictogloss in the EFL class. Listening is important.

5 fun ways to use a Dictogloss in the EFL class

Collaboration is important. Writing is important. Watch and rank all of the John Lewis Christmas adverts. 2007: Shadows In its first Christmas advert, John Lewis shows a group of employees placing products – a desktop lamp, a Mac computer, a leather satchel – in a carefully assembled pile.

Watch and rank all of the John Lewis Christmas adverts

All the items together end up creating a shadow that looks like a woman walking her dog through the snow. Video Lesson Plans for Teachers. How can film help you teach or learn English? by Sol Navarro on Prezi. Esri Storytelling with Maps Contest. Historical amounts of snow fell in Boston during 2015 and it was the City of Boston’s job to manage the response.

Esri Storytelling with Maps Contest

Great reading strategies: ‘Story sequencing’ for developing comprehension. Over the course of this summer I’m going to be posting a long series looking at communicative classroom reading strategies.

Great reading strategies: ‘Story sequencing’ for developing comprehension

I’ll start each post with this little bit of blurb explaining my thinking behind the series, as well as what you can expect to find in each post. As this is the fourth post of the series, please feel free to read on although you should probably skip this section if you’ve read my previous entries in the series. As far as I’m concerned, when implementing strategy training of this kind in your classes teacher demonstration, modeling, and follow-up independent practice are all critical factors for success. Storehouse - Visual Storytelling. 5 Free Apps to Tell Creative Stories on Instagram. Instagram is more than just an app for photo filters, it’s a community to share stories.

5 Free Apps to Tell Creative Stories on Instagram

And sometimes, the app’s built-in features aren’t good enough to tell the story you want to. But there are some innovative third-party apps that let you get creative with Instagram. Third-party apps for Instagram are nothing new. In fact, some Instagram clients are better than the official app. Of course, you will still have to use the official app to upload your images, but these third-party apps let you do some cool edits to them before uploading. Quick. STELLER. Ideas for E.L.L.'s. In the Picture Word Inductive Model, students identify words in a photo as a first step in building new vocabulary.

Ideas for E.L.L.'s

Each month, Larry Ferlazzo, a teacher and edublogger, offers ideas for using recent Times articles, photographs and videos to engage English Language Learners — or any students for whom The New York Times can be challenging. When Japanese Are Told "Now Say It In English!" - Japanese Level Up. Ever been asked out of nowhere, “how do you say that in English?”

When Japanese Are Told "Now Say It In English!" - Japanese Level Up

CristinaSkyBox: Life, Light, Action! Videos for Storytelling. He squats motionless, his hands nimble with a lifetime of practice.

CristinaSkyBox: Life, Light, Action! Videos for Storytelling

At times, I wonder - is it him or his reflection which breathes? Under the midday sun, light, and life play tricks on my vision. Light, water, life all take over; harmonious movement, intense colours lightening up under the unforgiving heat. I hold my breathe, not wishing to disturb, yet aching to know the stories beyond. The stories that shimmer in the midday heat. Stories. Stories are meant to be told. When I began teaching, I did not have digital tools nor apps nor any digital device to entice learners. The longer I am in classrooms, the more I understand how relevant stories are to our learners, regardless of level and purpose of study.

TEL: Constructive Gamification in the classroom. I often feel when talking about TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) that gamification is a style of learning that we all struggle to regularly find meaningful ways in which we can use games to enhance learning.

TEL: Constructive Gamification in the classroom

I am a great believer in not just having technology for the sake of it and that if it doesn’t add anything to the lesson then don’t use it, but at the same time I do not doubt that we all feel, when used correctly, technology can be a great thing for teachers and learners. Interactive fiction tells you the beginning of a story before putting you in charge of the future and letting you decide what your character should do.

You make the choices which dictate the story’s outcome. Interactive Fiction in the Classroom. Essentially text-based, interactive fiction is a genre of games with roots that predate the internet.

Interactive Fiction in the Classroom

The player/reader makes choices that determine the outcome of the narrative. It's like a digital version of Dungeons & Dragons, the paper-based role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world. Writing Exercises and Prompts. Random First Line Generator. 10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills. Photo Updated, March 17, 2016 | We have published a companion piece: “8 Compelling Mini-Documentaries to Teach Close Reading and Critical Thinking Skills.” The Best Resources For Learning To Use The Video Apps “Vine” & Instagram. NOTE: This was originally a list only focused on Vine, but was expanded when Instagram added video-recording features Twitter’s new video app Vine is only supposed to be used by people over the age of seventeen, so it’s not usable in K-12 classes.

However, it is usable by educators communicating with other educators on social networks and, of course, by and for adult learners (or, as I do, by teachers filming the videos in their own account). Here are some useful resources on using the app, and I hope others will more — including if you have ideas on how to use it in teaching and learning: Here’s a useful video I learned about via Joe Dale: 8 Creative Ways To Use Six Seconds On Twitter Vine is from Make Use Of. 4 Storytelling Tips for Making 6-Second Short Films with Vine is from The 21st Century Fluency Project. Twitter’s Vine App Now Supports Embeds, Expanded To Facebook & Twitter is from TechCrunch. 20 Ways To Use Twitter’s Vine In Education is from The ASIDE blog. Infographic On Storytelling.

Make Kids' Books Online For Free! The small town photographer - an interactive story. The Big Dream – Full Text. Interactive Stories. Interactive Stories or Guided Stories is the name of an English language teaching technique developed by Mark White, a language teacher/writer. What is an Interactive Story? A Good & Simple Collaborative Storytelling Lesson. As regular readers know, I’ve been thinking more about collaborative storytelling and how to use it more effectively in my Intermediate English class.

Last week, in fact, I published The Best Sites For Collaborative Storytelling. I also recently ordered a game I read about called Story Cubes that I thought might be useful, but once I received it concluded it wasn’t very helpful in a class with English Language Learners. However, all those ideas got my brain going, and I came up with what turned-out to be an excellent lesson in my Intermediate English class yesterday. First, I had the class divide into groups of three. Story telling: the language teacher's oldest technique. Story telling: the language teacher's oldest technique Submitted by Mario Rinvolucri on 19 November, 2008 - 10:09 In this article Mario Rinvolucri explores a range of story telling techniques that he uses in the classroom and gives some insights into why these techniques are effective.

You can read the whole text or click on the links below to find out about an individual technique: Why story telling Can I open this article by asking you about listening to stories in your own experience?