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2019. Europass Teacher Academy - Accommodation in a Shared Apartment. This accommodation is the right choice for those who wish to create friendships with international students or colleagues and benefit from independence during their stay.

Europass Teacher Academy - Accommodation in a Shared Apartment

The shared apartments have 2 or 3 bedrooms. Accommodation is booked weekly with check-in on Sunday and check-out the following Saturday. If participants need to arrive earlier or leave later then they must inform the school of this on enrolment so they can reserve extra nights. In some cases participants may be asked to pay a security deposit on arrival which will be returned on departure.

Participants can choose from the following options: - Single or twin bedroom (also available for those travelling alone) - City centre (max 2 km from the school) quality guarantee All the accommodation we offer is checked and assessed regularly based on the following criteria: - General conditions of the apartment - Functionality of the systems (hot water, heating etc.) - Cleanliness.

Accomodation prices. Stress Managegement Course for Teachers and School Staff. Teachers, trainers, headmasters and any other staff of education organizations are eligible to receive an Erasmus+ grant covering all the costs to attend our training courses including travel, board and lodging, cultural activities and all fees.

Stress Managegement Course for Teachers and School Staff

Our training courses are tailored to be fully funded by Erasmus+ and we offer different options to ensure that the Erasmus+ grant will be sufficient. Read more about {*style:<a href=' funding{*style:</a>*}, shall you have any problem with your grant please let us know and we will see how to accommodate your needs. {*style:<br>*}The most common option that we offer costs EUR 1220 and includes course fee, certification and support fee, accommodation in single room, all coffee breaks, 3 meals per day, walking tour in the venue’s city and local transport during the training course. Course detail. Dodaj do ulubionych In diesem Seminar geht es darum, zu lernen, wie man die Weiterentwicklung von Selbst- und Sozialkompetenz in Gruppen fördern kann.

Course detail

Sie lernen viele Handlungsmöglichkeiten, spielerische Ideen und Unterrichtsmethoden für das soziale Miteinander kennen, die sie wirkungsvoll in ihren Unterricht einbauen können. So werden Sie viele Ideen erlernen, wie sie eine positive Lernatmosphäre schaffen können und wie Sozial- und Selbstkompetenz in Gruppen spielerisch lernbar und erfahrbar wird. Die Übungen und Spiele zu den verschiedenen Themen sind so gestaltet, dass sie diese direkt im Unterricht einsetzen können. Course detail. The training combining Media Education and fighting bullying was born from the observation of the actual reality characterized by two main aspects: the increasing use of social media and media tools at school and the increasing phenomena of bullying starting from very young students.

Course detail

Media have an high impact in our life and school is a long term period of our existence where teachers have the key role of being educators, but also mentors and persons themselves establishing a link with the outside reality. Course detail. Dodaj do ulubionych Merganser has over 20 years of experience in organising International Education training courses for teachers and other education staff.We are an experienced UK Training Provider for the Erasmus+ Programme.Merganser is located in the beautiful Heritage City of Bath.

Course detail

Our modular training course provides teachers and other education staff with the opportunity to: Course Details:Our course runs from Monday to Friday and is usually of one weeks' duration (including travel time) Class Times: 09.00 - 16.00 Programme Summary (example):Day 1 (am) Introduction to the English Education System followed by workshop on special needs issues in English schools.Day 1 (pm) Visit to sites in Bath to evaluate their potential as education resources with a focus on inclusive teaching. Future Focus Ltd - International School, Primary Junior School, Secondary School. Course detail. Dodaj do ulubionych Legislation in the UK and other EU countries prohibits discrimination in education and supports inclusive education.

Course detail

The EU countries also have obligations under international human rights law to provide inclusive education for all regardless age, race, gender. Finding ways to fight or prevent discrimination is essential to ensuring students’ educational opportunity. ErasmusTeacherTrainingCourseCatalogue2018_2019_EN.pdf. Początek forum.

TEL-Technology Enhanced Learning- ICT Skills Teacher Training-ETI Malta : ETI Malta. Terms and Conditions Registration The ETI Registration Form should be submitted directly online (at or by email to your contact at ETI at or by fax at +356 2137 3725.

TEL-Technology Enhanced Learning- ICT Skills Teacher Training-ETI Malta : ETI Malta

Course Calender. Finland School of Education. A point of primary importance is that school meals in Finland are free for pre-primary, basic education and upper secondary students; as laid out in section 31 of the Basic Education Act.

Finland School of Education

Finland has been serving free school meals since 1948, and can proudly say it was the first country in the world to do […] Read More Finland is well regarded as having one of the best education training programs in the world; as such Finnish teachers are in possession of a high level of competence, which is respected worldwide. Law regulates teaching in Finland, with the qualifications required being defined in legislation. Within the legislation is stated the qualifications and work […] Read More Underlying the Finnish system the main type of pupil assessment is continuous assessment within the course of the student’s studies, with a final assessment at the end of year nine. InterPrimair Practical Learning. Practical Learning is an opportunity for you to connect or “shadow” with a business professional who has specific knowledge about an occupation or career in which you are interested.

InterPrimair Practical Learning

You observe responsibilities and tasks associated with the mentor’s career and have the opportunity to ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents, and level of education required for the job. While the purpose of job shadowing is to gather career related information and expand your networking contacts, it also allows you to build interviewing skills, become aware of trends in the field and see workforce technologies in action. Multiple practical learning experiences may be arranged to allow you to explore a variety of career paths. PreparationThe participants design their own learning plan on forehand including the objectives to be reached and questions to be asked. The plan has to be sent to InterPrimair four weeks prior to the start of the Practical Learning course. General2.