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Astra – Orbbec. Astra is a powerful and reliable standalone 3D camera includes our proprietary Orbbec 3D microchip and VGA color.

Astra – Orbbec

It has the same superior depth resolution and fast performance as Astra Pro. There is also a short-range version of this camera: Astra S. It shares the same appearance, size, and weight as the Astra; the difference is that Astra S is optimized for short-range uses, including 3D scanning, face recognition, short range interactive systems, and more. Buy Now Astra and Astra S were developed to be highly compatible with existing OpenNI applications, making both 3D cameras ideal for pre-existing apps that were built with OpenNI.

Astra 3D cameras are excellent for a wide range of scenarios, including gesture control, robotics, 3D scanning, and point cloud development. Astra and Astra S are already in market. Sound Quality on a Budget: $1 Lavalier Microphone vs. Professional Lavs. When it comes to sound gear (like many things), you tend to get what you pay for.

Sound Quality on a Budget: $1 Lavalier Microphone vs. Professional Lavs

Quality microphones and recorders tend to be a little more costly, though there is certainly a price/cost ratio the higher you go. It's usually a pretty good decision to pick something that the pros use, but how much quality can you get away with on the low-end? A Lesson from Lecter: How to Establish Dominance by Using Eyelines & Framing. How do you portray the drama of a power struggle on-camera without making the scene clunky and expositional?

A Lesson from Lecter: How to Establish Dominance by Using Eyelines & Framing

Well, in the case of The Silence of the Lambs, they used eyelines and framing. This video essay comes from the ever-illuminating Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting. Scenes with drama like this aren't unique to thrillers about green FBI agents and cannibal geniuses. Starling and Lecter size each other up, want something from the other, and do what they can to get it (both dramatically and cinematically) in the same way that The interesting thing here is how masterfully this tension and struggle is represented using simple methods, like eyelines, framing, and point of view.

How to Reveal Your Character’s Backstory Wound. By Martha Alderson aka Plot Whisperer A character’s backstory directly impacts her front story by the beliefs and people she was raised with, her education, her emotional development.

How to Reveal Your Character’s Backstory Wound

Often something in her backstory caused a wound—either physical, psychic, or both. Anything in her past that now directly interferes with a character achieving her dream or goal in the front story is called a backstory wound. Lift Gamma Gain - The Colorist & Color Grading Forum. How DP Sam Levy Got the 'Film' Look Digitally on Noah Bau. 10 Making-Of Documentaries That Are Better Than The Actual Movie. How to Write Great Dialogue: Acclaimed Writer/Director Neil LaBute on 'Dirty Weekend' What does is take to write great dialogue, and is any of it actually "realistic"?

How to Write Great Dialogue: Acclaimed Writer/Director Neil LaBute on 'Dirty Weekend'

If you were going to describe the spectrum of films where the action of the story is motivated by a will of words, you might describe one end as the improv-oriented mumblecore (Bujalski, Swanberg) and the other as the rhythm of carefully crafted text (Mamet, LaBute.) Neil LaBute is known for the mastery of dialogue in both theater and film, and he sat down with NFS at the Tribeca Film Festival to discuss the craft of dialogue, the changing styles of speaking on screen, and the process of making his latest film, Dirty Weekend. The Art of Cinematography: 8 Essential Documentaries. Eyes On Cinema. Tales of exposure from the grading suite. I had the pleasure of listening to Pablo Garcia Soriano the resident DiT/Colorist at the Sony Digital Motion Picture Center at Pinewood Studios last week talk about grading modern digital cinema video cameras during the WTS event .

Tales of exposure from the grading suite.

The thrust of his talk was about exposure and how getting the exposure right during the shoot makes a huge difference in how much you can grade the footage in post. His main observation was that many people are under exposing the camera and this leads to excessive noise which makes the pictures hard to grade. There isn’t really any real way to reduce the noise in a video camera because nothing you normally do can change the sensitivity of the sensor or the amount of noise it produces. Sure, noise reduction can mask noise, but it doesn’t really get rid of it and it often introduces other artefacts. So the only way to change the all important signal to noise ratio, if you can’t change the noise, is to change the signal. The First and Final Frames of Famous Films Can Teach Us a Lot about Good Filmmaking. A single frame is rarely more important than all of the others in a film, but the first and last can leave one hell of an impression.

The First and Final Frames of Famous Films Can Teach Us a Lot about Good Filmmaking

In a brand new juxtapositional supercut from Jacob T. Swinney, the prolific video-essayist took 55 contemporary films and sandwiched the first and last few seconds of each against one another. The result is a serene study in how we perceive the meaning of images. Fractals in VFX. Do You Need to Remove Company Logos from Your Film? In another terrific Film Courage video, entertainment attorneys Michael C.

Do You Need to Remove Company Logos from Your Film?

