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Quantum Equation Suggests The Big Bang Never Occurred – The Universe Has No Beginning. When it comes to the science regarding the true nature of our reality, you won’t find a shortage of theories, or a shortage of criticisms of each theory.

Quantum Equation Suggests The Big Bang Never Occurred – The Universe Has No Beginning

We are like a race with amnesia, trying to discover and search for an answer that most probably exists, but has yet to be discovered. How did the universe begin? According to new research, there might not have been a big bang. Instead, the universe might have existed forever. The theory was derived from the mathematics of general relativity, and compliment Einstein’s theory of general relativity. “The Big Bang singularity is the most serious problem of general relativity because the laws of physics appear to break down there The big bang theory postulates that everything in existence resulted from a single event that launched the creation of the entire universe and that everything in existence today was once part of a single infinitely dense point, also known as the “singularity.”

How to Publish a Book on Amazon. How to Publish a Book on Amazon No, we’re not talking about reselling a book you’ve just read – we’re talking about actually going through Amazon to publish your own pages without the daunting prospect of agents, publishers, and pitches.

How to Publish a Book on Amazon

For writers looking to sell their books in a simpler way, Amazon’s independent publishing options are the perfect solution. First, you’ll want to pick your platform. Amazon offers a few different options when it comes to publishing – via Kindle, print, or audio. Royalties are different depending on which you select, and each goes through a different system (Kindle Direct Publishing for the Kindle, CreateSpace for print, and ACX for audio. Self-publishers, listen up – we’ve got all the details below! Senator Pan caught lying about vaccine ingredients after taking bribes to push mandatory vaccination bill.

Problem loading page. How Plumbing (Not Vaccines) Eradicated Disease. Dr. Clark's Brain Based Blog: How Vaccines Cause Autoimmune Conditions. I want to take a few minutes and explain how vaccines are related to autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Clark's Brain Based Blog: How Vaccines Cause Autoimmune Conditions

This is complex, so I’m going to try to keep it fairly basic--but true. I’m not going to dumb down anything. The first thing you have to understand is what does a vaccine actually do? Well, a vaccine does one thing-- make your immune system become activated against whatever is in that vaccine. The bodyguard - 2011 SUMMER - Stanford Medicine Magazine - Stanford University School of Medicine. So, how’s your immune system doing?

The bodyguard - 2011 SUMMER - Stanford Medicine Magazine - Stanford University School of Medicine

Measles Vaccines Part II; Benefits of Contracting Measles ~ by Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD) Continued from part I HERE Well-managed natural infectious diseases are beneficial for children.

Measles Vaccines Part II; Benefits of Contracting Measles ~ by Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)

When infectious diseases of childhood are not mismanaged by the administration of antibiotics, or by suppressing fever, the diseases prime and mature the immune system and also represent developmental milestones. Having measles not only results in life-long specific immunity to measles, but also in life-long non-specific immunity to degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, sebaceous skin diseases, immunoreactive diseases and certain tumours as demonstrated by Ronne (1985). Having mumps protects against ovarian cancer (West 1969). This is the area that should be researched and the results heeded instead of trying the impossible: to eradicate infectious diseases. Approaching childhood diseases with common sense and wisdom. Asthma and allergies prevented by natural measles disease.

Engineered measles virus used in anti-cancer therapy. The dangers of medical interference in disease management. Vaccine Research. Articles on vaccine-injury your doctor hasn't read. Two Studies Showing a Positive Association between Autism and Childhood Vaccination In "A Positive Association Found Between Autism Prevalence and Childhood Vaccination Uptake Across the U.S.

Articles on vaccine-injury your doctor hasn't read

Population" published in the May 2011 issue, pages 903-916 in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, researchers suspect that one or more environmental triggers could be a cause in the development of autism. Forced Vaccination Is a Crime Against Humanity. By Ralph Fucetola, J.D. | Dr.

