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Goal Click. Residence de Territoire | traversiens. 2009 The Year in Pictures | Tomas van Houtryve | Journal. Below is a link to a retrospective of my work this year including the Obama inauguration seen from Paris, urban renewal in Warsaw, and maternal health in Niger. Once again, most of my energy went into my ongoing project on global communism with fresh pictures from Cuba, coverage of the anti-communist riots in Moldova, a look at the self-declared republic of Transnistria, and a preview of my new work on Red Tourism in China. 2009 The Year in Pictures by Tomas van Houtryve This work would not be possible without the support and collaboration of numerous editors, colleagues, fixers and friends. Month of Photography in Minsk. Selahattin Sevi. Screen: pushing the boundaries of visual documentary | Photographic Museum Of Humanity Blog.

Screen Production Lab is a training and mentorship program that focuses on production and distribution of visual documentaries across media platforms. The deadline to apply for the first Screen Lab is approaching. Full application details can be found here. To be held in New York, Screen Production Lab is ideal for visual storytellers (visual journalists, photographers, artists, media and cultural producers) who have a story in development or production stage. The Lab’s goal is to develop a hub of visual narrators in a complex media landscape where stories remain at the core of the debate.

PMH spoke to Screen’s co-chief of content Jamie Wellford about how the project began, the new landscape of multi-media practices, and the type of project Screen is looking to support. © Dominic Bracco II, from The Backs of Men Simon Hall - I would like to begin by asking what is Screen, and who are the people behind it? SH – How did the idea for Screen come to fruition? © Laia Abril, from The Epilogue. Instagram Photographers to Follow in All 50 States. From Maine to California and Florida to Alaska, more than 90 million Americans have joined Instagram since the photography site launched in 2010.

TIME LightBox selects 50 Instagram accounts to follow – one from each and every state. By Olivier Laurent & Lucia De Stefani Alabama Jared Ragland @jaredragland A former photo editor for the White House, Jared Ragland is also a photographer and professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Alaska Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo Corey Arnold might reside in Portland, Ore., but he spends the majority of his time in Bristol Bay, Alaska, where he runs a wild sockeye salmon fishing operation in “an abandoned cannery complex called Graveyard Point,” he says. Arizona Ryan Neal Cordwell @ryannealcordwell Ryan Neal Cordwell is one part of the duo behind the creative design firm Royal & Design in Arizona, and his Instagram feed shows where the creative director gets his inspiration and love for simple, yet carefully composed photographs.

Arkansas Nina Robinson. The Value of Slow Journalism in the Age of Instant Information. Paul Salopek had been writing international stories for more than 20 years before he decided to slow down. “I was a conventional foreign correspondent zipping around the world doing fireman stories,” he says. Working for the Chicago Tribune, he parachuted into crisis zones to report intensively for a week or two, churning out rich stories that earned him worldwide acclaim, along with a couple of Pulitzers.

Eventually, he settled down to write a book about his travels, a frustrating exercise for Salopek, who wanted to be out in the field, not writing about being out in the field. “I sat at my desk fantasizing about how to escape, and thinking what would be the most amazing narrative I could pursue,” he recalls. “What is the ultimate quest?” To follow that path, he would use the same means our long-ago ancestors did: his feet.

Thus was born the Out of Eden Walk, a seven-year quest to walk across the world and report every step of the way. Transparency brings its own challenges. 24 Long-Form Publishing Platforms Every Photographer Should Know — Vantage. Adobe Slate Make a beautiful visual story. In minutes. Atavist (Creatavist) Compose brilliantly, design beautifully, publish easily, and even sell. No coding required. Backspaces What’s Your Story? Explory Explory makes it easy to tell rich, compelling stories. Exposure Do something meaningful with your photos. Facebook Instant Articles A new tool for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook. Flame Blast Record. Ghost Ghost is a simple, powerful publishing platform that allows you to share your stories with the world.

