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NGA: GeoNames. Please be aware that these GNS webpages and Service links changed the beginning of April, so make sure you update any saved bookmarks to these pages and any mappings to these services: GNS Search - Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Viewer Page (Main menu) GNS Search - Text Based Page (Main menu) GeoNames RSS Feeds (Country Files and GNS Search - Text Based pages) You will be automatically routed to the new pages and will receive exception error notifications pointing to the new services.

NGA: GeoNames

This mechanism will be left in place for about 30 days - through the month of April. This message will be removed the end of April. Falling Rain. World Gazetteer. Tageo. City Population - The Major Cities and Agglomerations of the Wor. Cartes.