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Il n’aura pas fallu attendre bien longtemps pour qu’un petit malin s’attèle à la création d’un thème WordPress inspiré par la nouvelle «Timeline» Facebook que je vous ai présenté la semaine dernière (cliquez ICI pour découvrir la présentation détaillée de «Timeline») et qui n’est d’ailleurs pas encore disponible pour le grand public, c’est dire la réactivité du garçon… Reprenant chaque élément de cette nouvelle version du profil Facebook, ce thème baptisé «Timeline WP» est une pure merveille! Les questions de goûts mis à part, chaque élément de «Timeline» a été réutilisé avec maîtrise et ingéniosité. Les articles affichés en page d’accueil le sont sous la forme de la fameuse chronologie «Timeline» soit sur deux colonnes avec intégration des boutons «Like» et «Send» ainsi que celle du formulaire de commentaires avec déploiement de la liste des commentaires déja déposés si leur nombre est trop important. THÈME WORDPRESS FACEBOOK TIMELINE WP THÈME WORDPRESS FACEBOOK TIMELINE WP
A whimsical homage to the days in black and white, celebrating the magic of Mac OS. Dress up your blog with retro, chunky-grade pixellated graphics to evoke some serious computer nostalgia. In all its remembrance and respect, Retro MacOS also supports recent functionality. Read on to learn more. Custom Menu Create your own Custom Menu to replace the first set of icons to the right. Custom Header and Background If you upload a Custom Header image, it will appear right below the blog title. Other Customization Options Retro MacOS comes with a full-width template and two footer widget areas. Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels): The main column width is 438.The main column width on the full-width template is 739.The footer sidebar widgets are 310.Header image is 758 in width and 180 in height. Retro MacOS Retro MacOS
Les 50 meilleurs thèmes gratuits pour Wordpress Je vous propose une liste des 50 meilleurs thèmes WordPress gratuits. Je vous conseille également de tester le thème WordPress gratuit Atahualpa qui est sans doute l’un des plus performants avec ses 200 options intégrées ! Il n’est pas dans la liste, car il est trop généraliste. C’est l’une des questions qu’on me pose souvent : ” Quel est le meilleur thème pour WordPress ? 1 – Element Télécharger Comme son nom l’indique, ce thème est destiné à mettre en valeur un élément. 2 – Workfolio Télécharger Idéal pour les designers qui veulent créer un portfolio dans leur blog. 3 – Coffee Blog Ultimate Solution Télécharger Ce thème est très homogène, car tous les éléments se complètent. 4 – Fresh Blog Télécharger Un thème très simple, un fond blanc avec une typographie structurée. 5 – Calypso Télécharger Un thème qui peut à la fois servir de photoblog et de blog normal. 6 – designPile Télécharger Assez suprenant au début, ce thème WordPress propose une approche très minimaliste. 7 – SkyLight Télécharger Les 50 meilleurs thèmes gratuits pour Wordpress
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jQuery Fullscreen Image Gallery WordPress Plugin - WordPress Fullscreen flexible jQuery image gallery with deep-linking for WordPress sites. Flexible jQuery image gallery for photographers who want an interactive gallery that users on all devices can see. It includes deep-linking for an enhanced browsing experience, and search engine crawling. Built for flexibility, it can even be used as a simple background changer for your current website. jQuery Version The jQuery only plugin of this WordPress plugin is available Features included: Multiple image display modes Multiple transitions are available (fade, slideLeft, slideRight, slideUp, slideDown) Ability to exclude some custom post types that will not use full screen background feature Full ajax for admin system (The plugin settings page and custom metabox) Easy drag and drop to change the order of the images Clean installation . Requirements: Wordpress 3.2 or higher Server with PHP 5 installed Completed theme! jQuery Fullscreen Image Gallery WordPress Plugin - WordPress
Apex Slider Responsive Wordpress Plugin - WordPress Apex Slider for WordPress is easy to use jQuery image gallery and banner rotator with animated captions, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. As navigation you can use bullets, thumbnails, navigation bar and arrows. HTML5, CSS3 transitions are used with fallback. jQuery Version The jQuery only plugin of this WordPress plugin is available Features included: Installation & Basic Usage Video Appreciated on February 9th, 2013 Apex Slider Responsive Wordpress Plugin - WordPress
jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin - WordPress jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin - WordPress jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin featuring multiple transitions that supports text effects for captions. The thumbnails and buttons allow for easy navigation of your banners / ads. jQuery Version The jQuery only plugin of this WordPress plugin is available Features Included: Easy plugin installation for WordPress Responsive (8 Level), FullWidth, FullScreen or Fixed modes are available Images and thumbnails can be dynamically resized Resizable and configurable through the plugin’s parameters and CSS file Multiple Transitions are available. Caption Text Effects: Supports HTML, Images or Text formatting You can change animation direction, offset, start-end time, speed and delay via content parameters Set Randomrotate, Slide, Fade for Captions Set Link Within the Slides via Captions Installation & Basic Usage Video Appreciated on March 12th, 2013
