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The First Big Reveal: Kitchen. {The First Big Reveal!} Yup, here it is! The kitchen nook, reveal! Keep in mind that it's lacking a lot of home decor, but to be honest... I'm SO not at that place in my life yet. Here is the proof! (please do NOT enlarge this photo!) K, so here are a couple of before's... And here is the process... We used an AWESOME grey blue called Dockside, by Sherwin Williams.

Normally I wouldn't spend the extra money, on such expensive paint, but SERIOUSLY it was the perfect shade I was looking for... Ta-Da! So... We are kind of a mess when we paint... {AMAZING Cheap Faux Baseboard Tutorial!} First... become BEST friends with one of these. Until this project, I hadn't really had much experience... but now... (yes... that means that the backfire in this baby doesn't completely scare me anymore... lol) Ya, it looks kind of funny, when the board is just up... but watch the process!!!

Nail gun it up, with a few nails, using your scrap piece of wood guide... (this is a LOT harder then it sounds) More Nailing..... The Makerista: Laura's Living Room: Ikea Billy Bookshelves Hack. In case you missed the reveal, you can see that here and here. Laura's home already had wonderful, historic bones, but the living space could use a bit more character. Laura wanted bookshelves, and while we had talked about something clean and modern, I really encouraged her to stick with the period of the house and create something that looked original. Custom built-ins aren't cheap, and we knew this would need to be on a budget. Hacking the Ikea Billy has been done before (my friend, Kristin, did a beautiful version) but with this being an older home, we had several obstacles to overcome.

One, we didn't want to have to rip out any of the existing woodwork. Laura and Craig brought in a good friend to make our ideas reality. We began by assembling the three Ikea bookshelves (2 of these and 1 of these). We positioned them in the spot where they would go to determine the final placement. As a side note: none of the original molding or trim was removed from the walls. IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hack | Stylish Revamp. I am so excited to share our IKEA BILLY bookcase hack. I fell in love with the bookcases The Makerista shared. They were gorgeous! I showed it to my husband and he agreed that they would look great in my soon to be office (although, I am pretty sure he wasn’t even aware at the time that I was transforming the formal living room into my office.) It still cracks me up that we even have a formal living room, we have three boys and a dog, there is nothing formal about this family!

Anyway, back to the bookcases, my guy pretty much followed the directions The Makerista shared in her post, making a few minor adjustments to fit our space. I absolutely LOVE these bookcases. Check out the rolling library ladder. There is really not one thing I would change about this bookcase. This is what we started with…I can’t believe it went from this… to this… To see our inspiration for this project, please check out The Makerista.

Until next time, We Party Here: Like this: Like Loading... Exciting Outdoor DIY: Brilliant Swinging Benches for Summertime Fun. When the weather calls for it I really like to spend time outdoors in the summer or springtime, reveling in the sunshine and fresh air. I don’t necessarily mean a whole bunch of strenuous outdoor activities – sometimes it’s nice to just lounge around outside in the company of good people or a good book. The perfect vessel for this lovely relaxation is a swinging bench, don’t you think? Time to learn how to make your own. Simple Swing If you already have something from which to hang your bench—like a swing set frame or a strong tree—then building just the bench will be a relatively quick and easy project.

Free Plans Available on AnaWhite Swing with Frame If your porch or yard doesn’t have something for you to hang your bench from then you’re much better off building your own freestanding A-frame stand; and since this is a mobile set, you can change its position around whenever necessary. Frame Plans – LazyLizonLess – Building Instructions – LazyLizonLess Related February 24, 2014 April 2, 2015.

50 Amazingly Clever Cheat Sheets To Simplify Home Decorating Projects. How to Antique Paper. I saw Martha "antique" paper a few years ago, and although I don’t remember her technique, I do remember that it was complicated. I played around with the general idea, though, and came up with an easy way to get the same aged look. What You'll Need A piece of paper you want to age.

(I used regular 24lb laser paper. Of course, print your poem, passage of writing, and etc. to the page before you attempt to antique it.)1/4 cup of hot, black coffee. How To Do It 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What To Do With It Frame your antiqued poem or passage for a great-looking piece of cheap art; or use it to make your sweetie a heart-felt Valentine. Speaking of paper... have you seen this fun oak leaf garland tutorial?

Tagged : paper, antiqued, aged, DIY. The Painted Drawer | Faded Farmhouse Charm. DIY Picture Tiles - You Will Never Buy a Photo Frame Again. Lately I’ve been having this huge urge to decorate the house. This is big news. I do not decorate. Arguably, one of the reasons why is because I. absolutely. hate. to. buy. mass. produced. decor. (Also, I can’t ever remember if pink and purple go together or not.) Anyway, this extends to photo frames. You might think, with my trigger finger on the camera all the time, my house would be littered with photos. Nope. Long story short, I discovered this method of transferring my photos cheaply, quickly, and beautifully to something uncommon and unique.

