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Using Advertisements for EFL ESL. Pages Friday, 29 May 2009 Using Advertisements for EFL ESL So I was delighted to see Coloribus which claims to be the world's biggest ad archive with over 2 million ads. The site has a huge range of ads from all over the world so will be useful what ever language you are teaching. You could even explore the different approaches to advertising the same products in different countries and cultures.

One very handy feature of the site, is that the video clips can be viewed online or downloaded for off line viewing. Really handy if your connection is slow or unreliable. You can get studentsLooking at the language used in adsExamining the rationale behind them ( who are the aimed at, and how do they make the product appealing etc.)Describing favourite ads or ones they don't likeWatching and describing adsActing the ads out in classCreating their own adsetc I hope you and your students enjoy these advertisements.Related links: Best Nik Peachey Labels: advertisements, authentic materials, video. is down. Is there any other advertisement archive that can replace it? Using Advertisements for EFL ESL.

The 12 Best How-To Sites That Everyone Should Bookmark. Do you know how to change the oil on your car? What about how to knit a scarf? Or how to make compost? If you need some help with life’s little chores, the internet is full of guidance. But which sites should you head to when you need some advice? WikiHow is a collaborative site that allows anyone to submit an article about a topic of their choosing. The list of categories is massive. 2. Instructables is a how-to site with seven categories—Circuits, Workshop, Craft, Cooking, Living, Outside, and Teachers. Projects on the site have varying degrees of complexity, but there are also varying degrees of “wackiness.” 3. eHow In terms of content, eHow is similar to wikiHow. The site is divided into six categories: Home Décor and Repair, Crafts, Food and Drink, Garden, Fashion and Beauty, and Holidays. 4. It’s easy to overlook YouTube—it’s not something a lot of people think of when considering the best how-to sites on the web.

But if you don’t check it out, you’re missing out. 5. r/howto 6. 7. 8. How Dialogue Journals Build Teacher-Student Relationships. ESL Speaking Tip: Expressing an Opinion | English Speaking Tips. ESL Speaking Tip: How to Express your Opinion Another very common question type of speaking exam question is expressing an opinion.

For example, part six of the TOEIC speaking test shows a question on the screen. You then have 15 seconds to prepare, and 60 seconds to answer the question. When you speak, you are evaluated on: pronunciation, intonation and stress, grammar, vocabulary, relevance of content, and completeness of content. You can use these four simple steps to do well on these kinds of speaking exam questions. 4 Simple Steps to Express your Opinion Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Let’s put it all together in a couple of examples. ESL Speaking Tip, Example #1: “When taking a college course, do you prefer online lectures or classroom lectures?

ESL Speaking Tip, Example #2: “Which of the following skills is the most important thing for parents to teach their children? Did you Like this ESL Speaking Tip? Do you want to get a better job? Teaching Students to Legally Use Images Online. English Listening Tip: Listen for One Specific Thing | ESL Listening. If you’re looking for some of the best ESL listening activities and games, then you’re certainly in the right place. Keep on reading for some of the best ELL listening activities, along with tips and tricks for English learners to improve their listening skills. ELL listening activities ESL Listening Activities and Games Do you want to improve your English listening? #1: The Flyswatter ESL Listening Game I love to use this ESL listening game when I want to have some fun with my students. Say the word and students have to find itGive hints about the wordStart a sentence and students have to finish it with a word on the boardEtc.

Find out all the options for one of the best ELL listening games here: Flyswatter Game. #2: Dictogloss ELL Listening Activity Try out this challenging listening ESL activity for higher-level students. Then, put students into pairs and read it out at a faster than normal pace for the level of the students. ESL Dictogloss Activity. #3: Dictation Practice #4: Does it Match? How to Create Free Professional Newsletters in Minutes. There are a lot of free options available to anyone who wants to create a professional looking newsletter. Few are as easy to use as eLink. With a free and premium version of the service, eLink makes it extremely easy to put together a beautifully designed newsletter promoting online content in a matter of minutes. With the free version of eLink, your page is embeddable and you can share the link with anyone, but in order to send it as a newsletter, you will have to upgrade to the pro version for $15 a month. You will then be able to send your newsletters using Gmail or MailChimp.

Another significant difference between the free and paid versions is a banner at the bottom of your newsletter promoting eLink. Both the free and paid versions, however, get you unlimited newsletters. All you need to do is prepare the links you want to promote in your newsletter. Once you have your links and images ready, it’s a matter of following a few simple steps. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6. 小田原 英会話、ビジネス英語でネイティブと電話する方法(1) Speaking: Inventions.

By Paul Charles The main objective is speaking fluency, but also comparative and superlative adjectives and modal verbs of speculation (could be, might be…) Time: 90 minutes Age: teenagers or adults Level: intermediate + 8 fun ways to practice presentations! | The Business English Experience. Every day, people find themselves in the tricky situation of presenting to an audience. Stakes are often high with not only the individual’s but also the organisation’s risk at stake. Presentations serve a multitude of purposes: to instruct or persuade the audience, to relay (un)pleasant news, propose a course of action or perhaps help influence a major decision. It’s therefore no surprise that pre-service learners of English are often required to complete presentation training classes in English. I found myself teaching presentation skills on a logistics course at a university this semester where I had previously only taught academic writing.