Forced Vaccination Is a Crime Against Humanity

Rima Truth Reports Editor’s Note: As we digest the decision in Australia to deny religious exemptions and that country’s efforts to threaten its poor citizens to decide between their children’s starvation and getting a potentially life-threatening vaccination, Attorney Fucetola once again gives us some historical & legal context in which to form a more well-informed point of view about this important human right’s issue. Foundation Legal Director Ralph Fucetola JD takes a look at the Nuremberg Code and other sources of International Law to conclude that Forced Vaccinations are a Crime Against Humanity. Denying Informed Consent Violates the Nuremberg Code Forced Vaccination is a Crime Against Humanity. No-fault compensation following adverse events attributed to vaccination: a review of international programmes.

Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) The ACCV advises and makes recommendations to the Secretary of Health and Human Services on issues relating to the operation of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV)

Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Compensated through Vaccine Court. You'll Be Surprised At What's Missing! Lexical Lacunae: Words We Should Have But Don't. Breaking Boundaries by Kathleen Feain - Catalyst. Have you ever wondered why there are so many Boundary roads throughout the larger cities within Australia?

Breaking Boundaries by Kathleen Feain - Catalyst

Boundary roads are a remnant from our colonial past, which was characterised by the subjugation of Aborigines to the implanted government, police forces, schools and churches. The lasting impacts of this domination upon the collective consciousness of an entire population aren’t regularly discussed in today’s society. During the mid-1800s, in various settlements across the country, laws were passed which established boundary lines for the purpose of better aligning the streets and regulating the local police forces. In effect, these laws allowed curfews to be placed on Indigenous people, which exiled them outside the boundary lines of various towns. When non-Indigenous Australians learn about this history, feelings of ‘white guilt’ may be deepened, whereby people feel guilty for the ongoing impact of colonisation on Aboriginal Australia.

Jason's Lyric - The Sexiest Movie Sex Scenes of All Time. The Conflicted Existence of the Female Porn Writer: Column 1: An Introduction. Let me be clear about something: I never set out to become a porn writer.

The Conflicted Existence of the Female Porn Writer: Column 1: An Introduction.

I set out to be a writer. Ever since I was seven, I’ve wanted to write novels and children’s books and illustrate my own work. But, as it turns out, writing fiction isn’t such an easy thing to make a living at, and along the way I stumbled off the path and wound up here, amidst the plastic-wrapped, two-for-one skin magazines. Erotica/Porn Writers' FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

I get a lot of questions about how one gets started writing erotica/porn, and how one continues doing it. This FAQ grew out of a long letter written to me by Servalan Ranier, who kindly consented to let me reprint questions. I hope it will expand as more people ask me questions and I try to answer them. Straight From The Editor's Mouth: The Verdict On Ending Sentences With Prepositions.

Porn/Erotica Magazine Resource List for Writers. Joanne Harris highlights sexism in the publishing industry in string of tweets. The Do's And Dont's Of Writing Erotic Fiction. Sex is at the heart of what it means to be human. It’s vitally important to nearly all of us. It’s a driving force in our daily lives (even when we’re celibate), and its mysteries are infinite.

So it bewilders me that — as a rule — erotica is seldom taken seriously, either by writers or readers. Intelligent, well-written erotica is a rare, rare thing (and I’ve been looking for it all of my life). I believe that in order to write well about sex, we have to resist the version of sexuality that’s brandished at us every day by the advertising and fashion industry: most especially the idea that we can only be aroused by superficiality and perfection. Three days in a refuge. Updated Introduction. Angel Heart - The Sexiest Movie Sex Scenes of All Time. A Discussion of "Harm None, Do as You Will" Part One - Wicca for Serious Practitioners. "Very" and Other Useless Words to Erase Forever. Metaphysically Speaking: False Twin Flames. One Man's Donated Blood Has Saved More Than Two Million Lives. Free Referencing Generator - Harvard, APA, MLA. Writer's Circle. 21 Melbourne Walks That Will Take Your Breath Away.

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