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Fall animal by 3DFonzy. Foro AFT: COMO INSERTAR O UN ÁLBUM DESDE EL NUEVO FLICKR (1/1) Flickr ha cambiado la forma en que lo vemos, y también ha cambiado alguna funcionalidad Una de las que ha cambiado y que es muy útil cuando son muchas las fotografías es la forma de obtener el código necesario para insertar o incrustar un álbum completo Veamos como tenemos que hacer para insertar un Álbum completo en el Foro de la AFT 1 Cargamos las fotos creando el álbum, tal y como hemos hecho siempre 1 by ©, en Flickr 2 Abrimos el Album deseado en flickr,


Free Video Converter, Compressor, Webcam Recorder. - Projecten - Kwintessens. Pacman Eating transparent PNG - StickPNG. Move38. Learn Deep Milwaukee. We get some pretty interesting people joining us at Collab Labs as our featured participants.

Learn Deep Milwaukee

Here’s who we’ve had so far: Collab Lab 10: Building Resilience REDgen – Brooke Talbot,Vice President/Director Schools; Barbara Moser, Board Member; Bill Henkle, Director Schools REDgen is an advocate for mental health and well being of all youth. REDgen was formed out of a duty of care. REDgen’s Schools Group consists of professionals from schools that serve students and families within metro Milwaukee. Donald Byrne – 4th and 5th grade Social Studies, Science, and Health teacher at Humboldt Park School. Humboldt Park is an MPS K8 School that is home to a student body with close to 20 different primary languages. Free Software for Students, Educators. Modular assembly of porous organic cages. : Modular and predictable assembly of porous organic molecular crystals : Nature : Nature Research. A, Structures of four organic cage modules (hydrogen atoms omitted for clarity).

Modular assembly of porous organic cages. : Modular and predictable assembly of porous organic molecular crystals : Nature : Nature Research

Drew Carson. About Work Final Project Week .01.

Drew Carson

Documento sin título. Week 7. Week 7: Embedded programming This week we will learn about embedded programming, Embedded systems programming is the programming of an embedded system in some device using the permitted programming interfaces provided by that system.

Week 7

This is our agenda - we will be learning more about different aspects of embedded programming, such as architecture, memory, peripherals, word sizes, families of microcontrollers, the different vendors of components, AVR processors, data sheets, packages, clocks, in-system development, programmers, assembly languages and C, which we will be using to program our board.

Ole Sejer Iversen - Research - Aarhus University. FAB13 Scholarship Project by Sarah Boisvert. Index. Disney Research » Human-Computer Interaction. We’re interested in the many ways computer interfaces can span the digital and tangible worlds, giving rise to qualitatively new experiences.

Disney Research » Human-Computer Interaction

Our agenda takes advantage of technologies that are relatively new in the commercial world, and whose interactions have not yet been fully explored. Our researchers invent new technologies for sensing touch and pose, as well as creating new sensory experiences such as haptic illusions. (in alphabetical order) 3D Printed Interactive Speakers We propose technology for designing and manufacturing interactive 3D printed speakers. With the proposed technology, sound reproduction can easily be integrated into various objects at the design stage and little assembly is required.

A Tongue Input Device for Creating Conversations We present a new tongue input device, the tongue joystick, for use by an actor inside an articulated-head character costume. MotionBeam The MotionBeam project explores new forms of character interaction using handheld projectors. Foro AFT: COMO INSERTAR O UN ÁLBUM DESDE EL NUEVO FLICKR (1/1) Social Media — Beutler Ink. Why Hire Beutler Ink for Social Media.

Vizkidz: A Series Of Books On Data Visualization For Kids by Liv Buli. Risks and challenges There are always risks and challenges associated with something as ambitious as running and completing a kickstarted campaign, and we've tried our best to think of and account for these potential obstacles.

Vizkidz: A Series Of Books On Data Visualization For Kids by Liv Buli

The most important thing we can do is get your books to you on time. Vizkidz: A Series Of Books On Data Visualization For Kids by Liv Buli. Blog About Infographics and Data Visualization - Cool Infographics. Featured – Data Stories. Jeff Larson from ProPublica joins us to talk about his work on bias found in automated algorithms that compute the recidivism scores of convicted criminals.

