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Sierra trading post coupons 40% on Men's Branded Clothing. Shop forward to extra discounts with sierra trading post coupons 40% Blue LEDs Are the Future of Food Preservation. Blue LEDs, once confined to the world of digital displays and Blu-ray players, have just found a new calling: food preservation.

Blue LEDs Are the Future of Food Preservation

New research at the National University of Singapore shows the potential of using blue LEDs as a chemical-free method to kill bacteria that lead to spoilage. Earlier this year, public concern about artificial preservatives pushed fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, Subway, and Panera to seriously rethink the ways they keep their food fresh. Using blue LEDs could potentially kill the same bacteria that preservatives do without any of the scary, outrage-rousing chemicals. The researchers looked at the effect of blue LED exposure on three of the major colonies of bugs that cause food to rot and stomachs to turn: Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella. Their paper, published in the journal Food Microbiology, showed that the blue lights succeeded in inactivating the bacteria, with even better results in cold temperatures and acidic conditions.

Balance your budget with sierra trading post coupons 40% codes. The announcement of sierra trading post coupons 40% codes for the blast of discounts. FBI Considers Recruiting HS Students for Cybersecurity Jobs. Cybersecurity is a top government initiative, and faced with a lack of candidates for those jobs, the FBI is considering recruiting high school students.

FBI Considers Recruiting HS Students for Cybersecurity Jobs

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is turning to other government agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency, for hiring tips after a watchdog report said the federal law enforcement agency did not have enough cyber cops to adequately monitor and prevent security threats. Part of the reason the FBI has struggled to attract top cybersecurity talent has been the agency’s tough stance on drug use and low compensation rates compared to positions offered in the private sector, the report from the U.S.

Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General said. The federal government has made cybersecurity one of its top initiatives in recent years, with the director of the FBI saying cybercrime could pose a larger threat to terrorism in the years to come. Best deals on great brands with sierra trading post coupons 40% codes. Know the preview of spring with sierra trading post coupons 40% codes. Study Finds Bad Yelp Review Is Death Knell For New Business. As more American tech companies grab headlines for providing generous paid time off benefits to new parents, the Navy is making some waves of its own below the radar.

Study Finds Bad Yelp Review Is Death Knell For New Business

Beginning Wednesday, female sailors became eligible to take up to 18 weeks of paid maternity leave after giving birth, tripling the six weeks previously given to women in the Navy and Marine Corps. The change took effect the same day that Microsoft announced it plans to boost its parental leave to 20 weeks for mothers and 12 weeks for fathers, and just one day after Netlfix said that it will provide paid maternity and paternity leave for up to one year to employees. “Meaningful maternity leave when it matters most is one of the best ways that we can support the women who serve our county,” said Navy Secretary Ray Mabus last month. The Navy Times reported the 18-week leave was inspired, in part, by Google, which bumped its maternity leave up to that allotment of time in 2007. The shift will benefit thousands of families.

123inkjets coupon code - 30% off promo codes online deals. 7 Steps For Writing a Blog Post That People Will Read. Why is it so hard to write something people will actually READ?

7 Steps For Writing a Blog Post That People Will Read

It’s one thing to share your thoughts and feelings on a topic, but it’s an entirely different thing to do it in a way that makes a difference to your readers and your business. There are plenty of copywriting tips out there that will help you boost conversions, but sometimes you need to see the process as a whole. Here are seven steps for writing a blog post that people will actually read: Step #1: Choose a Topic Your Audience Cares About In the past, blogs were mostly used by teenagers to share their inner musings and bad poetry.

The solution is to write about topics other people care about. Step #2: Write a LOT of Headlines for Every Post. Drjays coupon 10% - 20% 30% off promo codes online discounts. The Most Common Sources of Food Poisoning. A new FDA report looks at where foodborne illnesses come from.

The Most Common Sources of Food Poisoning

A late-night roiling stomach is cause for frenzied reflection. After wondering if you’re getting sick, your thoughts will likely wander to your most recent meal, prompting that anxiety-inducing question: “Was it something I ate?” If it was, you’d be among the 48 million people who get foodborne illnesses in the United States each year. And a new report by the Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration offers some insight on what these 48 million people are likely to have eaten before getting sick.

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A local SEO checklist: tips and tricks for success - Knowledge

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Enjoy joy of getting discounts around year for all months January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. 6 Tips to Grow Your Business Quickly. No entrepreneur launches a startup and hopes that the business will progress at a snail's pace.

6 Tips to Grow Your Business Quickly

For most new business owners, rapid growth and market recognition are at the top of the list of goals for their fledgling venture. But immediate success has always been the exception, not the rule — and even at that, nothing truly happens overnight. How Fast Can a Company Get Access to Its Data? Brunkfordbraun/Flickr Today’s digital world is making yesterday’s data storage models obsolete.

How Fast Can a Company Get Access to Its Data?

According to International Data Group, unstructured data is growing at a rate of 62 percent per year. When coupled with increased use of analytics, companies are finding new ways to maximize insights for things such as employee hiring and engagement, customer experience and product development and delivery.