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Emerging Trends. EDUT 522. Assignment 1

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Squarehead Teachers. What’s on the horizon for K-12 education?

Squarehead Teachers

The NMC Horizon Project has published the 2014 edition of their annual NMC Horizon Report to answer these questions for you! The NMC Horizon Project, established in 2002, is a comprehensive research venture that identifies and describes global, large-impact key trends, significant challenges, and emerging technologies in education. 7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2014. Technology trends in both higher ed and K-12 classrooms continue to evolve and transform traditional learning environments.

7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2014

New learning analytics, mobile devices, open online learning, and 3D printers are some of the many Educational technology trends to be on the lookout for in 2014. Here’s a detailed discussion. 1) 3D Printing 3D Printers which enable makers to create whatever they can imagine and design have exploded into mainstream culture over the past year. Libraries are creating DIY makerspaces and providing these new tools of production to their communities along with opportunities for skill-building in math and engineering which are required to design 3D objects. The Poland and Hong Kong based GADGETS3D has launched an initiative called the “3D Printer in Every School” project in which they have designed a low cost, small 3D printer specifically created for the classroom.

Click for full infographic 2) MOOCs Click for full infographic 3) Big Data. 2015-2020: The Rise Of The Teacherpreneur. 2015-2020: The Rise Of The Teacherpreneur by Paul Moss, Out of the next 10 big edtech products, 8 will be invented by teacherpreneurs.

2015-2020: The Rise Of The Teacherpreneur

Such an assertion seems bold, but arises from observation of the development of a new context in education technology, a context that cultivates the confluence of three key conditions that allow the teacherpreneur to thrive. With the growth of mobile app development, personalized learning, and the need for personalized learning curriculum, the next five plus years will see the rise of the teacherpreneur. 3 Conditions That Empower Teacherpreneurs Condition #1: They Know The End Users The first condition is a heightened and insightful understanding of the end-user’s needs. Condition #2: They Live In A Start-Up World.

This Will Revolutionize Education - This Will Revolutionize Education by TeachThought Staff “The job of a teacher is not to deliver information.

This Will Revolutionize Education -

It is to guide the social process of learning. The job of a teacher is to inspire, to challenge, to excite their students to want to learn.” To those at the forefront of progressive education–really, most teachers we’d think–this isn’t a new idea. 7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2014. 2015 Horizon Report Wiki - home. Horizon Report Toolkit > 2015 Higher Education - NMC ACADEMY. Instructor: Holly Ludgate In this short-course, you are going to learn about the NMC Horizon Report > 2015 Higher Education Report, the process of bringing the report to fruition, and how you can take the concepts and ideas presented in the report and integrate them into your learning environment.

Horizon Report Toolkit > 2015 Higher Education - NMC ACADEMY

One of the central goals for this course is to dive into the trends, challenges, and technologies from the report so you can introduce or explain them colleagues and peers. You will gain hands-on experience with the report by developing a presentation/Slideshare that showcases your expertise with key trends, creating an action plan for solving significant challenges in your environment, and making your voice heard with developments that are still needed in the educational technology field. Start a conversation, engage, and inspire! 9 Ideas Education Is Having Trouble Responding To. 9 Ideas Education Is Having Trouble Responding To by Terry Heick Ed note: This post has been updated from a post we published this summer.

9 Ideas Education Is Having Trouble Responding To

As education changes, it depends primarily on internal catalysts for that change. College and Career Readiness. College and Career Readiness. Ohioeducationmatters. Ohioeducationmatters. The Future of Education. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. The Future Of Education Eliminates The Classroom, Because The World Is Your Class. This probably sounds familiar: You are with a group of friends arguing about some piece of trivia or historical fact.

The Future Of Education Eliminates The Classroom, Because The World Is Your Class

Someone says, "Wait, let me look this up on Wikipedia," and proceeds to read the information out loud to the whole group, thus resolving the argument. Don’t dismiss this as a trivial occasion. It represents a learning moment, or more precisely, a microlearning moment, and it foreshadows a much larger transformation—to what I call socialstructed learning. Socialstructed learning is an aggregation of microlearning experiences drawn from a rich ecology of content and driven not by grades but by social and intrinsic rewards. The microlearning moment may last a few minutes, hours, or days (if you are absorbed in reading something, tinkering with something, or listening to something from which you just can’t walk away). Think of a simple augmented reality app on your iPhone such as Yelp Monocle.

Future of education - An initial perspective - Sugata Mitra, Professo… Ohioeducationmatters. Future Forecast. Top 10 Emerging trends in technology for 2015. 30 Trends In Education Technology For 2015. 30 Trends In Education Technology For The 2015 School Year by Terry Heick What’s trending up for 2015 school year in terms of education technology?

30 Trends In Education Technology For 2015

iPads are still the standard but other platforms are making headway. That should be fun to watch over the next 3-5 years. Educators are getting better at spotting crap edtech, but waste still abounds. Schools are getting better at thinking tech-first (not in terms of priority, but design). Apps are getting downright brilliant in spots, but in-app purchasing? Below are 30 entirely subjective but hopefully somewhere close to reality takes on what’s trending up and what’s trending down in education and education technology for 2015 and beyond.

Note that this list isn’t an endorsement–meaning this isn’t necessarily the way I think things should be, but rather what they seem to be–at least from my vantage point, right here, right now. Trending Up Awkward Middle Ground Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Trending Down. Emerging trends in education and mobile learning. At the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2014 I sat on a panel titled Emerging Trends and New Technology – considered in the context of mobile learning.

Emerging trends in education and mobile learning

Below are the notes of the key points that I made. Note: The issue of Emerging Trends and New Technology begs the question: for who? 6 Emerging Trends in Education and Mobile Learning. Steve Vosloo.

6 Emerging Trends in Education and Mobile Learning