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Spelling Bee. Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee Your Score: - - - Round 1: 5 words left Word #1: Guess the Spelling: Your Guesses: Nope! Correct! Definitions: Nouns: something regarded as a _______ative example Adjectives: conforming with or constituting a _______ or standard or level or type or social _______; not ab_______in accordance with scientific lawsbeing approximately average or within certain limits in e.g. intelligence and developmentforming a right angle. Readlang - Read, translate and supercharge your vocabulary. Teacher's Guide to Using Padlet in Class. July12, 2014 Padlet is a great platform for bookmarking and sharing digital content. Since in its launch a few years ago, Padlet (formerly Wallwisher) has undergone several great updates that make it an ideal tool to use with students in class. Before we see some of the ways to use this platform with students, let us have a look at some of its features .

Padlet features : Padlet is very easy to use and has a user friendly interfacePadlet is web based and does not require any software installationIt allows you to easily add notes, text, images, videos, and drawings to your wallYou can also add word documents from computer to your Padlet wallPadlet provides a wide variety of layouts to choose fromPadlet works across multiple devices including mobile phonesAny Padlet wall you create can be embedded into your blog or website.It enhances collaborative work. Some suggested ways to use Padlet in class: Here is how to create a Padlet 1- Click on the plus sign and select create new Padlet. Top Ten Ways to Teach Vocabulary | Teaching Resource Center. Building vocabulary is foundational at any reading level. Doesn't matter who, where, or what grade you teach - building vocabulary across the curriculum is a top priority.

Drilling lists of spelling and isolated content words can get monotonous. Dry. Bo-ring. But building vocabulary doesn't have to be. Here are my top ten fun ways to help your students build a solid vocabulary foundation! First up, some classroom systems or routines to help implement vocabulary study regardless of level: Word Walls Word Walls receive a prominent place in a classroom environment. Content Rich Words Kids love to learn something new, and sophisticated vocabulary gives them that opportunity. Context The content-rich words you identified can be used in context of your curriculum and your spelling program. Repeated Reading Have you ever found that, when seeing a movie or reading a book for the second or third time, you've gotten a lot more out of it from subsequent viewings?

Word Book/Personal Dictionary Prediction. CCSS. 18 Free Digital Storytelling Tools For Teachers And Students. Write About This. Helping Students Learn to Cite Their Sources. A MiddleWeb Blog By Jody Passanisi When I first started teaching writing in history class a number of years ago, I was totally focused on the students just getting their ideas out and being able to write on historical themes. I wanted them to be able to internalize the basic structure of an argumentative essay, make an argument, and back it up. So I provided the sources. I was already asking them to do so many things – create an argument, find details to back it up, and write in a structured essay format. “Just back up your ideas” This approach to historical writing worked quite well for a few years.

But I was still a long way from requiring both in-text and end-of-text citations. “Wait…Do you know which ideas are yours?” Then I had an epiphany. I had previously required students, if they DID use the Internet at all, to cite their sources, but no one really ever resorted to online investigation. So for this new essay assignment I was getting weak paraphrasing, with or without citations. Epic! - Read Amazing Children's Books - Unlimited Library Including Flat Stanley, Scaredy Squirrel, Batman, and Many Others. Amazing! 74 Infographics for Teacher-Librarians (L.A. Teachers Too!) Idea Library | Reading, Writing, & Content Areas | Smekens Education. Homepage. We All Teach Reading and Writing. Sponsored By If you teach algebra, you may not think of yourself as a reading teacher.

But you do know that comprehension, fluency and good communication are key to success in math as well as other subject areas. And the writers of the Common Core agree—the new standards greatly emphasize reading and writing across the curriculum. Click below to explore ways we can all become better teachers of reading, writing and critical thinking. Writing Across the Content Areas Creative ways that every teacher can foster communication skills.Explore Now » Teaching Fact vs. Opinion Show students how to separate factual statements from beliefs.Get Ideas » Why Grammar Rules See why the humble comma is oh-so-important to getting your point across.View Now » How Audiobooks Can Help Explore how audiobooks can support readers and writers.Find Out » Reading in Photos Check out the great reading ideas we’ve shared on our Pinterest page. Go Now » Read More » Literature Circles for High School Students | Simply Novel Teachers Blog.

Today’s strategy spotlight is on literature circles. I’ve used this technique in my 9th grade English classes to differentiate lessons in order to meet the needs of students struggling to keep up and those needing an extra challenge. There are many ways to implement literature circles to accommodate for a range of reading levels, class size issues, English learners, and other common classroom needs. I’m going to share the way it works in my classroom based on my needs, but I’d love for you to leave a question or comment at the end of this post to continue the conversation as it relates to classrooms across the board!

What are literature circles? Students select a book of choice from a controlled range of options. Why I use literature circles: I teach 9th grade English in a school that has an average of 50 feeder middle schools. How I use literature circles: Step 1: Lay the groundwork. Are you using literature circles in your classroom or considering them for next year? Like this: WordsEye Login. Adjective + Preposition Combinations Followed by Gerunds.