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100 Best Mac Apps. 3 Resources For Deleting Your Unwanted Online Accounts. As web apps become the norm, the Internet is fast becoming a series of usernames and passwords.

3 Resources For Deleting Your Unwanted Online Accounts

Accounts make services more useful, but they can be a security threat if left unmonitored. If you’re not using a particular account anymore, and doubt that you ever will, it’s a good idea to delete that account. However, deleting an online account is sometimes easier said than done. Best Free Online Applications and Services. Online applications (also known as web applications or webware) are getting more popular, particularly when broadband Internet access has become more common and readily available to more users.

Best Free Online Applications and Services

With online applications and services, you do not need to download and install them into your computer for using them—you just need to open up a browser and access them online. Not only that you can save harddisk space as they do not need to be installed, but also you can work with files that are saved online from any computer anywhere, without the need to carry a storage device even a USB stick around with you. Besides, you don't have to worry about different operating systems as these applications and services are cross-platform, running in your browser as a client. Best Websites. The Internet is a big place, with a lot of content — about one billion websites, at last count of which 180 million are active.

Best Websites

Because the web is constantly changing, it can be hard to keep track of which sites have the best content and resources. To help make things a little easier, we’ve compiled an enormous list of the best websites on the Internet, in fourteen handy categories. The websites on this list are those that we consider to be the best: genuinely useful, top-of-the-line sites that will get you what you need. We update this list regularly, so check back periodically, and be sure to tell your friends! Categories: Movies | Music | News | Shopping | Productivity | Learning | Social | Search | Online Privacy | Browsing | Finance | Books | Software | Files.

Compare & Find Best Free Solutions. Cool Free Web Tools for Teachers. Cool Websites and Tools [August 16th, 2011] Cool Websites and Tools [September 4th 2011] Diagrams. Lists of elearning tools. Moteur de Recherche de Blogs francophones. Je viens de mettre en place sur Surfons un moteur de recherche de blogs francophones (basé sur la nouvelle technologie de Google Co-op) parmi les blogues en francais les plus populaires de la blogosphère.

Moteur de Recherche de Blogs francophones

Le moteur recherche actuellement les requêtes sur 200 blogs. Pour monter cette liste de blogs, j’ai utilisé 3 classements qui sont récemment parus: -Le classement des blogs francophones Top100 de Alianzo -Le classement Top100 Edelman/Technorati -Le classement des 50 premiers blogs québécois de HouHou Blog Bien entendu la liste des sites inclus n’est pas coulée dans le béton, c’est juste une liste de départ et j’encourage les blogueurs qui passeraient par ici et voudraient voir leur blog inclus de m’envoyer un email. Online Collaboration Technologies - New Tools And Web Services - Sharewood Picnic Jan29 08. Online Diagram & Flowchart Software - Collaboration Tool. Web 2.0, social computing et e-learning 2.0 — EduTech Wiki. 1 Description de la formation Objectifs Se familiariser avec les outils nouveaux d'Internet.

Web 2.0, social computing et e-learning 2.0 — EduTech Wiki

Connaître le panorama des applications « web 2.0 » Savoir utiliser les outils et les services "web 2.0". Concevoir et configurer un site avec des services "web 2.0" Sélectionner et intégrer des widgets dans vos sites. Appliquer "web 2.0" à des scénarios pédagogiques et de gestion de connaissances et de communautés. Web Tools for Teachers by Type.