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Tinku en Bolivie. Les vieux-croyants russes regagneront leur pays d'origine - Dernières infos - Société - La Voix de la Russie. Par La Voix de la Russie | Un millier de vieux-croyants russes (descendants d'un schisme dans l'Eglise orthodoxe russe au XVIIe siècle) qui résident actuellement dans des pays d'Amérique latine, projettent de venir s'installer en Extrême-Orient russe en profitant du programme de retour des compatriotes,informe ITAR-TASS en citant Vitaly Iakovlev, le chef de la Direction aux affaires des compatriotes du Service fédéral des migrations.

Les vieux-croyants russes regagneront leur pays d'origine - Dernières infos - Société - La Voix de la Russie

Une première communauté orthodoxe de Bolivie, une cinquantaine de personnes, est déjà arrivée au Primorié. " Selon les informations fournies par l'ambassade de Russie à La Paz, un millier d'autres vieux-croyants de Bolivie, du Brésil et d'autres pays d'Amérique latine envisagent de venir habiter au Primorié si ça marche pour la première communauté ", a dit M. Iakovlev. Les autorités locales sont d'accord pour leur octroyer un terrain. RUSSIE. Les extraterrestres de la taïga. Trabajadora/es. Convocado casi sobre la hora entre vacilaciones y desconfianzas al interior de la burocracia sindical -en torno a la medida de fuerza propulsada en primer lugar por los gremios del transporte para este martes 31 de marzo- el Paro General viene sumando una catarata de adhesiones y se perfila como el más importante de los realizados durante el kirchnerismo.


El eje central será el reclamo del aumento del mínimo no imponible del Impuesto a las Ganancias sobre los salarios de los trabajadores. Festival Calendar. Crossing Continents. Three lashes of a whip or a prison sentence?

Crossing Continents

In Bolivia both will soon be equally valid punishments depending on the crime and on where you live. And in the marginalised neighbourhoods on the outskirts of some big cities, being burnt alive by a lynch mob is the third, most frightening possibility. Lucy Ash travels to Bolivia where justice is in short supply. Hawaï, Turquie, Bolivie, les routes les plus dangereuses du monde ! Aujourd'hui, meltyDiscovery ne va pas vous parler des étendues sauvages étonnantes, mais plutôt des routes qui pourraient vous mener à elles.

Hawaï, Turquie, Bolivie, les routes les plus dangereuses du monde !

Fiestas of the Andes. “Eat the soup”, Karla said to me in English.

Fiestas of the Andes

“But…”, I started. “Eat it.” Two bowls of Fanesca, a traditional Ecuadorian dish, had been neatly placed on stools in the middle of the dirt floor. We were in the heart of indigenous territory. Nestled in the peaks of the Ecuadorian Andes and miles from flushing toilets and running water, the frigid morning air bit my nose and turned my breath into smoke. I first found out about Zumbahau while researching for my thesis in the Silicon Valley. Well, I was there to find out. As we explored the fiestas of the Andes over the years, the history of South America developed in our minds and in our images. It is impressive that in spite of the efforts of the Catholic Church to completely destroy the indigenous culture, so much has survived.

This investigation has been an ongoing journey into the depths of South America’s culture. Karla Gachet - historias. CAO Wawachaña, partos en el techo del mundo (44586) Olmo Calvo / Sub.Coop/ Picturetank CAO0536777.

CAO Wawachaña, partos en el techo del mundo (44586)

PAP Titanes del ring. Pietro Paolini / TerraProject / Picturetank PAP0281862 Une catcheuse, vêtue de son costume traditionnel, attend l'arrivée de son adversaire lors du championnat de la ligue bolivienne de catch.

PAP Titanes del ring

El Alto, La Paz, Bolivie - 01/03/2009 TOUTES UTILISATIONS EDITORIALES. SANS AUTORISATION. Infos : +33(0)143 15 63 53. Combat de catch de Cholitas. 'Bolivia's Cerro Rico mines killed my husband. Now they want my son' It was the mountain that bankrolled Spain's colonial empire, the Spanish Armada and the European Renaissance.

