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Update 11.17.2010 The category image was removed and all thumbnails are now created using the Featured Image default functionality. If no Featured Image is added a default image appears in place. Simply put I have been lazy lately. I know this isn’t the best way to sell my self but a little bit of honesty hasn’t hurt anyone (or has it? As far as I know it’s the first magazine like Thematic child theme released for free! Demo Is it a bird, is it a plane? There are many reasons why you should consider using the “Commune child theme” : It’s greenIt’s a Thematic Child Theme – this being said it has all the features Thematic has including fully widget-ized with widget areas above and below the content—and even in-between. In order to install it you have to download the Thematic Theme (from which this child theme inherits all of the functionality), upload both themes (Commune and Thematic) to your server in the themes folder AND THEN ACTIVATE the Commune theme. Adding your own logo Green anyone? Try Commune – Thematic Child Theme! Green anyone? Try Commune – Thematic Child Theme!
About Neutica+ Neutica+ is quite simply a ‘suped-up’ version of the original Neutica theme created over a year ago. Neutica+ is a much stronger theme both on the front-end and the back-end. The CSS for the front-end has been slimmed down to the bare minimum, which makes page loads much faster and editing easier. I also ported over the back-end to Thematic, one of the (if not the) strongest WordPress theming frameworks to date. That means Neutica+ and Thematic together make for a pretty slick theme design that can be used for almost any type of site. Features Supports WordPress 3.0 (Custom Menus, Custom Headers & Feature Images). Purchase Neutica+ for only $15.00 Buy safely and securely with PayPal Buy Now Unfortunately, fthrwght cannot offer refunds on any purchases due to the nature of the product being sold. Licensing Neutica+ is Copyright © 2009 by Allan Cole. Documentation — Download PDF Installation Instructions ( WordPress 2.8 or higher ) Usage More info Sidebars Theme Options Header Images Neutica+ for Wordpress | fthrwght Neutica+ for Wordpress | fthrwght

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This add-on lets you see all the tasks of a project and organize them in different boards according to their status just like Trello; simply by drag & dropi August 24, 2014 WordPress 4.1+, WP Project Manager 1.0+ Trello Style Task Management 0.1 Kanban Board Kanban Board is the ultimate add-on that you can use to manage tasks based on their status. Features Boards Kanban Boards come with four default boards pre-installed. Cards Every task created within the project is shown as a card. Visualize The idea of Kanban Board is to visualize your workflow and see the status of every individual task. Create New Task A new task just popped on your mind? Kanban Board requires WP Project Manager Pro plugin. Screenshots WordPress Project & Task Management Like Trello WordPress Project & Task Management Like Trello
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WordPress oEmbed support makes it extremely easy to embed images, video, audio & other contents from external sources in your self hosted WordPress website. You just need to paste the URL of the content on the editor; and WordPress will automatically turn it into an embed. Here is a List of sites that WordPress supports till date, but still there are lots of content from sites that we want to embed but WordPress doesn’t support yet. For easy navigation we created these buttons which will take you to your desired section. 1. Using oEmbed you can embed content from below websites without any extra plugin or hassle. 1.1 Embed PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet If you want to embed any documents (PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet or other) in a WordPress post or page, follow these steps: Beside Google Doc Embedder there is another plugin some people find quite useful is Embed Any Document. 1.2 Embed Google Docs – Without Plugin 1.3 Embed Google Form – Without Plugin 2. 3. 3.1 Using oEmbed The Complete Guide To Embed Almost Anything In Your WordPress Site The Complete Guide To Embed Almost Anything In Your WordPress Site
Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator - WCK — WordPress Plugins Like this plugin? Consider leaving a 5 star review. WordPress Creation Kit consists of three tools that can help you create and maintain custom post types, custom taxonomies and most importantly, custom fields and metaboxes for your posts, pages or CPT's. WCK Custom Fields Creator offers an UI for setting up custom meta boxes with custom fields for your posts, pages or custom post types. Uses standard custom fields to store data. WCK Custom Post Type Creator facilitates creating custom post types by providing an UI for most of the arguments of register_post_type() function. WCK Taxonomy Creator allows you to easily create and edit custom taxonomies for WordPress without any programming knowledge. Custom Fields Custom Post Types and Taxonomy Create and edit Custom Post Types from the Admin UIAdvanced Labeling OptionsAttach built in or custom taxonomies to post typesCreate and edit Custom Taxonomy from the Admin UIAttach the taxonomy to built in or custom post types The WCK PRO version offers: Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator - WCK — WordPress Plugins
Custom Post Type UI — WordPress Plugins Custom Post Type UI — WordPress Plugins Custom Post Type UI provides an easy-to-use interface for registering and managing custom post types and taxonomies for your website. CPTUI alone does not handle aspects related to the display of post type or taxonomy content. Its goal is simply the registration of both. Official development of Custom Post Type UI is on GitHub, with official stable releases published on Pluginize was launched in 2016 by WebDevStudios to promote, support, and house all of their WordPress products.