Donaldson and Lisa A. The Mocap Vaults - Motion Capture Learning Resources. Follow Us Interview with Actor Jeannie Bolet Jeannie Bolet stars in the highly acclaimed Quantum Break video game that is taking the gaming world by storm.

The Mocap Vaults - Motion Capture Learning Resources.

Here she talks of what it was like to w... Interview with Phil Stilgoe, CEO of Centroid Motion Capture Studios Phil Stilgoe, CEO of Centroid Motion Capture studios shares his precious words of advice for actors looking to work in motion capture. Advanced Stacker PLUS Version 14. History of the Stacking Action You can now purchase the Advanced Stacker PLUS below or in the Store.

Advanced Stacker PLUS Version 14

(Planned Sep, 2014) version 14f to be released with streamlined start-up procedure.June 30, 2014 version 14E was released with Mac installer and much more. Purchasers of prior products were sent upgrade information on July 14 (or 18th), 2014 UNLESS your profile indicates you do not want information about updates.October 6, 2013, we released version 14 with lots of great new features. Anyone who purchased the Advanced Stacker PLUS after September 1, 2013 was sent a free upgrade. This Time Stack Technique Turns Landscapes Into Dreamy Impressionist Images. Meet Matt Molloy, a photography enthusiast and budding professional in Canada. You might’ve seen some of his jaw-dropping Impressionist painting-inspired landscapes on 500px. Here Are Some Tips & Techniques for Cutting a Compelling Video Montage. Video montages set to music are ubiquitous. From people's vacation videos to personal/corporate reels and broadcast highlight packages, music montages dominate a sizable portion of online video content.

One of the primary practices in this type of editing has always been to cut with the beat of the underlying music. Unfortunately, cutting a good montage, where the editing flows from shot to shot without distracting the viewer in any way, requires quite a bit more than simply aligning cuts to the beat. Easyrig Mini is a Budget Version of One of the Most Interesting Camera Stabilizers Out There.

Filmmakers these days have access to an overwhelming array of camera movement tools. One that often gets overlooked, however, is the Easyrig. In essence, the Easyrig is a nifty overhead cable mechanism that allows you to evenly distribute the weight of a camera throughout your entire upper body. This system greatly reduces the spinal and neck strain that heavy shoulder rigs can cause, especially when they're not balanced properly, and it completely eliminates the arm strain that comes with holding a MōVi or similar stabilizer for more than three minutes at a time.

Our friends over at Story & Heart recently put together a fantastic review/tutorial for the Easyrig Mini, which supports camera systems weighing up to nine pounds. How to prepare your project for a DCP Digital Cinema Package. Producers come to us with their projects in all different sorts of states when they want us to make a DCP for them at the Post Factory in London..

Major films will have a post-production supervisor who will get everything to exactly what we need. But at a more indie film budget, producers sometimes just want to give us their files and we will sort out the rest, which we are only too happy to do. We use the best possible tools to do resizing, scaling, audio conversions and assess what needs to be done for your film. But some producers also want to have the option to save some money and do as much as possible themselves. If you are fairly technically inclined, or can find someone who is, here is what you could do to get your film better prepared. Any one know about Dolby for theatrical screenings? : Discuss : Shooting People. How to Calibrate Your Monitor: 12 Steps. The Final Rewrite: What I've Learned Editing My First Feature 'CENTS' If writing is rewriting, then editing your feature film is really the final rewrite. The editing process is simply an extension of the writing process, only now with visuals and sound (and a lot more technical tools to help, or hinder, the work).

'What Does David Fincher NOT Do?' A Look Inside the Director's Techniques. 9 Scenes from 'Jaws' That Will Show You How Spielberg Does Cinematography. These Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts Will Save You Absurd Amounts of Time. The Birdcage « Beyond the Edge of Tomorrow: The Year the Blockbuster Was Busted « I. David Mamet Shares His Thoughts on Film in a 15-Minute Commentary. David Mamet has solidified himself as a master of the stage and silver screen, having penned the Pulitzer Prize-winning play-turned-film Glengarry Glen Ross, as well as receiving Oscar nominations for two of his screenplays. Flow Motion Hyperlapse Offers a Death-Defying Look at Dubai.

Ah Dubai, land of underwater hotels, city-sized indoor malls, and soon, maybe even a modern take on Jurassic Park. Video Essay: How Akira Kurosawa Used Geometry to Visually Create Tension. Akira Kurosawa was a master in so many aspects of filmmaking, but his ability to stage a scene and tell stories visually would give his knack for editing, what some would say was his greatest talent, a run for its money. Forget 4K, Lose Yourself in a Stunning 10K Timelapse of Brazil. DIY Tutorial: Building Your Own Camera Baseplate & Shoulder Pad on the Cheap. This is a guest post by Jake Schumacher & Jed Hurt. Yahoo - login.