Graft Enabling digital storytellers to design & publish mobile content experiences. LinkedIn Pulse The news and insights you need to know. Maptia Welcome to a world of stories. Medium Medium connects people, stories, and ideas that matter to you. Narratively is a platform devoted to untold human stories. NewHive We believe that your life is a blank canvas + you decide what goes on it. Shadow Puppet Easily capture and share student work. Shorthand Social & Pro Showzee. Myriam Meloni, 1er lugar - Images | POY Latam. Gianlucapardelli | Home. Michael Christopher Brown. MILA TESHAIEVA PHOTOGRAPHY - promising waters. Twenty years ago, the boundaries of three new littoral states were mapped along the shores of the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan have emerged from the wreckage of the Soviet Union with immense oil and gas reserves and the enormous challenge of defining themselves as independent nations-states.

Hope and ambition have been defining factors for various groups of people as new states attempt to integrate themselves into the world political economy. The big game of oil has promised to bring fresh glory to the countries and gigantic projects appear one by one on the shores, aiming to build new national pride for the population. Though the official presentation of prosperity affected only the front side, as the Potemkin -alike facade. Thoroughly built along the central roads in Baku, the facade is skillfully fixed to old Soviet blocks that are left in rotten condition.

Joseph Sywenkyj Photographer Ukraine. Magnum Foundation. EF 2015 GRANTEES Asim Rafiqui, Curran Hatleberg, Elena Perlino, Emine Gozde Sevim, Guy Martin, Massimo Berruti, Matt Black, Nii Obodai Provencal, Pete Muller, Peter DiCampo, and Peter van Agtmael Magnum Foundation’s Emergency Fund (EF) enables independent documentary photographers to investigate and document under-reported social justice stories by providing seed support, mentoring, and technical assistance.

EF projects address critical global issues that have not received the attention they deserve, or budding crises that are still over the horizon. MF’s investment in documentary production is combined with a dedication to the wide distribution of the resulting images. Through MFs partnership-building and assistance, EF-funded photo projects have been featured in such media outlets as The New Yorker, TIME, The Washington Post, National Geographic, World Policy Journal, De Standard, and Stern. The MF Fellowship Program is made possible with support from Select Equity. Features | Emergency Fund. Home. The Ones We Love home about photographers submit shop April 17, 2014: Steve Broadbank // April 16, 2014: Winne Lievens // April 15, 2014: Lodoe LauraApril 14, 2014: Coral Amiga // April 13, 2014: S. Nicole Lane // April 12, 2014: Mònica Figueras April 11, 2014: Marta Lozo // April 10, 2014: Grady Mitchell // April 9, 2014: Chelsee Ivan April 3, 2014: Samira Kafala // April 8, 2014: Martin Friedrich // April 7, 2014: Paula Prats March 12, 2014: Sara Visconti // March 12, 2014: Pommelien Koolen // March 11, 2014: Victoria Roper March 10, 2014: Berber Theunissen // March 9, 2014: Rosanna Graf // March 8, 2014: Kin Chan March 8, 2014: George Nebieridze // March 7, 2014: Lissette Emma // March 6, 2014: Lluís Tudela.

Classic covers. Classic covers show me some love also possible to save this cover, see loginmycoverjunkie Time Out (London) Arem Duplessis fav #1 Arem Duplessis fav #2 Arem Duplessis fav #6 Arem Duplessis all time favs Boston Magazine (US) A deformable cover (1) Salvador Dali & Vogue 1896 New York Times Mag Rodrigo Sánchez fav #3 53 Saul Steinberg covers #1 ASME Top 40 backpage #1 ASME top 40 #2 ASME's Top 40 #3 ASME's Top 40 #4 ASME's Top 40 #5 ASME's Top 40 #7 ASME's Top 40 #6 ASME's Top 40 #8 ASME's Top 40 #9 ASME's Top 40 #10 ASME's Top 40 #21 ASME's Top 40 #20 ASME's Top 40 #19 ASME's Top 40 #18 ASME's Top 40 #17 ASME's Top 40 #16 ASME's Top 40 #15 ASME's Top 40 #14 ASME's Top 40 #13 ASME's Top 40 #12 ASME's Top 40 #11 ASME's Top 40 #22 ASME's Top 40 #26 ASME's Top 40 #25 ASME's Top 40 #24 ASME's Top 40 #23 ASME's Top 40 #37 (tie) ASME's Top 40 up twitter updates 10 hours ago I count 7 covers Zeit Magazin this week, here James Franco by Heji Shin Editor in chief: Christoph… 11 hours ago #36 ASME's Top 40.