Featured – Data Stories

Audio Player On the show this week we have Jeff Larson, Data Editor at ProPublica, to talk about his team’s recent work on “Machine Bias“. Jeff and his colleagues have analyzed the automated scoring decisions made by COMPAS, one of the systems American judges use to assess the likelihood that a convicted criminal will re-offend. By looking at the COMPAS data, Jeff and his colleagues sought to determine the accuracy of the algorithm and whether it introduces significant biases into the criminal justice system — racial or otherwise. Drone ABSolut3D impreso en 3D. Vizkidz. Valarm Industrial IoT Applications – Real-time air quality monitoring in Washington, D.C. Real-time air quality monitoring in Washington, D.C.

Valarm Industrial IoT Applications – Real-time air quality monitoring in Washington, D.C.

Have a look at our Air Quality Monitoring Overview Page! Also take a gander at these Air Quality Monitoring Systems we made with SC – AQMD (Southern California Air Quality Management District). is a California government entity responsible for air quality monitoring and compliance in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the grand majority of Southern California. Propuesta Fab Lab / Fab Center para Altadis, Sevilla. Nota sobre el posible desarrollo de un makerlab / fablab / laboratorio de fabricación digital en el edificio Altadis de Sevilla.

Propuesta Fab Lab / Fab Center para Altadis, Sevilla

Jessica Artiles Makes. Purpose My mother's 52nd birthday is coming up and she LOVES pictures. Goal: Make her a frame that is easily mailed flat, and have her build it (she loves to feel like she's part of my education). Designing and Laser Cutting My inspiration for the design came from the fact that my mother and I really enjoy going to the park to sit on a bench, under a tree, and just contemplate life. User-generated content. Online content created by users User generated content in the virtual world Second Life. From Ordinary to Enchanted: Designing Embedded Objects - David Rose keynote. Build an extrusion machine — Precious Plastic.

Best 3D Scanner 2017 - The Complete Guide to 3D Scanners. Read our guide to the best 3D scanners and 3D scanner software on the market in 2017, including an introduction to 3D scanning technologies. Don’t miss: 19 Best-Selling 3D Scanners at Amazon in Winter 2016-2017 When can’t make heads or tails of 3D laser scanners, structured light 3D scanners, contact 3D scanners, portable/handheld 3D scanners, DIY 3D scanners and 3D printer scanners, you’re not alone. Deciding to buy a 3D scanner can be quite some investment. Untitled. Inkscape 0.92 ➔ Read the Release Notes for Inkscape 0.92 There are currently no official .dmg files available for Inkscape 0.92 yet. In the meantime, it's suggested to continue using the previous Inkscape version, Inkscape 0.91 (see below). For users who cannot wait to try out the new features and have some technical experience, alternative installation methods are available.

Fab Academy Seoul. Component. how to make a circuit board: Diy Customized Circuit Board Pcb Making How To Make A In Starbound F9cg1kvgs3 ~ Elcrost. Public Lab: Evaluating low-cost optical dust sensors. Image credit: @donblair See and contribute to the up-to-date Wiki page made from this note. What I Want to Do We are in the midst of a boom of low-cost air sensing devices, and open source particulate sensing projects have really taken off in the past year. DIY Data Devices: Sensor Building for Environmental Science. Meet the Instructors Kina Smith, MPS, Electrical Engineer at UAF International Arctic Research Center and Institute of Northern Engineering I specialize in the creative application of electronics and code. I am currently developing a system to measure fluctuations in tree diameter, sap flow, and water content in birch trees at UAF. I got my master’s from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU in 2015 where I built a web connected monitoring system for urban composting operations.

Air Quality Sensors: How Good is Good Enough? Air quality sensors are being developed, sold, and deployed by more and more people, not just by professional air quality scientists like myself. This is a truly exciting time when citizens can help inform science with low-cost sensors and instruments, as long as the quality of the measurements is good enough. People constantly ask me: What’s the quality of this sensor? How good is it? Does it really work? Weather Kit for STEM kids - OurWeather New Kickstarter!

SwitchDoc Labs is pleased to present our latest Kickstarter, OurWeather. OurWeather is a connected weather station containing 10 different sensors to teach STEM kids about electronics, software and the weather. It contains all the sensors and wires to make a fully functional, WiFi weather station. No software programming is required, it works right out of the box. Readme · GitBook.