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Sierra Trading Post 40% Off Free Shipping

Sierra Trading Post 40% Off Free Shipping
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1 in 5 Americans Use Internet 'Almost Constantly': Pew Study A great majority of Americans go online every day, and 21 percent use the Internet "almost constantly," according to a survey by Pew Research Center. Of the 87 percent of survey respondents who reported going online at all, the most common option chosen was that they go on "several times a day," with only 6 percent reporting not going online at least daily. Related: Millennials Love Kik, Snapchat and Other Messaging Apps: Pew Young people were more likely to say they went online "almost constantly" — 36 percent of people aged 18-29, and 28 percent of the 30-49 group.

Kids teaching robots: Is this the future of education? What do a precocious computer elf, a math-loving avatar and a robot with terrible handwriting have in common? They’re all digital spins on the educational theory of learning-by-teaching. Decades of studies have shown that students learn a subject better when asked to help another learner. Traditionally, this meant taking the time to pair off students into peer-tutoring arrangements. Now, education researchers at about a dozen universities around the world are trying to supercharge the idea with technology.

Slacking Off: Can Office Chatrooms Make Us More Productive Time Wasters? When Normative, a software design firm, introduced Slack to its staff nine months ago, the first office chatroom looked like Twitter during an episode of Game of Thrones. GIFs and jokes flowed freely and employees, mostly the men, chatted with abandon. The guys having the most fun had been chatting online since early chat client mIRC was popular in the 1990s. Israel 'spied on Iran talks' Washington (AFP) - Israel has spied on Iran's nuclear talks with the United States and other major powers, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. Israel quickly dismissed the report as "not true", and denied spying on the United States. The Journal report, quoting current and former US officials, said the operation was designed to infiltrate the talks and help build a case against the emerging terms of a deal. Besides eavesdropping, Israel obtained information from confidential US briefings, informants and diplomatic contacts in Europe, the officials told the Journal. It added that more than the espionage, what irked the White House was the fact that Israel shared inside information with American legislators in a bid to sap support for a deal intended to limit Iran’s nuclear program.

People are these days buying gadgets online When you are looking to buy a gadget, you always have to make sure that you are buying the genuine products. This is because; when it comes to gadgets, you should be very pernickety about them. And selecting the best online shops, where you can get discounts and good offers, is a great idea when it comes to purchasing gadgets. These days, thanks to the availability of various options, one can buy various things from anywhere. This is why, when you are planning to purchase a mobile phone or any other gadget (like a laptop or tablet), always be sure about what exactly you need. Some stores will lure you with lucrative offers, but you should always think about the big picture. Dr Jays Coupon 20% Coupons, Other top stores 4inkjets Coupons Amazon Coupons JCPenney Coupons Puritans Pride Coupons Target Coupons Vitamin World Coupons Drjays coupon codes 20% 30% off promo codes online discounts: Drjays coupon 20% and 30% off promo codes online discounts saves extra up to 30% other discount 10% 40% coupons plus free shipping 2014. Enjoy joy of getting discounts around year for all months January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Transforming all donated blood into a universal type What do you do when a patient needs a blood transfusion but you don't have their blood type in the blood bank? It's a problem that scientists have been trying to solve for years but haven't been able to find an economic solution - until now. University of British Columbia chemists and scientists in the Centre for Blood Research have created an enzyme that could potentially solve this problem.

We Stepped Into The Void - VRScout Like most people keeping an eye on virtual reality, I watched the sizzler video released by The Void and thought a few things in succession. Number one: That would be badass. Number two: Who the hell are these guys? And finally: I wonder if they’ve actually built any of this. Google is testing targeted TV ads Google is hoping to bring its ad tracking technology from the web to televisions, potentially changing the future of the ad business. The tech giant is starting a trial of its new service in Kansas City, tracking the ad views of every house with a Google Fiber box. Google Fiber is the company’s division that provides Internet and television to various locales around the country. It first became available in 2012 in Kansas City, and has since expanded to other cities. Bigger cities, including Atlanta, are set to become Google Fiber markets soon. From a Google Fiber blog post:

Engineered Mosquitoes Could Eliminate Deadly Malaria Strain — NOVA Next Human-engineered, malaria-resistant mosquitoes could be ready for field tests in less than a year. Scientists now have all the pieces in place to release mosquitoes into the wild with traits that would could eliminate them as vectors for Plasmodium falciparum, the parasite that causes malaria. The new study merges the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system with gene drives, the so-called selfish genes that ensure subsequent generations retain a given trait. Anopheles stephensi Mosquitoes reproduce fast enough that the required traits could spread throughout a wild population in as few as five years. Back when we first reported on the CRISPR-Cas9-gene drive combination back in July 2014, the potential was clear:

Why Do Former High-School Athletes Make More Money? This project was a slam dunk, that one was a home run, and it’s just the way the ball bounces—the last thing the business world needs to catalogue its accomplishments is another facile sports metaphor. But it’s not just athletic metaphors that proliferate in the business world—it’s also athletes themselves. A recent study documented just how much the labor market smiles upon people who played sports as children: Former high-school athletes generally go on to have higher-status careers than those who didn’t play a sport. On top of that, former athletes’ wages are between 5 and 15 percent higher than those of the poor trombonists and Yearbook Club presidents. This earnings advantage doesn’t appear to exist for any other extracurricular activity.