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Sans titre. Words by Christoph Niemann – Creative Review. Illustrator Christoph Niemann’s charming new book for children offers a way to discover the beauty of language and, in particular, the subtle differences between words “What can you do with a word?”

Words by Christoph Niemann – Creative Review

Asks Christoph Niemann in his introduction to his forthcoming illustrated children’s book, Words. Made as a celebration of both language and art, the book aims to help young readers discover 300 key words in context. Unit Editions — Graphic Stamps. Écrire la ville ∙ Radiographie d’un parcours skateboard. Nguyen Trinh Thi : Lettres de Panduranga – Les presses du réel (book) Lettres de Panduranga CAPC [see all titles] Texts by Erin Gleeson and Nora A.

Nguyen Trinh Thi : Lettres de Panduranga – Les presses du réel (book)

Taylor. Graphic design: Thomas Bizzarri & Alain Rodriguez. L‘Atlas du vide. L'Atlas du vide n’est pas un VÉRITABLE ATLAS CLASSIQUE.

L‘Atlas du vide

L’Atlas du vide a été conçu en creux : décrire le monde par ce qu’il n’est pas, envisager chaque pays par ce qu’il ne contient pas. L’Atlas du vide n’a pas été imaginé comme un énième « le saviez-vous ? Bijutsukai. Maria Fischer · Portfolio · Traumgedanken. Códice Mendoza - INAH 2015. River Deep Mountain High. Comparative Perspectives -Heights of Mountains, Lengths of Rivers [click on any image for the large version.

River Deep Mountain High

Very large versions also available] Illustration Title: Comparative Heights of the Principal Mountains and Lengths of the Principal Rivers of The World Publisher: William Darton Publication Title: 'New and Improved View of the Comparative Heights of the Principal Mountains and Lengths of the Principal Rivers In The World, The whole Judiciously arranged from the various Authorities Extant'. Author: WR Gardner Date: 1823 The writing in the top left corner of the plate: 'Notices to the Rivers' from 'Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers' -- [book • review]: "This may be the earliest chart to depict the heights of mountains and the lengths of rivers together in one illustration, with the rivers hanging down over the mountains. Full color. ßeta.Webibli - Le Concept. Webibli est une plateforme de prêt de livres autour du web, du graphisme et du développement, alimentée par ses utilisateurs.

ßeta.Webibli - Le Concept

Pour qui ? Les professionnels du web, graphistes, développeurs, UX/UI designers, intégrateurs, webdesigners, product managers… mais aussi les étudiants, les curieux, les autodidactes, les amoureux du web, les experts, les nuls, les reconvertis (print is not dead !)...

Enfants du Monde

The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2015. Seasonal cuisine. Children’s Textbook Covers in 1920s Japan. Children’s Textbook Covers in 1920s Japan Covers and endpapers from a series of Japanese textbooks, 小学生全集 ("Complete Works for Elementary School Students") via the National Diet Library 1929 (cover used for both "Little Lord Fauntleroy" and "Marshal Togo and General Nogi") I stumbled upon this book series while rooting around again in the massive NDL.

Children’s Textbook Covers in 1920s Japan

I featured a handful of these covers back in 2009 in some posts of Japanese book covers, though at the time I knew nothing about them (not that I know much more now). I also featured Takeo Takei's illustrations for the H. I think the series ran to 80+ books—the NDL has digitized 37 volumes published between 1927 and 1929. It's hard to determine the illustrators and designers responsible for most of these. If you like this post, don't miss the "Takeo Takei" filter. 1929, "Story of Astronomy and Minerals" 1928, illustration by Seiko for The Blue Bird 1927, Alice in Wonderland (appears to have been translated by the mighty Akutagawa) Index Grafik. « Au cours de sa longue et prolifique carrière, Paul Rand (1914-1996) fut directeur artistique, enseignant, écrivain et consultant en design auprès de sociétés comme IBM ou UPS … on peut le considérer comme le père du graphisme moderne.

Index Grafik

Une aventure commencée dans les années 1930 au cours desquelles Rand développe un langage visuel jusqu’alors inédit dans la publicité, domaine qu’il va littéralement professionnaliser. Dans les années 1940, Paul Rand marque de son empreinte la conception des couvertures de magazines et fixe son vocabulaire créatif, fondé sur le lien étroit entre le fond et la forme là où prévalaient le style et la technique. Les années 1950 sont celles des grandes entreprises. Little Tree: An Uncommonly Beautiful and Subtle Japanese Pop-Up Book about the Cycle of Life. By Maria Popova “No one notices such a small presence…”

Little Tree: An Uncommonly Beautiful and Subtle Japanese Pop-Up Book about the Cycle of Life

Boooook. November 23, 2014 November 21, 2014 「東京ミキサー計画 ハイレッド・センター直接行動の記録」 赤瀬川原平 Parco出版局 読了。


2 days ago [High-Res] 54 notes Tag: 赤瀬川原平© Parco出版局© Une brève histoire des lignes - Tim Ingold - liseuse Lekti. Editions B2. Storytelling on a shoestring. Jonny Trunk, who with Richard Embray nurtured and compiled this book as an homage to the production company, describes how the two men worked at Firmin’s farm in Kent.

Storytelling on a shoestring

Postgate wrote the scripts and filmed the animations in the main barn, while Firmin created the puppets and sets in a converted cowshed. Together, often on a shoestring budget, they were endlessly resourceful and inventive, devising articulated skeletons for the puppets from bits of metal and wood, planets from polystyrene and plaster, and a home-made animation table using Meccano and bicycle chains.