Although I have plenty of experience in presentation training, working with people already in employment is very different to teaching the same skill to a group of 20-year-old university students! Who am I? Language focus: structure and signposting in basic presentations Lots of people need to describe how something works. The winner! Like this: Presentations - Preparation 4. Can you name the 3 most important things when giving any presentation? Number 1 is . . . Preparation Number 2 is . . . Preparation! Number 3 is . . . Preparation!! With good preparation and planning you will be totally confident and less nervous. Objective Before you start to prepare a presentation, you should ask yourself: "Why am I making this presentation? " Audience "Who am I making this presentation to?

" Venue "Where am I making this presentation? " Time and length "When am I making this presentation and how long will it be? " Method How should I make this presentation? " Content "What should I say? " Structure A well organised presentation with a clear structure is easier for the audience to follow. Notes When you give your presentation, you should be - or appear to be - as spontaneous as possible. Rehearsal Rehearsal is a vital part of preparation. So prepare, prepare, prepare! Well, we've told you about the importance of preparation. High School ESL: ESL lesson plan - adverts. This is a conversation based lesson that contains plenty of videos to get the students talking. I have done it with a few different classes and found this to be the most fun and interesting way to teach the students about adverts. Lesson aim.To learn vocabulary related to advertising.

To be able to talk about adverts.Time.50 minutesWhat you need.Adverts presentation. (To watch the adverts just click on the link in the ppt) Internet connection.What to do.Activity one. (Introduction)Show the first slide and ask the students to read the sentences. In groups ask them to try and guess the meanings of the highlighted words. Activity two.Put the students into pairs with one of the students facing away from the screen. Activity three.Show the next advert.

7 FREE ESL Advertising/marketing Powerpoint presentations, exercises. The Careers of the Founders - Fleximize. Business English Making Appointments Lesson | Business English Conversation | Business English Ebook. Making appointment. 6 Storytelling Apps That Get English Language Learners Talking. For English language learners (ELLs) in the classroom, speaking English in front of others — particularly native speakers — can cause tremendous anxiety.

In fact, the dread of speaking can actually interfere with students’ ability to learn. Even with the most well-planned, immersive, real-world learning opportunities, the brains of students with high anxiety won’t be receptive to learning, according to Stephen Krashen’s “Affective Filter Hypothesis” (and the brain research that supports it). So how can we design speaking activities that don’t make our students’ hearts race and palms sweat? Digital storytelling can be an effective way for ELLs to practice speaking English without the stress of being “on stage.” Apps and tech tools allow students to practice in the comfort of their own home by themselves or with a caregiver. Here are a few digital storytelling tools to help get your ELLs talking.

Untitled. It’s the start of a new school year. Soon you will be standing at the head of a room full of new faces. You could dive into a 5 minute speech about yourself, hoping no one falls asleep, or you could wow students with a visually engaging video. What do you want the students to know about you? Here are a few ideas to get you started.Where did you grow up? Show pictures of your home town or video from your childhood.What schools did you attended? Be sure to combine pictures, video clips, and text to tell your story.

What’s even better? The University of Manchester - in our own words. Take a Virtual Tour of Cal Poly Pomona! Plotagon Is A Free & Simple Tool For Creating Animations. 15+ Resources to Inspire Writing with Digital Prompts. Included in the Digital Tips Advent Calendar and part of the Effective Technology Integration category “The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.” ~ Vladimir Nabakov One of my favorite activities with my students was having them keep daily journals. Each day, they knew the routine. Grab their journals, grab a pillow, sit where they want and spend 5 minutes responding to the prompt on the board. Vary the types of writing students do!

Challenge: Try one of these resources for writing prompts. Writing prompts, by shellyterrell 31 Days of Digital Tech Integration Tips. Using Photos in EFL Classrooms, Part 2 | A Journey in TEFL. Using Photos in Language Classes, Part 1 | A Journey in TEFL. “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” Dorothea Lange Visuals are useful and powerful tools to enhance the use of language, combining the images and the concepts they refer in the minds of the learners. Photos, as all visual images, also encourage the learners to predict and guess the story of the photo they are looking at.

It is easy to bring the real world into the classroom and talk and discuss about it. Today’s children love taking photos. They love taking “selfies” but they also take photos of everyday objects, food, the place they live, the place they visit and they don’t need a camera for taking photos anymore. They don’t even need to go somewhere to develop them to bring into the classroom. I think we can ask them to take their own photos or we can bring the ones that we have taken or chosen from other people’s sets. In the early years the photos can be used to Teach, revise vocabulary Drill the target language Describe the photo Role play. World Music Composer. Authentic materials in EFL classroom | Ljiljana Havran's Blog. Using authentic materials in EFL classes will engage students and keep them exploring and playing with English in a way that will help them improve the language, and will also prepare them to use it in real life situations.

In this post I described two aviation English lessons I designed for upper-intermediate level students a few years ago, in which I used the authentic materials from the Internet. This post was also part of an assignment I completed for a Serbian online seminar (which I attended this school year) about developing information and media literacy in our schools. This is a video-based Aviation English lesson for upper-intermediate level students. The aim of the lesson is to revise the Aviation English vocabulary related to emergency landing, and to practise and improve listening and speaking skills.

You can find the Lesson plan here. 1. Show the video “U.S. 2. You can find the text and vocabulary exercises here. 3. 1. 2. 3. E.g.