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5 Free Apps to Tell Creative Stories on Instagram Instagram is more than just an app for photo filters, it’s a community to share stories. And sometimes, the app’s built-in features aren’t good enough to tell the story you want to. But there are some innovative third-party apps that let you get creative with Instagram. Third-party apps for Instagram are nothing new. In fact, some Instagram clients are better than the official app. Of course, you will still have to use the official app to upload your images, but these third-party apps let you do some cool edits to them before uploading. The Future of Content Creation in WordPress For as long as most of us can remember, WordPress has used TinyMCE as an interface for content creation. The intention behind using such an editor was to make blogging accessible to all – no need to learn HTML; just get writing. As the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress deserves the world’s greatest content creation interface. Not many would argue that TinyMCE deserves such recognition however.

Ideas for E.L.L.'s In the Picture Word Inductive Model, students identify words in a photo as a first step in building new vocabulary. Each month, Larry Ferlazzo, a teacher and edublogger, offers ideas for using recent Times articles, photographs and videos to engage English Language Learners — or any students for whom The New York Times can be challenging. This month: a picture-labeling activity to build vocabulary; a video-making challenge inspired by a Times piece about a piano; a sequencing exercise for understanding complex passages; and, finally, a “noisy, fun, and rambunctious learning game well worth the organized chaos that ensues.” Teaching With Photos Using The Picture Word Inductive Model The Picture Word Inductive Model, originally developed by Emily Calhoun can be used with E.L.L.’s.

3 Secret Ingredients for Making Your Content More Share-Worthy I often write for the sheer love of it. But when I publish my writing, I’m hoping for more. I want people to see it. Read it. When Japanese Are Told "Now Say It In English!" - Japanese Level Up Ever been asked out of nowhere, “how do you say that in English?” or “how do you say that in Japanese?” That unnatural translation request moment. Being pressured, with shaken confidence, and resulting hilarity? How AirBnb Is Using Content Marketing to Stay on Top In the business of connecting travelers with affordable, memorable, and sometimes unusual rooms, Airbnb rules the roost. But for the brand that revolutionized the hospitality industry and kickstarted the sharing economy’s P2P marketplace model, storytelling is proving to be among its greatest strengths. For the past 24 months, Inc. magazine’s company of the year has been crafting a lavish collection of branded content.

CristinaSkyBox: Life, Light, Action! Videos for Storytelling He squats motionless, his hands nimble with a lifetime of practice. At times, I wonder - is it him or his reflection which breathes? Under the midday sun, light, and life play tricks on my vision. Light, water, life all take over; harmonious movement, intense colours lightening up under the unforgiving heat. I hold my breathe, not wishing to disturb, yet aching to know the stories beyond. 5 Ways Design Thinking Can Help You Create a Killer Content Strategy Before Akshay Kothari sold Pulse to LinkedIn for $90 million, he was a reserved electrical engineering grad student at Stanford University. On a whim, he signed up for the introductory Design Thinking Bootcamp at the university’s with his friend and future business partner, computer science grad student Ankit Gupta. The school’s interactive style immediately made Kothari feel … awkward. “When I first started, I felt like I was in the wrong place,” he said.

Creating Narrated Slideshows with Google Tools This week I am hosting some guest bloggers. This is a guest post from Mike Petty. Last fall our high school purchased Chromebooks and the new principal set high expectations for more project-based learning and technology integration in all subjects. As the instructional technology coordinator for the district, this was great news for me! TEL: Constructive Gamification in the classroom I often feel when talking about TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) that gamification is a style of learning that we all struggle to regularly find meaningful ways in which we can use games to enhance learning. I am a great believer in not just having technology for the sake of it and that if it doesn’t add anything to the lesson then don’t use it, but at the same time I do not doubt that we all feel, when used correctly, technology can be a great thing for teachers and learners. Interactive fiction tells you the beginning of a story before putting you in charge of the future and letting you decide what your character should do. You make the choices which dictate the story’s outcome. In a learning environment this can be used to encourage students to research, to create a story relating to a subject and creating problems to be solved in a ‘basic’ computer programming environment.

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