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Softball Workouts

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Resistance Training For Youth Athletes - Wasserman Strength - Is resistance training safe for your kid? Would you say this backpack is heavier than it should be? The answer to both is YES! Youth Resistance Training (YRT) is a safe and effective method for increasing strength, joint stability and body control. The benefit far exceeds the risk when dealing with young, healthy and active kids. As long as the external loads are monitored and are a percentage of their own body weight, strength training can be a very effective and healthy way to create positive long term habits! I’m really tired of seeing young kids looking like they’ve never stood on their own two feet before.

This is completely incorrect. 1. All of these elements can help improve not only their athletic ability on the field, but their self esteem and quality of life. Everyone is pulling for each other no matter the age or skill level. Youth Training Format There are 7 phases to our Daily Training Protocol… 1.Dynamic Warm Up and Movement Training 2. Absolutely Not. Box Split Squats. Medicine Ball Side Slams to Improve How Hard You Throw a Baseball/Softball - High Level Throwing - This is a great drill to incorporate as a pre-work exercise or as an explosive movement within any workout program.

This Frontal Plane to Sagittal Plane Movement allows resistance to be created between the hips and trunk (torso). Any throwing athlete should implement this exercise because it simulates the hip to trunk relationship in High Level Throwing as well as increases rate of force production. We want the hips to open towards one side as the trunk turns back against the hips. This will cause the medicine ball to delay AND stay behind the body until the hips open. If you notice when I slam the ball down to the left, my left leg will externally rotate, clearing my hips. It’s a very subtle movement. I do the same thing when slamming the ball to my right.

Sets & Reps We usually perform 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps on each side depending on the weight of the medicine ball. When Heart Rate Interpretation Goes Wrong - Indoor Cycling Association | Indoor Cycling Association. Heart rate training is a good way to help riders know the intensity at which they should be riding. It’s not the best; power has that role.

But unless you understand the limitations of heart rate training, you could be providing your riders with faulty information. How much do you know? This following is from Joe Friel’s blog. For some unknown reason I’ve recently received the same basic question three times in emails this week. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard similar questions from indoor cycling instructors. Don’t let this be you! The solution is to educate yourself! How to increase your knowledge of heart rate training for indoor cycling Try to move beyond heart rate training that continues to use a maximum heart rate baseline for setting zones. I recommend Joe Friel’s book Total Heart Rate Training. The Indoor Cycling Association has numerous articles and audio interviews to help you understand heart rate training and heart rate responses to effort in much more depth.

Why You Shouldn't do an Upper-Body Workout While Pedaling in Your Indoor Cycling Class - Indoor Cycling Association | Indoor Cycling Association. Suppose you hired a personal trainer. At your first session, your trainer, Jack, hands you 1 lb weights. You look at him doubtfully, but he smiles and says, “Trust me!” So you do dozens of biceps curls and shoulder presses and a few other exercises until your shoulder muscles are burning so much you can barely lift your arms. Jack then sits you down with your hands on a table in front of you and has you do push-ups. Yes, it feels and looks silly, but you do them because, well, he’s the “expert,” isn’t he?

Next, Jack tells you to “crunch” while sitting upright at that table. I hate to break it to you…but you have just been swindled. Most people with any fitness knowledge would read this and agree that Jack should be fired as a personal trainer. Jack is an example of a trainer who does not know his profession. But Why is This Acceptable in an Indoor Cycling Class? One studio based in New York has even gone so far as to “brand” their techniques.

Just ride the bike! Additional Resources: Run Uphill Easier & Faster: Example Session & Coaching Cues. I always maintain that hill running is one of the biggest ban g for your buck forms of training for runners. It helps athletes build strength-endurance and speed brilliantly. However, as with everything, your results depend specifically on your execution. If you perform hill reps with great form, the hills themselves will help you develop strength through range of motion in your glutes and hamstrings more than running the same pace on the flat. Conversely, if you heave your way up hill with poor form, this is one of the fastest ways to exacerbate muscular imbalances and place more strain on the knees and low back, to name just two areas. Check out the coaching cues in the video above, and try example session described… Let me know how you get on About The Author James Dunne James has an academic background in Sport Rehabilitation and a special interest in Applied Biomechanics.

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