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Love letters - StumbleUpon. FV_18.html from - StumbleUpon. Vai avanti .com by rafa&l rozendaal, 2006 - StumbleUpon. Its A Fridge, The Gel Keeps It Cool - The Castle - StumbleUpon. Flow_lion.jpg from - StumbleUpon. Zoom.gif from - StumbleUpon. Thing.19335677.l.jpg from Solipsisme. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Définition[modifier | modifier le code] Le doute chez Descartes[modifier | modifier le code] L'utilisation du doute hyperbolique, qui fonde le cogito ergo sum (je pense donc je suis), par Descartes dans le Discours de la Méthode (1637), l'a exposé à des accusations de solipsisme. Toutefois, si le cogito suffit à fonder, par une expérience de pensée, la certitude subjective de l'existence du sujet pensant, il ne suffit en aucun cas à fonder la réalité absolue de la substance pensante. En effet, seul Dieu pourrait être un tel fondement de cela, par sa création continuée. Selon une interprétation, dominante dans l'histoire de la philosophie, Descartes préfigurerait ainsi l'avènement de la subjectivité dans la philosophie moderne, c'est-à-dire de la conscience de soi (Hegel attribuait l'émergence de celle-ci au christianisme).

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You're tearing into a work file on your laptop, a beer on the table next to you and a ball game muted on the TV across the room. Enter your best girl; trailing closely behind her, inevitably, is The Question. "How was your day? " Movie-A-Minute. 25 Most Romantic Movie Quotes. It's Valentine's Day, so it seemed appropriate to gather the most romantic movie lines of all time -- from "Casablanca" to "Four Weddings and a Funeral" to, of course, "The Notebook.

25 Most Romantic Movie Quotes

" "The Notebook" (2004) "So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day. "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" (2009) Fifteen credibility street. Rules for Poets, Now That Anyone Can Write If you use the word 'soul,' you will be shot.

fifteen credibility street

Rhymes are appropriate to children's books and high school creative writing assignments. Formulae are beautiful only in mathematics. Repeat after me: "Revolutionary content, revolutionary form. " All nights are not endless; all rains not gentle; all skies not azure; &c. Langston Hughes: Theme for English B. Optical Illusions & Blog Archive & Body Art - Hand Animals. These have to be some of the best examples of hand art I’ve ever seen.

Optical Illusions & Blog Archive & Body Art - Hand Animals

Great fun to look at for the kids and a real example of how to disguise your hand as an elephant, eagle or tiger. Click the main post for the full set of pictures. Still life: Bent objects &, News, Augmented. UPDATE: The Return of Bent Objects Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art.

Still life: Bent objects &, News, Augmented

Little polish girl McDonalds as Sculpture Materials. Berkeley Place & Blog Archive & BOOK OF THE DAY. How to Fold a Shirt - Funny Stuff. Anagrams - StumbleUpon. Global Food Disparity: A Photo Diary. In an increasingly globalized world, it’s still sometimes shocking to see just how disparate our lives are compared with other human beings around the world.

A book of photographs by Peter Menzel called "Hungry Planet: What the World Eats" ("©Peter Menzel Ten Speed Press, published in 2005) makes a relevant point with great irony: at a time when hundreds of millions of people don't have enough to eat, hundreds of millions more are eating too much and are overweight or obese. In observing what six billion eat for dinner the authors note, "Today, more people are overweight than underweight. " It is these cultural differences, emphasized and reinforced by the author, which exemplifies the lifestyles and dietary habits of people around the world.

You can buy the book here. Meet the The Manzo family of Sicily. Ians Shoelace Site - Shoe Lacing Methods. Mathematics tells us that there are more than 2 Trillion ways of feeding a lace through the six pairs of eyelets on an average shoe.

Ians Shoelace Site - Shoe Lacing Methods

This section presents a fairly extensive selection of 50 shoe lacing tutorials. They include traditional and alternative lacing methods that are either widely used, have a particular feature or benefit, or that I just like the look of. 50 Different Ways To Lace Shoes Criss Cross Lacing This is probably the most common method of lacing normal shoes & boots. Over Under Lacing This method reduces friction, making the lacing easier to tighten and loosen plus reducing wear and tear.

Gap Lacing This simple variation of Criss Cross Lacing skips a crossover to create a gap in the middle of the lacing, either to bypass a sensitive area on the instep or to increase ankle flexibility.