Classique — julien mignot. Athens Photo Festival 2015. Celebrity Tintype Portraits Sundance 2015 - Victoria Will Tintypes 2015. At last year's Sundance Film Festival, photographer Victoria Will challenged herself to take tintype portraits of various celebrities, and convinced Bill Hader, Anne Hathaway, Nick Cave, and dozens of others to sit for the process. Developed during the mid-to-late–19th century, the technique involves coating a thin sheet of metal, or plate, with a syrupy substance called collodion, photo-sensitizing the collodion with silver nitrate, and exposing the plate to light. Tintype photography requires both speed and patience: Since the plate is wet when it is inserted into the camera, there's a limited window during which it can be used, and any and all movement while the image is being captured will show up in the resulting shot.

Will returned to Sundance this year to follow up on what she'd learned about the process, and spent the past week shooting stunning, old-timey portraits of Ethan Hawke, Jack Black, James Franco, Ewan McGregor, and many other celebrities attending the film festival. Diana markosian. One Year in Ukraine — Carolyn Drake. In 2006, I moved to Ukraine on a Fulbright fellowship. Traveling along the edges of the country over the course of the year, I was drawn to the vivid interlacing of people, nature, and land that I saw there – rural existence after collectivization, shadow economies in coal-mining towns, the imaginative lives of girls in a secluded orphanage, the politics of homeland among repatriated Muslims.

Following these seemingly disparate stories, I departed with a collection of photographs called One Year in Ukraine. Andrew Testa Photographer. Amos Chapple Photography. Magazine - stories that need to be told - new picture essay every Tuesday. Domik TownPhotography by © Danilo Balducci/ via ZUMA Press In 1988 a devastating earthquake ripped through Armenia, killing 25,000 people. The entire city of Spitak was destroyed. Geologists and earthquake engineering experts laid the blame on the poorly built support structures of apartments and other buildings built during the 'stagnation' era of Brezhnev. The former Soviet Union came under heavy criticism for failing to co-ordinate rescue work and acting promptly - revealing it had no contingency plans for any disasters. An estimated 20,000 people across the quake zone still occupy the metal shipping containers known here as 'domiks.' March 20, 2011 - Gyumri, Shirak, Armenia - Massgraves dot the hillside in the cemetery where most of the victims of the Spitak Earthquake are buried.

Story Summary: In 1988 a devastating earthquake ripped through Armenia, killing 25,000 people. March 20, 2011 - Gyumri, Shirak, Armenia - Sovietic domiks. Anna Filipova | 30 UNDER 30. Pieter Ten Hoopen. The Bread With Honey : ANDREW QUERNER. Photo Journal Built with Indexhibit. STORIES « Guillaume Herbaut Photography. Inspiration : la vidéo qui va vous donner envie de descendre dans la rue et de photographier. De nombreuses vidéos brossent le portrait de photographes, mais rares sont celles qui témoignent d’une telle passion. De la rue à sa chambre noire, accompagnez Andre D. Wagner, et partagez sa philosophie de la photographie. Équipé de son Leica télémétrique 35mm, Andre D. Wagner arpente le bitume de Brooklyn (et d’ailleurs) avec une seule idée en tête : “Qu’est ce que le monde va me montrer aujourd’hui” ?

Dans une vidéo de près de six minutes, il partage sa passion, son moyen d’expression et sa véritable addiction : la photographie de rue. Sur de splendides images et une musique signée Black Star, voici une énorme dose d’énergie et d’inspiration… Andre D. . + Andre D. . + via Peta Pixel. Pretty ugly: Russia’s suburbs lack charm or beauty. All the more reason to celebrate them. Outside in: 25 foreign photographers shooting the post-Soviet world. Photoworks UK | Commissions new photography, produces exhibitions.

«Peter Zeglis — Hibernation» — Losko Magazine.