Tiles. The only thing that’s not particularly crunchy about this is that it uses Modge Podge or similar (and I’m not sure what’s in Modge Podge). It’s just grainy and doesn’t dry clearly. Boo. BUT, if you can overlook that one minor issue, I think you’ll love this. And it will be glorious. Here’s how you do it. First, you need to go to Home Depot, Lowes, or something like it.

(FYI, I found that Lowes prices on tiles were cheaper than Home Depot. How to Transfer Ink to Wood (with Pictures) DIY & Crafts - Save money and have fun doing things yourself. The Painted Drawer | Faded Farmhouse Charm. Decorating Your Small Space | Interior Design Ideas, Small Space Home Decorating & DIY Projects.

Incredible Easter Egg Coloring Hack: Use Silk Squares to Dye Your Eggs. Easter is here! I love any excuse to get together with family and just spend a nice day together with good food and great conversation (and to eat chocolate). When it comes to decorating eggs, instead of getting all messy with ink or paint, I found this clever tutorial for a more grown-up version of beautified Easter eggs that I’ll definitely be using this year. And considering how well they came out in the video, I’m planning on making a whole bunch and arranging some sort of creative table centerpiece.

About JW Player 6.12.4956 (Pro edition) Dye Your Easter Eggs With Silk You will need: Eggs100% silk scarves or ties (look for cheap ones at local thrift stores or old ones in the back of your closet so that you don’t ruin your favorite scarf)½ yard white fabricTwist ties3 tablespoons white vinegarVegetable oil (this is used to rub over the eggs at the very end to give them a nice shine) Video Tutorial by Holidash Video Youtube Channel. Related March 12, 2014 In "Decorating" March 9, 2014.

Victoria Miniland - Tree Stump. Hotglue Casting Tutorial. SPECIAL - Hotglue as a Casting Material Here's another hotglue-heavy project I've just finished: The "spiderweb" design on the hilt is craft foam strips coated with a thin layer of hotglue, and the skull is an ornament I cast using hotglue which I poured into a silicone mold. Here's how I made the skull: I began by making the model ornament out of modeling clay and then I mixed and poured silicone over that to get my mold. (The clay got kind of smushed up as I removed the mold...) Casting with hotglue is a very tricky business because bubbles love to form in it when it's warm.

I went over the entire bottom of the mold, making sure all of the crevasses and spaces had been completely filled. I set the mold in the freezer and, after a few minutes, the hotglue had completely cooled. I inspected the surface of the cast object to check for holes or gaps in the surface which had failed to be filled in. After I was satisfied with the look of the skull, I hotglued it into place on the hilt:

Make The Best of Things: Crackle finish with Elmer's Glue. Thanks to Dollar Store Crafts for featuring this post! For years whenever I wanted a cool crackled effect on my painted projects I used the very expensive (to me) crackle medium and even bought some paints that were supposed to crack on their own. Because of the cost I did not do anything large and I was sparing in what I did do. Well, thanks to this cheap alternative, I can go a bit crazy and experiment because I found out how to get the crackle effect with Elmer's Glue! It's alot less expensive than any size bottle of crackle medium and just before school it's downright CHEAP.

I've been doing this for awhile but if you go to the Elmer's faq site, you can see the instructions towards the bottom of the page. On their page Elmer's used wood glue. So this tutorial, as requested, will have lots of pictures and step by steps so you can see what to expect. I painted this piece of foam board with flat black acrylic. DIY beautiful cardboard lamp | DIY | Pinterest.

How to Use Cardboard Make Cat’s House | Upcycling Cardboard. Quilling | Papel, cartón...etc. | Pinterest. How to Use Cardboard Make Cat’s House | Upcycling Cardboard | Pinterest. How to make horns from cardboard and hot glue. | games, terrain, figures etc | Pinterest. Picture onto wood | crafty & DIY | Pinterest. The Graphics Fairy - Vintage Images, DIY Tutorials & Craft Projects.

Boluri vintage "French Made" | Dreams Factory. Bolurile vintage "French Made" vin in completarea celorlalte decoratiuni cu aer shabby & vintage din casa ta si pot fi folosite in bucatarie, in camera de zi, sau chiar la birou, pline cu fructe proaspete si imbietoare. Bolurile sunt pictate cu acrilice, invechite pentru un shabby&vintage look si decorate prin tehnica decoupage. Dimensiuni: boluri vintage cu maner - diametru 23-26 cm, inaltime 11 cm boluri vintage fara maner - diametru 23cm, inaltime 13 cm Bolurile se pot comanda de AICI, nu ezita sa ne contactezi la adresa pentru detalii suplimentare. Yey! I Restore Stuff: A Mod Podge & Graphics Fairy kind of Day! I had a few things gathered that I had just painted with chalk paint, and wanted to add some graphics, so its better to do these kind of things all at once don't you think?

