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10 Ingenious Ideas for Small Space Interiors. - StumbleUpon. This Messy Business: Arcadian Lighting: 8 Laundry Rooms to Love. We all know I've had light fixtures on the brain lately... especially if you follow on Pinterest you know I've been pinning some drum lights like crrraaazzzzyyyy, and of course you all know my love for great laundry rooms.

This Messy Business: Arcadian Lighting: 8 Laundry Rooms to Love

Luckily Arcadian Lighting is joining us today to give us a dose of both! Awesome! Hi, I'm Susi, a blogger for Arcadian Lighting, a cool source for the latest in decor trends and light fixtures. Creative Window Seat Ideas. Redesign your window to create a cozy corner to curl up in the sun.

Creative Window Seat Ideas

Bare stone walls in the bathroom. What do you think of some rustic harshness in your bathroom?

Bare stone walls in the bathroom

Bare stone walls work just fine with sleek concrete surfaces, creating a space that radiates an organic uniqueness I simply can't say no. Actually, it is the use of both antiquated and modern techniques that makes this style so appealing, and, taking it from photo no 3, adding a vintage piece like the large gilded mirror, a log and a few wicker baskets, or, like photo no 4, a stark, frameless mirror and inox fixtures, you can fine tune the atmosphere from total country chic to contemporary elegance.


Cottage Hallways. Dragging my feet&stalking. Pages Search.

Dragging my feet&stalking

Cottage Kitchen Makeover. Sometimes the prettiest kitchens are not the biggest or most expensive!

Cottage Kitchen Makeover

Designed and produced by Donna Talley for Better Homes & Gardens, this cute cottage kitchen used to be drab and cramped. The results of the homeowner's renovation make the space so light and cheery, and much more functional. I love the open shelving, it's such a great way to display all of their pretty dinnerware and accessories. The vintage-style pulley fixtures are super cute too! Living Large in a Small Apartment. For today we would like to show you a beautiful small apartment (61 sqare meters) located in Sweden.

Living Large in a Small Apartment

You are looking at a crib that is perfect for socializing but also for meditation in solitude. With wide and spacious interiors, this home looks very warm and inviting. The color palette is cheerful, yet subtle and tasteful. A large living room greets the guests with its homey feel: pillows on the floor, plenty of books to chose from. Due to the presence of many glazed windows, the boundary between inside and outside is minimal. Via Alvhem. Simply Kelly: Stunning Office Transformation. - StumbleUpon. Mismatched. Mismatched chairs around the dining table certainly isn't anything new but it's a design trend I really admire.


And with so many chairs available at yard sales for cheap, it's an easy way to add great style and personality to your table without the extra cost... I really like this top grouping of chairs. Most appear to be the same chair but are covered in different vintage fabrics. So after you find your set of chairs at a local thrift store or Habitat for Humanity, put the money towards great fabrics and some upholstery. Or learn to upholster yourself. Finding the same chair but in different colors is a sweet idea, as well as painting them to match the overall color scheme of the room. Interior Decorating Ideas, Interior Design and Interior Decorating Tips,... - StumbleUpon. Times Interior - Design interior magazine - New interior design ideas,... Orde en organisatie voor beginners: zeven tips. Wie zich vorige week voornam om wat meer orde in zijn/haar leven te creëren, nooit meer naar die sleutelbos te zoeken, komaf te maken met de stapels tijdschriften in de woonkamer of de kleerkast na vijf jaar eindelijk nog eens uit te mesten: deze zeven tips kunnen een richtlijn voor de startende 'organisator' zijn.

Orde en organisatie voor beginners: zeven tips

Beat Those Laundry Room Blues. Addicted 2 Decorating. Closet Office. I have begun to meet up with several of my 555 residents to document some of their downsizing solutions.

Closet Office

It has been so much fun re-connecting with them, touring their homes and having them share their downsizing stories with me. One of my favorite solutions that I have seen is the closet office! In a smaller living quarters, sometimes the office space is the first to go but with a little creativity, one can put that workspace back into the plan! 1 Kind Design - StumbleUpon. Birch + Bird (birchandbird) on Pinterest - StumbleUpon.


StumbleUpon. Basketball Court Living Room. Now that we've all seen a pool inside a living room, a basketball court doesn't seem too far-fetched, does it?

Basketball Court Living Room

Sure, it's not often that we see a regulation-size basketball hoop in the living room, with heated hardwood floors to boot! (The tree in the dining room is also a nice touch.) Credit goes to the Martin Building Company, who in collaboration with the original owner, converted an old warehouse into this stunning 4,400 sq ft loft. Located in San Francisco's South of Market district, the $3.3 million loft is perfect for the person who loves high ceilings and lots of open space.

The roof line is adorned with multiple skylights, including a 16 x 20 foot retractable center skylight that facilitates lots of natural light. Martin Building Company website via [Homedsgn]