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JamiQ social media mapping tool. Tweet Nest. Ever thought to yourself that you wish there was some way you could take a look back and see what you tweeted around this time last year?

Tweet Nest

Or perhaps you remember that time you tweeted about that hilarious viral video, and now you can’t find it? By installing Tweet Nest on your own web server, now you can! Features include: Archive Use Tweet Nest to easily store, browse and search amongst your tweets to find exactly what you're looking for, and let others do the same. Backup Additionally, Tweet Nest serves as a backup of your precious tweets on your own server. Media Tweet Nest offers an easier way of viewing your tweets at a glance, as they include thumbnails of media like photos hosted on common providers, such as TwitPic. Customize! Looking for a demo? Installation Tweet Nest is programmed in PHP and requires a MySQL database to work. PHP 5.2 or higher with cURL enabled (or 5.1 with the PECL JSON module installed in addition) MySQL 5.0 or higher Download Tweet Nest Version 1.1 BETA Great!

Docteur Tweety - Moteur de recherche. Twitter et le canular du modèle payant. Imaginez un instant qu'un journaliste ou blogueur un peu crédule tombe sur un sketch de Groland ou un détournement de Mozinor , et qu'il aie ensuite la mauvaise idée de prendre leur délire pour argent comptant, le répétant ainsi comme un téléphone arabe.

Twitter et le canular du modèle payant

C'est le principe d'un canular réussi, et c'est ce qui a agité le Twitterverse --la communauté Twitter, le site de microblogging -- hier. Responsable de tout le ramdam : un billet du blog américain Bbspot écrit par Brian Briggs et intitulé Twitter dévoile ses nouveaux comptes premium , inspiré par une soi-disant annonce du patron de Twitter, Evan Williams. Twitter, nouvelle arme des gangs américains.


Twitterfeed not working - Go for Alternatives ~ BlogPandit. Millions of webmasters and bloggers are using Twitterfeed for updating the post links on Twitter automatically, but lately there have been many complaints flowing across web with Twitterfeed problems and not working to purpose.

Twitterfeed not working - Go for Alternatives ~ BlogPandit

This might be sometimes because of sudden surge in server load or network issues, but surely it doesn't mean Twitterfeed has lost its original charm, it is still widely used Tweet-feeder.But yes, it always wise to know and try out the alternatives available and ready the contingency plan. Lets look at few such free web applications that updates your feed links automatically to Twitter. Rss2twitter You may use RSS2twitter, to add edit multiple feed links, at a time send updates to multiple Twitter account, tweet either post title or description or both, tweet more than one update to same post, also filter options to include or exclude content. Also track click through rate and visitor trending through inbuilt analytics. URL Shortener.


Twitter Business Center. We have confirmed with Twitter that beta testing of its new business features, dubbed the "Twitter Business Center," has begun.

Twitter Business Center

According to the company, "only a handful of accounts have these features presently," but it will expand on a gradual basis to more accounts. One of the biggest additions is the ability for businesses to accept direct messages on the service, even from people they don't follow. We were able to grab exclusive information and screenshots of the Twitter Business Center thanks to our friend Dave Peck, a social media strategist at LSF Interactive/blogger at New Media Chatter.

Here is an overview of some of the new features that businesses can expect to enjoy in the near future: Starting Up with Twitter Business Center A small group of business users are getting e-mails from the Twitter team, inviting them to test "the Twitter Toolkit. " "Congrats! Once businesses clicks the link, they have to activate the business features for their accounts. Digging into the Features. Unofficially Denton (DentonPolice)