Independent Filmmaker Project. Applying to Independent Film Week? You’ll receive a print copy of Filmmaker Magazine, receive invites to dozens of exclusive screenings, panels, and parties, and join our thriving community of 2,000+ storytellers and industry professionals here in NYC. Membership As the oldest and largest not-for-profit advocacy organization for independent filmmakers in the U.S. , our mission is to be there every step of the way, empowering filmmakers to make the smart decisions when developing, producing and completing their films. Attention First-Time Directors: Apply to IFP's Independent Filmmaker Labs Now. Diving into Color: DP Daryn Okada Shows You What Life Is like Color Correcting a Film. Guides and info for the PXW-FS7. Kogonada on Vimeo. A Hypnotic Supercut of Passageways in Yasujirō Ozu Movies. What Should Your Publicist Do At a Film Festival? Q&A with a Sundance Publicist.

Neat Video vs. Denoiser II: Which Plug-In is Better for Noise Reduction? Video to GIF. 10 Horror-Movie Sidekicks Who Are More Memorable Than The Hero. Exposure & Contrast Issues? Blend Modes Might Just Be Your New Best Friend. Search results for: 'kino flo cfl' Filmtools. Where Science Meets Cinematography: Shooting Infrared with the ARRI Alexa XT B+W.

Listen to Director John Sturges' 'Better Than Film School' Commentary. Need to Stabilize Your DSLR on the Cheap? Build a DIY Shoulder Rig for Less Than $70. 10,000 Film Clips Now Available for Free in New Public Domain Database. What The 12 Monkeys Showrunner Learned From Writing For Terminator: SCC. Alex Garland's 'Ex Machina': is true artificial intelligence sci-fi or sci-fact? - Features - Films - The Independent. Untitled. Nuts and Bolts of a Car Chase: What Goes into Creating a 'Fast and Furious' Action Sequence.

Video: Michael Bay Breaks Down the Hows & the Whys Behind His Action Sequences. Learn How to Build Your Own Macro Extension Tube for Less Than $10. Learn How to Build a Good DIY Rain Machine for $15 (& a Great One for $60) Listen: A Powerful & Poignant BAFTA Lecture on Directing by Helmer Paul Greengrass. MEET THE READER: The Film Franchise - Over One Billion Served. How 'Birdman' Was Made to Look Like It Was Shot in One Take. How to Light a Film that Looks Like One Continuous Take: Chivo Talks 'Birdman' How to Automatically Sync Dual-System Audio in Premiere Pro (With & Without PluralEyes) [Best of 2014] The Year in Animation. A Super Helpful Crash Course in Using the Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder with the GH4 & A7s. 7 Takeaways from THR's Uncensored 2014 Cinematographer's Roundtable. Into The Abyss: What I learned from the festival circuit. Ultimate Guide to CineEI on the PXW-FS7. Typeset In The Future. Why Dynamic Range is Just as Important in Your Audio as It is in Your Image.

Relio, the first ultra-high CRI usb led light. 69 Free Tutorial Videos to Help You Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Take One Minute to Learn How to Correct White-Balance in Premiere Pro. 8 Things You Must Know About the Film Business Today, from James Schamus. The Sony FS7 Goes Up Against the C-300 & A7s in This Camera Test. How Do You Visually Show Character Choice? Here's a Lesson from 'Snowpiercer' RED EPIC-Shot 'City In The World' Paints a Darkly Beautiful New York City in HDR. Temporally Coherent Local Tone Mapping of HDR Video. Remembering '2001: A Space Odyssey'

Graphing Soap bubbles colors. - Forum. ‘Touch of Evil’ is widely considered one of the most impressive American film noirs ever - Cinephilia & Beyond. 5 Techniques That Create Depth & Make Your Cinematography More Dynamic. Introducing the BeeWorks Stabilizer: An Evolution of Gimbal Technology. FIX Filmmakers. How to Shoot a Car Scene from Back? American Cinematographer: December 2004. How do you show repetition in a movie without actually repeating stuff? New Film Look LUT’s for the PXW-FS7, PMW-F5 and PMW-F55. 20 Tricks That'll Save You Time in After Effects. More 4K. 7 Great Techniques for Hiding Lav Microphones. Under the Skin Featurette (2014) - The Hidden Lens - Scarlett Johansson - A24.

After Effects Tutorial: How to Make Photoshop-Style Beauty Touchups on Video. David Fincher Reveals 'Gone Girl' Secrets and Whose Side. Every Horror Reference From The Cabin In The Woods In One Video. This is What Really Happens While Filming Movie Sex Scenes. Creative Ways to Build a Climax: An Analysis of the Suspense & Timing of 'Drive' You've Never Seen Ski Cinematography Like This. The Process of Scoring Your Own Films Just Became Insanely Simple. Tony Zhou’s Videos on Vimeo. Neon Circus + hire neon signs - neon sign hire.