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Karthik Krishnamoorthy

Can We Say Good-Bye to Reading Glasses? When it comes to signs of aging, different people have different pet peeves.

Can We Say Good-Bye to Reading Glasses?

Some of us really don’t like those gray hairs…others sigh over a lost silhouette…still others (like me) hate needing reading glasses to see what’s on the menu. Since exercise improves the strength, flexibility and function of our bodies, it makes sense that eye exercises could improve our ability to see close up. Yet this is a controversial topic. Though various studies have found no clear benefit from eye exercises, many holistic practitioners and their patients say that vision can indeed be improved. The challenge with aging eyes: Many people first become farsighted—meaning that nearby objects look blurry even though more distant objects are clear—starting in their 40s. Detractors of eye exercise say that it won’t restore lens elasticity. More on Eyeglasses andEye Health So the answer to the question, “Can eye exercises help us say good riddance to reading glasses?” Dr. 50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory.

How do you get a job as a designer without going to design school? "Cargo Cult Science" - by Richard Feynman. Richard Feynman From a Caltech commencement address given in 1974 Also in Surely You're Joking, Mr.

"Cargo Cult Science" - by Richard Feynman

Feynman! During the Middle Ages there were all kinds of crazy ideas, such as that a piece of of rhinoceros horn would increase potency. Then a method was discovered for separating the ideas--which was to try one to see if it worked, and if it didn't work, to eliminate it. This method became organized, of course, into science. Facebook AI Director Yann LeCun on His Quest to Unleash Deep Learning and Make Machines Smarter. Artificial intelligence has gone through some dismal periods, which those in the field gloomily refer to as “AI winters.”

Facebook AI Director Yann LeCun on His Quest to Unleash Deep Learning and Make Machines Smarter

This is not one of those times; in fact, AI is so hot right now that tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, Baidu, and Microsoft are battling for the leading minds in the field. The current excitement about AI stems, in great part, from groundbreaking advances involving what are known as “convolutional neural networks.” This machine learning technique promises dramatic improvements in things like computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing. A refutation of the history channel show Ancient Aliens. Recently I had a conversation. Recently I had a conversation with someone near and dear to me when I verbalized a bunch of ideas about social media that I had apparently been dwelling on.

Recently I had a conversation

They were thought provoking. Here are my observations... I recently took a month long sabbatical from all social media. It was extremely refreshing. I highly recommend it to anyone that has the balls to attempt it. Emoji cheat sheet for Campfire and GitHub. Dialogues of Plato. Sacred Texts Classics Plato, the greatest philosopher of ancient Greece, was born in Athens in 428 or 427 B.C.E. to an aristocratic family.

Dialogues of Plato

He studied under Socrates, who appears as a character in many of his dialogues. Bigger data; same laptop. This post follows up the previous post, “Scalability!

Bigger data; same laptop

But at what COST?” , which got a great response. The short version of the previous post is that for the graph datasets and computations the scalable systems research community is currently looking at, a laptop outperforms the scalable systems. OSC — It's Log! It's Log! It's Big, It's Hyper, It's Good! What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs?

OSC — It's Log! It's Log! It's Big, It's Hyper, It's Good!

(thanks OpenClipArt) Have you heard about the HyperLogLog data structure? It sounds something out of science fiction. Why We Remember So Many Things Wrong - The New Yorker. R.

Why We Remember So Many Things Wrong - The New Yorker

T. first heard about the Challenger explosion as she and her roommate sat watching television in their Emory University dorm room. A news flash came across the screen, shocking them both. R. T., visibly upset, raced upstairs to tell another friend the news. Then she called her parents. R. Bigger data; same laptop.

Six Rules for Dining Out. A bad or mediocre meal is more than just an unpleasant taste, it is an unnecessary negation of one of life’s pleasures—a wasted chance to refine our palates, learn about the world, and share a rewarding experience.

Six Rules for Dining Out

Virtually every locale offers some good meals at a good price. But too often, amidst the clutter of our days, we don’t find them—at least not consistently. I’ve been an economist for some 30 years, and a foodie for nearly as long. In this time, I’ve learned that by applying some basic economics to my food choices, I can make nearly every meal count. I’ve also realized that a lot of the best food is cheap. In the Fanciest Restaurants, Order What Sounds Least Appetizing At fancy and expensive restaurants (say, $50 and up for a dinner), you can follow a simple procedure to choose the best meal. The logic is simple. Many popular-sounding items, on the other hand, can be slightly below the menu’s average quality. You Have No Idea How Wrong You Are. FreeVisualTools - DEBATE MAPS.