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Watch this terrifying song and dance at a Trump rally with the "Freedom Kids" Watch this terrifying song and dance at a Trump rally with the "Freedom Kids"

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How Looking at Student Work Keeps Teachers and Kids on Track. A Science Leadership Academy sophomore puts the finishing touches on a geometry project during her lunch period.

How Looking at Student Work Keeps Teachers and Kids on Track

Much of the work students produce is read only by their teachers. It can feel disconnected from the class as a whole and irrelevant to a broader conversation. That’s why examining and critiquing student work as a regular part of classroom interactions can be a powerful way for both teachers and students to reflect on their work, while building a community culture that focuses on the process of learning. Increasingly, educators are focusing on teaching students about their learning brains, in addition to specific subject content. Research by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck and others on developing academic mindsets have helped show that students’ perceptions of themselves as learners plays a large role in their academic success. When discussing projects, educators often jump to examples in English or social studies classes.

Related. Rubric Template. 21st Century Learning. Are American class periods too short for Common Core? As districts across the country implement Common Core, educators – such as these in Elverson, Pennsylvania, Calistoga, California, and Wilmington, Delaware – are calling for a restructuring of the school day so that students spend more time in each class.

Are American class periods too short for Common Core?

Instead of the typical class period of about 45 minutes, schools are lengthening classes to upwards of 90 minutes to cover all the material and allow teachers to change the way they teach to meet the new requirements. Common Core, a set of standards in math and English in place in over 40 states, only directs what students should know at the end of each grade, but it’s also affecting how lessons are taught. Jamie Wall, a math teacher at Brooklawn Middle School in Parsippany, New Jersey, used her state’s shift to Common Core to fulfill a teaching dream – her math students spending the entire period working collaboratively in groups – but says that her school’s schedule isn’t ideal for this kind of teaching. 10 Things Children Will Always Remember. Research says iPads and smartphones may damage toddlers' brains.

Using a smartphone or iPad to pacify a toddler may impede their ability to learn self-regulation, according to researchers.

Research says iPads and smartphones may damage toddlers' brains

In a commentary for the journal Pediatrics, researchers at Boston University School of Medicine reviewed available types of interactive media and raised “important questions regarding their use as educational tools”, according to a news release. The researchers said that though the adverse effects of television and video on very small children was well understood, society’s understanding of the impact of mobile devices on the pre-school brain has been outpaced by how much children are already using them. The researchers warned that using a tablet or smartphone to divert a child’s attention could be detrimental to “their social-emotional development”. “If these devices become the predominant method to calm and distract young children, will they be able to develop their own internal mechanisms of self-regulation?”

The scientists asked. TeachThought - Learn better. Fresh Starts for Hard-to-Like Students. Even though your toughest students are just kids at the mercy of emotions they don't understand or can't control, it can be hard for a teacher to stay calm and not take these ongoing behavioral problems personally.

Fresh Starts for Hard-to-Like Students

My advice: it's time to hit the reset button! Tough kids are usually covering a ton of hurt. They defend against feeling pain by erecting walls of protection through rejection. Efforts to penetrate those walls by caring adults are generally met with stronger resistance expressed through emotional withdrawal and/or offensive language, gestures, and actions. Like a crying baby unable to articulate the source of its discomfort, these kids desperately need patient, determined, and affectionate adults with thick skin who refuse to take offensive behavior personally. 1. At a seminar that I gave at a school in Houston, one of the teachers talked about the turn-around in a boy from her class the year before who had been driving her crazy. 2. You really hung in there by _______. 3. Nilofer Merchant: Got a meeting? Take a walk. David Bolinsky: Visualizing the wonder of a living cell.

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Home. Fitness. Apps, Movies, and TV Shows: The 25 Best Media Picks for Toddlers. Best Smart Apps Whether it's recognizing letters or a friend's feelings, these choices help little ones learn in a fun way.

Apps, Movies, and TV Shows: The 25 Best Media Picks for Toddlers

Many grow with your child's abilities. Plus, they all have solid parental controls and are free of in-app purchases (so your 2-year-old can't drain your iTunes card). 70 Best Apps for the Whole Family Sago Mini Friends Toddlers choose one of five adorable animal characters to take on a walk down the block, visiting neighbors. Download Sago Mini Friends Dr. Within the four rooms of the treehouse, kids help the baby turtle find what he needs. Download Dr. Potty Time With Elmo Through songs, books, puzzles, and a reward chart, much-beloved Elmo encourages kids to use the potty.