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Comment Installer un site WordPress, le Guide Complet Ça y est, vous êtes décidé. Vous aller créer votre propre site internet. Vous avez cherché comment faire et un nom revient souvent. Des amis vous le conseillent également. Apparemment, il s’agit d’un certain WordPress. Pour vous la faire courte (et parce que vous n’êtes pas ici pour faire un cours d’histoire), WordPress est un logiciel permettant de mettre en place et surtout d’administrer des sites internet simplement. WordPress jouit d’une grande popularité. De fait, il est aujourd’hui possible de réaliser des projets très variés avec WordPress. Que vous soyez un blogueur débutant, un entrepreneur ambitieux, un artiste en quête de reconnaissance, une PME qui se lance sur internet ou encore un étudiant souhaitant mettre en avant ses compétences vous allez aimer ce qui va suivre. Suivez ces 5 étapes pour découvrir pas à pas les fondements de la création de site internet avec WordPress. Allez, je ne vais pas vous faire attendre plus longtemps, commençons par… 1. Enfin, il n’y a pas de règle. 2. Comment Installer un site WordPress, le Guide Complet
Website-Hacks abwehren für Dummies – Newsletter 8/2015 - Website-Hacks abwehren für Dummies – Newsletter 8/2015 - Wir alle bekommen Spam. Jeden Tag, nicht zu knapp. Es kostet Zeit, diese ganzen Werbeschreiben für Potenzmittel, Partyzelte, Versicherungen, Casinos, Gartenmöbel und Pornobildchen auszusortieren. Mich hat das kürzlich aber fast 10 Stunden gekostet – und viele, viele Nerven. Um Ihnen so eine Erfahrung zu ersparen, erzähle ich die kleine Geschichte, wie meine Site gehackt wurde. 1. Die Geschichte begann langsam und unspektakulär. Nach zwei, drei Tagen wurden diese Mails immer mehr. Ersteinmal kein Grund zur Panik. Wenn Sie irgendwo im Internet jemals eine Mailadresse veröffentlicht haben, dann wird wahrscheinlich auch Spam mit dieser Adresse als Absender verschickt. Und sogar, wenn Sie Ihre Adresse nicht veröffentlich haben, sind Sie nicht sicher. Ich hätte mich also zurücklehnen können und mir denken: “Tja, nicht schön, aber da kann man nichts machen.” Irgendwann kam ich aber auf die folgenschwere Idee, das Thema weiterzuverfolgen. 2. Ich ging also zu meiner WordPress-Site. 3.
Wie kopiert man eine WordPress Webseite? | Wordpress Support von Ostheimer Webdesign & SEO Sie möchten eine WordPress Installation von einer Domain zur anderen übersiedeln? Die folgenden Schritte beschreiben wie man bei den meisten Providern ein Duplikat einer bestehenden WordPress Website A erstellt, sodass man am Ende eine funktionierende Kopie B auf einer anderen Domain bzw. in einem Unterordner hat. Laden Sie alle Dateien Ihrer bestehenden WordPress Webseite A per FTP auf Ihren Computer. D.h. die Ordner wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes samt Inhalt und all Dateien die sonst noch im Stammverzeichnis liegen (z.B. wp-config.php usw.).Exportieren Sie die bestehende Datenbank der Webseite A per mySQL Admin. Speichern Sie diese sql Datei, wir werden sie in einem späteren Schritt importieren.Laden Sie alle Dateien der Webseite A in den Ordner für Webseite B hoch. Falls Sie bereits eine bestehende leere WordPress Installation auf dem Server B liegen haben, sollten Sie diese vorher löschen.Importieren Sie die sql Datei der Webseite A in die Datenbank für die Webseite B. Wie kopiert man eine WordPress Webseite? | Wordpress Support von Ostheimer Webdesign & SEO
Problem: Nach Änderung der Webadresse/URL geht das WordPress-Login nicht mehr | Andreas Winterer Problem: Nach Änderung der Webadresse/URL geht das WordPress-Login nicht mehr | Andreas Winterer Es ist mir schon x Mal passiert, und jedes Mal verzweifle ich daran, einen Weg zu finden, es wieder zu korrigieren. Daher als Notiz an mich selbst: Wenn man folgendes gemacht hat: WordPress: Settings, WordPress address (URL) und/oder Site address (URL) umgestellt auf eine neue URL (bei mir passiert das meist, wenn ich erst eine MySQL-Datenbank kopiert habe, um sie dann mit einer Kopie des WordPress zu betreiben, etwa zum Austesten von Theme-Änderungen, auf einer Subdomain wie und dann feststellt, dass man beim Login nicht mehr reinkommt und statt dessen immer auf die alte / die neue URL umgeleitet wird, dann hilft: sowas wie phpMyAdmin starten die fragliche Datenbank auswählen links die Tabelle wp_options auswählen (kann anders heissen, wenn eine andere Table-Prefix gewählt wurde) oben auf Anzeigen klicken in der Liste option_name den Eintrag Siteurl finden links auf das Stiftsymbol Bearbeiten klicken Wert von Siteurl auf die korrekte URL ändern speichern