'Bolivia's Cerro Rico mines killed my husband. Now they want my son'

The Cerro Rico, or Rich Hill, produced an estimated 2bn ounces of silver, making Potosí, the Bolivian city beneath it, the world's largest industrial complex in the 16th century, according to the UN's cultural body, which named it a world heritage site in 1987. But last week, Unesco added Cerro Rico and Potosí to its list of endangered sites, owing to "uncontrolled mining operations" that risk "degrading the site". In 2011, after nearly 500 years of constant extraction, the mountain's iconic summit was at risk of collapse.

Engineers from the state mining company, Comibol, raced to save the 4,824-metre peak, filling a 50-metre-wide crater with ultra-light cement. Bolivia's Cerro Rico, the 'mountain that eats men', could sink whole city. At 6am, a weak and silvery light illuminates the narrow streets of the Calvario neighbourhood, as thousands of men and teenage boys make their way towards the cone-shaped peak that looms over the Bolivian city of Potosí.

Bolivia's Cerro Rico, the 'mountain that eats men', could sink whole city

El Cerro Rico – the rich hill – stands above what was once the largest silver deposit in the world: veins of precious metals so bountiful they bankrolled the Spanish empire and changed the course of history. Even today, a booming commodities market means the mountain continues to drive the local economy: about 15% of Potosí's male population still work in mining; thousands more are involved in transporting, smelting, sorting and trading minerals. But 470 years of digging have left the mountain so riddled with tunnels and sinkholes that geologists say parts of the peak risk collapse.

Tinku: Ritual boliviano de luta e colheita. Goddesses of the Ring. Carmen Rosa worked in a restaurant where she sold traditional food high in the Bolivian Andes.

Goddesses of the Ring

Like most Aymara Cholitas, she wore large colorful dresses and bowler hats slightly tipped to one side. Unlike most Cholitas, Carmen leaped from ropes and tackled big sweaty men. She had become one of Bolivia’s most feared heroines. Carmen Rosa gained international fame because she followed her inner passions and became a lucha libre super star. She began training in the back streets of El Alto, a large city populated by indigenous people, looking out over La Paz.

Carmen believed Juan Mamani was using the women by paying them practically nothing and treating them like second-class wrestlers. Bolivianas. A group of indios organizing themself in Tihuanaku, the sacrest place in Bolivia, during the traditional ceremony for the inauguration day of the president Morales, in january 2010. A view of the economic center of La Paz, where there are situated all the business offices and the ministries. The president Ev o Morales raising the bolivian flag during an official cerimony in Oruro. Bolivia, 08/02/11. Inside a depository of coca leaves in the region og Yungas, a worker is relaxing in the middle of a heap of leaves. In the early morning some dancers are preparing themself for the carnival parade in Potosì. Coca, la petite feuille qui monte dans les Andes. Les 10 sites et attractions incontournables en Bolivie. 25 paysages absolument magnifiques qui vous donneront envie de vous aventurer en Bolivie. Anthony Harrison est parti en quête d’aventure pendant 3 mois à travers les terres majestueuses de la Bolivie, pays reconnu pour la beauté de ses paysages sauvages, mais aussi pour sa culture unique.

Appareil photo en main, Anthony a décidé d’immortaliser son voyage dans ce pays situé au bout du monde. SooCurious vous invite à découvrir les photographies de son fantastique séjour. Mont brumeux Le lac Laguna Colorada. Les festivals à voir une fois dans sa vie : Jour des crânes (Bolivie) The Bolivian women who knit parts for hearts - BBC News. Traditional craft skills are helping to save the lives of children born with heart defects in Bolivia. The indigenous Aymara women have centuries of experience of knitting and weaving distinctive woollen hats, sweaters and blankets. Now, they are applying their expertise to a hi-tech medical product - which is used to seal up a "hole in the heart" which some babies are born with.

Retour de Bolivie. Chroniques boliviennes (N° 2 et 3) Bolivie Archives. Depuis notre arrivée en Amérique du Sud, on a eu tendance à considérer que l’histoire du « nouveau monde » débutait au XVIe siècle, avec l’arrivée des colons. ON AVAIT TORT. Journée nationale de mastication de feuilles de coca en Bolivie. BOLIVIE. Mourir pour les dieux.

Chilean Horse Racing : Laura Morton.