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A Walkthrough on Conditional Tags in WordPress: Introduction - Tuts+ Code Tutorial A Walkthrough on Conditional Tags in WordPress: Introduction - Tuts+ Code Tutorial One of the most important strengths of WordPress is the extensibility of the core. With plugins and themes, WordPress users have been able to mold their websites for almost a decade. (WordPress was first released in 2003, but plugins were introduced in 2004 and themes were introduced in 2005.) In this series, we're going to learn about these Conditional Tags. Let's begin! In the Codex, Conditional Tags are described like this: The Conditional Tags can be used in your Template files to change what content is displayed and how that content is displayed on a particular page depending on what conditions that page matches. You get the idea: In order to make your code use and/or alter the content, you use Conditional Tags and tell your code the type, state and place of the content. Your Code: Hey man, I need some help. So, in short, Conditional Tags are boolean statements that steer your code to understand where it is, when used inside an if/else statement. Get it? See what we did?
WordPress hooks database - action and filter hooks for wp plugin developers -- Adam Brown, BYU Political Science WordPress hooks database - action and filter hooks for wp plugin developers -- Adam Brown, BYU Political Science What is a hook? In brief, WordPress hooks enable you to change how WordPress behaves without editing any core files. Because you leave the WordPress files untouched, you can painlessly upgrade your blog with each new version of WordPress. It's this hooks architecture that makes WordPress the best blogging solution. If you don't know what WordPress hooks are for, read the Plugin API or this tutorial. What is this directory? If you're a plugin or theme developer, you know how difficult it can be to figure out which hooks are available. What is this good for? See what new hooks are available with each new version of WordPress See which hooks have been deprecated or renamed (use the "view all hooks" option) Easily learn exactly which WP file(s) use each hook. How to help? Update and improve the official action and filter references.
Leveraging Chrome Developer Tools for WordPress Development Leveraging Chrome Developer Tools for WordPress Development One of the most common questions I see in forums, and when talking to people one-on-one is “how do you know?” How do you know what style rules a specific element has? How do you know exactly what classes are applied to it? My answer is Chrome Developer Tools! In this article we take a look at Chrome’s Developer Tools, but the general idea can be applied to all large browsers. If you have Chrome open, go to View > Developer > Developer Tools or press Command + Shift + C on your Mac or Control + Shift + C on Windows to bring up the developer tools. Inspecting Elements The foundation of any HTML/CSS information is the Elements section and the Element Inspector. By default the inspector will be turned on. The inspector allows you to hover over an element on the page and click to select it. You can also click around within the left-hand side of the inspector to view specific elements, or use the arrow keys to move around. One trick I like is that you can copy/edit/delete nodes. Working With CSS

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This add-on lets you see all the tasks of a project and organize them in different boards according to their status just like Trello; simply by drag & dropi August 24, 2014 WordPress 4.1+, WP Project Manager 1.0+ Trello Style Task Management 0.1 Kanban Board Kanban Board is the ultimate add-on that you can use to manage tasks based on their status. Features Boards Kanban Boards come with four default boards pre-installed. Cards Every task created within the project is shown as a card. Visualize The idea of Kanban Board is to visualize your workflow and see the status of every individual task. Create New Task A new task just popped on your mind? Kanban Board requires WP Project Manager Pro plugin. Screenshots WordPress Project & Task Management Like Trello WordPress Project & Task Management Like Trello