Hang in there, because today I'll let you in on how I do Mod Podge transfers on to wood. I didn't take before pics of all these pieces :-( but think "PLAIN WOOD" - you get the picture. Here are some close ups of the finished look using some favourite French graphics from The Graphics Fairy. If you haven't discovered Karen's amazing array of antique graphics and vintage images, her blog is a must see. Images like the Chocolat Lombart on this recipe box below, The image on this French Country Blue tray below, I have used on a few of my pieces: serving trays, stools, chairs, and cushions. And this French Boutique label was a great size for this little rustic box: But WAIT! I'm glad you asked - I KNOW, I thought the same thing - a little on the boring side! Bring out the Mod Podge! Here it is all rubbed back. Ta Da ... Un rincón de mi: Bandeja BONHEUR. Hola Que contenta estoy.... y es que he realizado esta bandeja que me encanta.....

Vereis: el otro día me enamore en una tienda una bandeja en este estilo... y claro.. me propuse hacermela yo en casa.. Para ello he usado una lámina de cubiertos de GRAPHICS FAIRY, Os cuento el proceso de elaboración que he seguido por si os animais.... Bandeja de los chinos,, tres euros... Se lija bien y le doy una capa de gesso chocolate... A continuación paso una vela en las zonas que luego quiero que se vean de marrón... Ahora pinto toda la bandeja con pintura Liberón color arena....  Doy dos capas de pintura,, se seca rápido. Se lija bien toda la pieza,, insistiendo en las zonas donde pase la vela para que salte la pintura.... Mirar que contraste de colores,,,, a la vez de suave al tacto. Recorto los dibujos que voy a transferir a mi bandeja. Una vez seco ,, se humedece y con el dedo se rasca... y el dibujo aparece transferido a la madera...

Cristina Me siento muy orgullosa. French Letter Postmark Tote Bag - Reader Featured Project. Carte Postale Zippered Pouch. Wood | DIY family | Page 2. This craft came about because one of my students made a balloon paper măché shade in an art class. She made it so well I thought I would design a lamp stand for her, and this is what I came up with. We both made a lamp stand from popsicle sticks and I made the electrical fittings for a 15W bulb. When she switched it on she was amazed at her work. The pictures here are my lamp shade I made, I painted it yellow and red for a lovely warm glow.

My wife did a waldorf colour scheme. a quick and simple lamp for students to make the complete popsicle stick stand a very simple construction for the stand this lamp shade was made by my wife Read Full Post » This beautiful night lamp is number three in our collection of house lamps. The third popsicle stick house we have made from big3 close-up of the lovely wooden details the lovely warm orange glow during the night close-up of the front door at night time Read Full Post » A new semester is about to begin and so I designed this popsicle boat for a student. Pins from on Pinterest.

Pin by Lallie on bâtonnets.


KNITTING. Curbly | DIY Design Community. BRACELETS AND NECKLACES. LOOM BRACELETS. Then she made...: Pencil Holder Project - a true story! I went on vacation and I bought this... and while reading I saw this .... and I loved it so I showed her... And it made her happy. And she thought it would be great for her art pencils so we showed him... my awesome brother. And then we roasted marshmallows and forgot all about it until our last night of our vacation when he gave us these.... And we were happy! He had remembered when we had forgotten because that's how he is ... he's a good guy!

And when we got home from vacation we had fun doing this .... We measured and marked our paper. And when they dried they looked like this .... And then we filled them up ... and now we have two really cute pencil holders .... And we are VERY HAPPY! How to make an Origami Crane. Time worn interiors: By The Sea. It seems lately all my decor centers around the sea! Well, after all I am a Pisces! Slowly but surely my house is coming back together! It's been a slight challenge since I've gotten rid of so my of my treasures. I worked on this vignette this morning! 3 Ways to Get an Antiqued Look When Painting Furniture. {Awesome} Paisley Stenciled Table. A Hand-Cranked Automaton That Mimics the Effect of a Raindrop Hitting Water. Home Projects. Blog de ecología: reducir, reciclar, reutilizar y radio. Manualidades de materiales reciclados. Manualidades y Reciclaje - Manualidades con Material reciclado. Cómo hacer papel reciclado. Simplystella's Sketchbook.

Mom Spark - A Blog for Moms - Oklahoma Mom Blogger. DIY Show: Feria de las manualidades Do It Yourself. DIY Instructables - Share What You Make. PAPER MACHE BLOG. 100 handmade gifts for mom. DIY Sneakers for Spring. EL MUNDO DEL RECICLAJE. Mejor que el origami. Excelente [arte con papel] DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls. Live a Little Wilder: The Scarf Hanger {tutorial} Live a Little Wilder: tutorials. Omiyage Blogs. Delicious Food Recipes - Arts and Crafts Ideas - Entertaining Tips - Gardening - Pets - Martha Stewart. Great Life Hacks. DIY Woven Chain Bracelet.

Little Bits of... Baking, Crafting, & Life. Craft-O-Maniac. DIY: Marbleized + Striped Glassware. DIY iPhone Cases: Repurposing Holiday Glitz. DIY CHAIN CAMERA STRAP. PS : ♡: diy: marbleized Easter eggs. Craft Home. Faux Painted Oxfords DIY. Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies. DIY Tuesday: Felt Ornament.