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Teaching Social Studies and Language Arts. Teaching Social Studies and Language Arts a teacher exploring integration Interactive Notebooks My most popular posts seem to be on the implementation of the Interactive Notebook strategy.

Teaching Social Studies and Language Arts

Interactive-notebooks - home. Assignments - Rubric Cover Sheets How To Instructions Below you will find links to and descriptions of all the assignments we use for Choose Your Own Adventure.

Assignments -

Click on the individual assignment links to get the full instructions and printable worksheets. Welcome to Teaching That Makes Sense! A comparison of the effects of problem-based learning and lecturing on the development of students' critical thinking - Tiwari - 2006 - Medical Education. Goal Achievement Accountability Plan worksheet sample. Brain connections last as long as the memories they store. A team of scientists applied microscopy know-how to a long-standing theory in neuroscience: if brain connections called synapses store memories, those synapses should last as long as the memories. ?articles. Dissecting how the brain works is tricky.


Genetic engineering techniques allow researchers to tag neurons of interest with fluorescent markers that glow upon neural activation, but capturing those brain areas in action, both as distinct neural circuits and at the resolution of single cells, can be hard. Some People Can't Conjure Mental Images. Are You One of Them? Forget Big Leaps, Start with Mini Habits. One of the most common problems we face when developing good habits is being consistent.

Forget Big Leaps, Start with Mini Habits

We need consistency to create lasting change. If you show up and “do the work” consistently, you produce extraordinary results. This is what Stephen Pressfield calls “Turning Pro”. But the key to creating lasting change isn’t in big leaps; it’s in baby steps. The Things That Get in the Way of Doing. By Leo Babauta After working on my procrastination, mindfulness and productivity habits for the last 9 years, I’ve gotten much better at doing and accomplishing.

The Things That Get in the Way of Doing

Today I sent out the digital editions of my book to Kickstarter backers, for example, while working on a 13-person coaching program, a habits membership program that has several thousand readers, writing a guide on mindfulness, preparing for several webinars, and of course writing this post. One task at a time, but lots getting done.

Setting Goals For Yourself, And Motivating Yourself. The Smart Way to Stick to Habits. Accountability Reference Card: Totally Accountable, 100% Accountability. 72 Personal Accountability Tips for Solopreneurs « Strategies and Tactics for Women by Dr. Shannon Reece. When you are the boss and have no one to answer to but yourself, there may be times when getting things done, especially the undesirable tasks, can be challenging.

72 Personal Accountability Tips for Solopreneurs « Strategies and Tactics for Women by Dr. Shannon Reece

We have all faced that challenge at one time or another, so last week we asked – As a solo entrepreneur, what single best strategy do you use to hold yourself accountable? Judging by the wonderful and creative responses we received, this is a common issue solo entrepreneurs must tackle, no matter how seasoned they are in business. Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard - Think Deep. Hold yourself to a higher standard than what exactly?

Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard - Think Deep

You know. Higher than the norm. Higher than the average. In other words, higher than the standards of what most people really expect of themselves. But it’s hard. Use "Naked Planning" to Keep Yourself Accountable During Projects. 11 ways to hold yourself accountable for your goals. Stay on track and achieve your goals with accountability.

11 ways to hold yourself accountable for your goals

Different forms of accountability work for different people. Read the ideas below and find what works for you. 1. Tell someone Share your goals with your: Portfolios: More than a file folder. Jason Lauritsen » Got Evidence? As humans, we are really skilled at rationalizing things.

Jason Lauritsen » Got Evidence?

Joe's Goals - Free Online Habit Tracker. This One Strategy Can Help You Stick With Your Good Habits Every Day. In 1993, a bank in Abbotsford, Canada hired a 23-year-old stock broker named Trent Dyrsmid.

This One Strategy Can Help You Stick With Your Good Habits Every Day

When pursuing goals, people give more weight to progress than setbacks. New Year's resolution-makers should beware of skewed perceptions. People tend to believe good behaviors are more beneficial in reaching goals than bad behaviors are in obstructing goals, according to a University of Colorado Boulder-led study. A dieter, for instance, might think refraining from eating ice cream helps his weight-management goal more than eating ice cream hurts it, overestimating movement toward versus away from his target. "Basically what our research shows is that people tend to accentuate the positive and downplay the negative when considering how they're doing in terms of goal pursuit," said Margaret C.

Campbell, lead author of the paper -- published online in the Journal of Consumer Research -- and professor of marketing at CU-Boulder's Leeds School of Business. On the up side, the finding, called the "progress bias," can be a motivator for some -- whether they're trying to lose weight, eat healthier foods, save money or win a game. Why You Should Be Tracking Your Habits (and How to Do It Well) “The Ostrich Problem” and The Danger of Not Tracking Your Progress. Say you’re working on a new book. Or undertaking a new exercise routine. Perhaps you haven’t been keeping tabs on how many words you’ve written, or weight lost. You’ve got a vague sense of making progress, but you don’t really know whether you’re on schedule. How to get people to STEP UP and be accountable. Learning Goals Or Performance Goals. Project & Problem based Learning.

Habit. Breaking Bad Habits - Self-Motivation Training From Overcoming Negative Behaviors Bad habits, like checking email in meetings, can damage your career. Habits are . . . Ideas 1. 4 Tips to Make Your Team Embrace Accountability. Accountability is a crucial ingredient of successful collaboration, and it is often underestimated. For multinational (and other) enterprises, competitive advantage and successful strategy execution increasingly depend on getting cross-company collaboration right. Executives understand that creating a culture of collaboration and trust, and building and leading teams that work effectively across company units has clear benefits (increased agility, higher level of innovative thinking, cost savings, etc.).

4 Tips to Make Your Team Embrace Accountability. How to Tell Whether You're Genuinely Growing. Measure your personal and professional growth for last year, and learn how to grow more intentionally this year.