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WordPress Themes To Boost Google Adsense Revenue Home » Web » WordPress Themes To Boost Google Adsense Revenue Nov 17, 2015Like If you have been searching for a strategy that can help monetize your WordPress site, then Google Adsense is the viable option for you. What’s more? Remember that the revenue you’ll earn through Adsense depends on how your visitors (and customers) interact with advertisements placed on your website. Luckily, there are several WordPress themes over the web that are optimized for ads. Newspaper This is one of the top selling Google Adsense optimized themes on Themeforest perfectly-suited for building sites such as a news website, review, and publishing site to name a few. Newspaper theme boasts a powerful framework that enables to create a news style website with endless customization possibilities. Price: $59 Optimize Want to setup a personal blog or a business site that supports Google Adsense and provide excellent search functionality? What’s more? Price: Free Magazine Pro Price: $99.95 Good News Price: $64
Working With Bootstrap 4 Grid System for Creating Responsive Layouts Before going in depth discussion about Bootstrap 4 Grid style, let us first understand what is Bootstrap 4 Grid system and how it basically works. Bootstrap Grid systems are highly advance designing features that work together with CSS, CSS3, HTML5, and HTML coding styles too that encourages every web developer and designer to validate any website content in a proper designing manner. The Bootstrap 4 grid system enables every professional to pitch the screen size into multiple rows and columns to design and create a variety of layouts for different websites in a unique way to fast user engagung process. Bootstrap Grid Sytem enables an advanced row and column creation process where each column width Created by web developers and designers differs in screen sizes accordingly, as and when displayed. Have a Look at Basic Bootstrap Grid Coding Examples: So, what's new in Bootstrap 4 Grid System Now let's have a look: Below is the sample code for Bootstrap 4 Grid System: Containers Rows and Columns
The Child Themes are the separate themes that entirely rely on the parent theme to access most of their functionalities. In case you are already using a child theme on your portal then the WordPress will first scan your child theme to check if a particular feature exists. If it doesn't then, it will use the parent theme for the same. This feature is great as it allows the portal owners to make any particular modifications. Even if you plan to change a single character in your main theme, you should create a child theme so that you can quickly carry out these small modification tasks without hampering the overall design & layout. Updates If you don't create any child theme for the modification of your website get you will have two choices: the first you can opt not to update your theme in the future, or else you can upgrade, but then you will lose all the changes that you've made in your theme. Organization Creating A Child Theme Child themes can be created in a simple & hassle-free manner. How Child Themes Work And Why you should Use Them? - WordPress Themes And Plugins Development Services
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Create a WordPress-powered intranet in 5 minutes - WPsense WordPress is a great system for building beatiful websites quickly. However, you can do a lot more with WordPress than just building websites. Anything is possible, including a WordPress powered intranet, fully equipped with user profiles, status updates and user groups. What to keep in mind when building your WordPress intranet This tutorial will show you how to build a WordPress powered intranet, but what is important when building an intranet? Safety An intranet is usually meant for internal use only, therefore it will be password protected. User friendly To make sure we will not confuse those who are not used to working with WordPress, we will make sure that they cannot enter the admin area. Of course, users with an Administrator account (you) will still be able to enter the WordPress admin. Installing WordPress Install WordPress the way you are used to installing WordPress – manually, or using an applications installer (like Installatron for DirectAdmin). Find and install BuddyPress More
It’s a sad reality that many fantastic non-profits are underfunded, understaffed, and lacking in technical know-how. After all, a heart of gold doesn’t come pre-packaged with vast resources and a degree in computer science. As a result, the quality and effectiveness of many non-profit websites suffers. But they don’t have to. That’s why in today’s post we’ve compiled a list of essential WordPress plugins for non-profits. Each one solving technical problems that would otherwise prove difficult, if not impossible, for non-technical staff and volunteers to overcome. 21 Essential WordPress Plugins for Non-Profits When considering which plugins to include I tried to focus on the primary needs of non-profits: Basic (but high-quality) website optimization and security.Community management (events, volunteers, etc.)Community growth (email, social, etc.)Fundraising via donations, membership fees, and basic eCommerce. Fundraising Plugins 1. Features: Price: FREE | More Information 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 21 Essential WordPress Plugins for Non-Profits in 2016 and Beyond
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