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Background Theme Style Plugin Make your own particular WordPress admin colour themes. Completely tweak your WordPress admin dashboard with the particular colour decisions of your own. HS Custom Admin Theme acts to convert your experience of working into a pleasant, systemised and advantageous way. This is the finest Admin theme plugin, as it might be tweaked according to the decisions of the client. Change over your exhausting default WP Admin theme by reforming it by utilizing new admin UI and outfit it with an alluring, all the more breakthrough manifestation with improved free backend theme plugin. It makes the admin UI smarter through modified WordPress Admin Themes. HS Custom Admin Themes was last modified: September 12th, 2016 by helios
Embed the customised Social Media Buttons, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Linkedin, Xing, Tumblr and Pinterest to your Website. Add Simple Social Buttons to your website and multiply your business with these Social Sharing buttons. This is the best WordPress plugin as it can be customised and placed to the: Left or right side of the page and with customisable top margins. Try to make the best though Social Sharing Buttons, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Xing, Tumblr and Pinterest and display your content to millions with Simple Social Buttons. Features Social Media buttons like facebook, google plus, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube, flickr, instagram, xing, tumblr.Now You can add “Mail to” and “Link to Your Website” icons.Place it on left or right side of your site.Select Different ‘Effects’ for Social Buttons.User can easily reach to your social media page Pro Feature HS Social Media Buttons Pro was last modified: September 12th, 2016 by helios Best Wordpress Plugin
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Illustratr is a minimalist portfolio theme that helps you create a strong — yet beautiful — online presence. Primarily crafted for designers and photographers, it is a simple, powerful, and flexible theme. Portfolio Illustratr takes advantage of the Portfolio feature on, offering unique layouts and organization for your portfolio projects. With a dedicated Portfolio section in your dashboard, adding portfolio items is simple. People love full-size images of your work, so make sure the images you include are at least 1100px wide. Featured Images Featured Images are important in Illustratr. Portfolio Shortcodes Once you create a project, you can use the portfolio shortcode to display it anywhere on your site. Portfolio Page Template This template will display your portfolio and allow you to set your portfolio as your site’s home page. When you first activate Illustratr, your posts will display in a traditional blog format. By default, page title and content will appear. Widgets Illustratr Theme
Minnow Theme Minnow is designed to put your social presence front and center by displaying your social links menu prominently below the site title and logo, so readers can easily find you on your favorite social networks. When activated, your Custom Menu or Widgets will appear in a slide-out sidebar; click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner to show them. Custom Menu and Widgets in a slide-out sidebar. Minnow supports the following features: Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)The main column width is 660.The slide-out sidebar width is 248.The site logo displays at a maximum height of 150.
Blask Theme Blask is a modern portfolio theme that displays your work in a clean, minimal layout. The simple-yet-bold grid design keeps the spotlight on your projects, and scales to fit any screen size. Portfolio Page Template Blask takes advantage of the Portfolio feature, offering unique layouts and organization for your portfolio projects. This page template will display all the projects in your portfolio as your site’s homepage, so it is the first thing that visitors to your site will see. Blog Page Layout In addition to the portfolio grid layout, Blask comes with a beautiful blog page, perfect for sharing your thoughts and sparking a conversation with your visitors. How to Set Up Blask on Your Site When you first activate Blask on a new site, your front page (homepage) will display posts in a traditional blog format by default. Adding Projects to Your Portfolio Before you set up your portfolio page template, you will want to start by adding projects to your portfolio. Other Theme Features Widgets
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